Negative thoughts

how do i get rid of them my thoughts are ruining my life, no matter how good my days are that negative energy around me always ruins it


First of all; What kind of thoughts?

when i’m with my girl i always get thoughts like she doesn’t want me and other stuff


Remind yourself it’s just negative self talk and replace the thought immediately and deliberately with a better one. Smile, relax and enjoy the good thought. Even reward yourself for thinking it if it comes up quickly… you’re basically training your subconscious to flip the script. Do that every time until the better thought becomes the habit.


should i invoke some demons & is it dangerous?

Hmnnn, maybe not considering how this conversation started… I’m not sure it’s a great idea to do this kind of magick until you get your head and heart into a stable and positive place.

Negative thoughts can be due to parasites as well as self sabotage, and you want to get that under control before adding magick into the mix.

If it doesn’t work or something unwanted happens, what if the first thing you do is blame yourself and make all that worse? It’s not worth the uncertainty and heartache.

Do you have negative thoughts about invoking, evoking or even petitioning entities, though? If it’s something you feel confident to try then, after you make sure your spiritual hygiene is on point and you know how to banish and tell impostors from the invited, then go for it. Get your basics down first though.

If not I’d say try some candle spells and intention work, feel better about doing that and get some results, get a meditation practice to build your energy underway, and build from there.

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Actually I take that back, there’s one entity you should talk to: Oso from the Goetia.

He has the power to help you believe in yourself.

From Corwin Hargroves Goetia Pathworking book:

“ Belief in yourself. Even the most positive person can go through periods of self-doubt. You may doubt your abilities or even your worth as a person. When you need to believe in yourself again, this power will bring you a sense of your true value.”

Try that, and see how you go. :slight_smile:


Try daily affirmations.
Also work on tne source of what causes tbese thoughts such past trauma

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Could it be your intuition telling you something is not right?

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I wish there was an easy way to get rid of negative thoughts but, in my experience it’s really not easy at all, at least at first.

You literally have to force the living crap out of it. A good affirmation is “ I choose to not think about that”.

Sometimes you really have hold on to the thought with all your will power and as your holding it then give it a good shot to demanifest it.

It can be very painful to hold onto it while it’s happening, but if you can do it, then you will be able to face the thought and demanifest it.

I hope this helps. This is what I do all the time on a daily basis and it works, but like I said, it is very hard at first. Its very much like working out a muscle.

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This wouldn’t work. Thats not how you use affirmations to create change.
It has been a couple of months that i use them with success and this is not how you use them.

I used to struggle seeing myself as attractive because as a teenager i had gone through bullying. I had rejected the good looking guy of my class and daily for the last 3 years of school he was calling me ugly.

To create change i started looking at the mirror and telling myself: “men kiss the ground you walk on. You are a bad B…”. And other phrases similar to that. I would use these phrases at any split second that i would sense i was going back to telling myself that i was ugly.
And at the same time i started looking after my appearance. I started doing my nails and hair and skincare and wear nice clothes that would fit the goddess that i wanted to be. Even the food i eat and how i treat my body.

I am falling in love with myself every day.

This is though how you use effectively affirmations.
You replace the negative thoughts with other positive.


That’s good that your replacing the thoughts.

You should do what I recommended & also replace the thoughts with good thoughts in combination.

One day you’ll probably notice that when you stimulate your energy directly in your crown and third eye that you will probably have those thoughts manifest again.

Replacing the thought is great but you also have to get rid of residual energy and other areas that the negative mindset had caused issues in your energy body.


You are right.
I had really negative energy about myself since i was a teenager.

How do i get rid of this residual energy?
I was in a DV relationship 9 years ago, and even though i have made extremely good progress, it seems that some old energy is still lingering and pushing away guys. It makes them want something casual.


I wish I could teach you because talking through text is a very difficult thing to do when it comes to giving proper instructions.

I’m a great magician but I’m not there yet…

The best thing I recommend is to visit Robert Bruce’s Psychic Self Defense Course and Energy Work Course.

He’s a beautiful person. He’s not a black magician, but when it comes to the energy body, I believe he is the missing link that all black magicians are accidentally looking past.


Unfortunately i dont do courses on magic.
I cannot afford it.
I dont have any issues with black magician. I am sort of a black magician myself.

Thank you though for the help. I might search online to see if i can find any free resources.

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I feel you. I had actually just lost my job recently but with magic, anything is definitely possible.

You got it. If anything I would recommend getting his books instead of his video courses. The book is $14 on Amazon kindle, I hope this helps.


This is amazing. I use kindle a lot. Thank you so much :pray:

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Really :smiley: thank you (:smiling_face:

Here’s a huge word of advice.

When you start this book, you need to finish and utilize the techniques asap.

I’m not sure if you will have this problem like me, but… whenever I started this book, I swear to god I became under attack non stop.

The negative entity’s will notice you are able to really defend yourself and will do everything in its power to stop you from reading the book. Trust me… all the answers are in here.

And when you do black magic, you’ll notice everything begins to get much easier such as talking to entity’s.

They probably might have already started.


I have strong protection in place. But thank you so much :pray:

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I suffer from OCD.
Most of the time negative or repetitive thoughts will literally eat you alive.
I daily consume myself by literally doing nothing.
The more you think the more you procrastinate and the more it will be worse.
Thinking too much will drain you energy way more then doing manual job. It’s crazy.
Even meditating seems not possible most of the time.