What if you don’t believe in magick?

Will your magick still manifest even though you don’t believe in it?


Nah your belief solidifies the manifestation ,


If you don’t believe the magick could work, why try to do it in the first place?

I think any sort of point of view will work, if you understand it in a supernatural way or as a technology because quantum blah blah blah or if you think you’re activating the placebo effect. But if you think it won’t work, the it will become a self fulfilling prophecy: it will never work, because you don’t want it to work.

Don’t get me wrong, I doubt a lot and have an identity crisis because I don’t even know what I believe (decades of atheism will do that to you), but still, do this, that happen, is easy enough to just roll with. And that seems to be enough.


I fully believe in magick, I am 100% sure, it’s just a question for those who lost hope


To an extent it might but the results will be minor.

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I think it’s a fair question, honestly.

Consider this: How often do people who are staunch skeptics encounter improbable, seemingly magical and miraculous experiences, and then write them off as purely material and deterministic? This was me at one time. To some extent, it still is in that my view of determinism has expanded much farther than the material.

Consider this: Do you understand how a circuit works? Do you need to understand what an ALU is? Do you understand what role RAM plays and how it differs from a hard drive? Does any of this matter when you press the power button on your computer? It still turns on, whether you know the workings of or believe in the individual parts or not.

Such people may write off their experiences, but that doesn’t mean they did not happen. It does not mean that they weren’t in some way responsible for manifesting their physical realities.


I think this is right, but to extend the analogy, the attitude and energy you bring to the ritual is part of that circuit.

With that gap in the circuit, the energy doesn’t flow and nothing happens. Gotta make the connection.

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That is a good question.
Some people does not believe in angel energies so everytime I try to work with them that makes me so uncomfortable.
Everything in life is about energy same thing happens when you try do give someone tarot reading who does not believe as well.
I believe who does not believe prevents good things from happening.

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I didn’t believe in magick right off the bat mainly because believing is one thing but having something happen that makes you believe is another.

Blind belief is silly.


I’ts like gravity. you don’t have to believe in it. Same with feng shui. Your belief doesn’t make it don’t exist.


Magic works because it’s a leveraging of the seven immutable Hermetic Laws of reality by a willful agent.

That agent doesn’t have to be you.

None of those laws are belief.


U dont have to beleive in it. Do the steps and something happens…I thought it was all a crockpot of bs when i started out…and learned when things started to occur, i started to believe…

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Yes, for sure. It’s what motivated many of us as beginners to start practicing.

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If you strongly believe it won’t then it won’t but if it’s just lack of confidence in your magick then in that case it’s 50/50

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In my experience, yes, Magick still works even if you don’t consciously believe in it.
I say Consciously, because the conscious and unconscious minds are often out of sync.

Even for a complete amateur, it’s hard not to have success, when approached with the right mindset while you’re actually in the act. And that mindset doesn’t have to be serious. You can take the leap, and decide to engage in magickal thinking. You can follow through as if you’re just reliving the days when you were a child, and played pretend.

And afterward, you laugh, and say “That was silly, it will never work.”

But you did the work. You followed through. Some part of you meant it, even if you rationalise it away once the moment is over. Your unconscious mind means every word, has never forgotten how to start on the inside and make things real. You forget, and dismiss, while your will works on the world.

When it works, not If, you’ll catch yourself wondering if it really has, before dismissing it again, because what kind of idiot can’t recognise a coincidence?
But you wonder. So you go back to doing the silly actions, and taking it seriously until the moment that you don’t. And the coincidences pile up, until you adjust your consensus of reality.


I think I’m somewhere in the middle of all of this, but more in the sense of what is this and less is this real.

Tonight my atheism pushed with great force, something that hasn’t happened in more than a month. Maybe the quarantine is hitting me harder than I thought or whatever, the thing is, I’m having and identity crisis and it is too damn long (and annoying). I like to believe everything will be easier once it has passed and I settle my belief in whatever it is next for me, but damn, it is going sloooooow.

So I’ll take any sugestiong to move on faster with this.

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An Identity Crisis with regard to your Magickal lifestyle, you mean?

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More or less.

I have been an atheist for so long that starting to believe in spirits and such is quite shocking. I can barely handle it. And I think it slows down my progress.

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I did not believe in the first magick that I performed, and it manifested all the same. Not believing can even be quite powerful, as it removes lust for result entirely.


I get that. Have you thought about taking the time to sit and really comb over your Consensus Reality?

There was a thread a while ago titled “When I Start to Doubt that my Magick is Strong” that was very interesting to go through. It can help with your cognitive dissonance if you’re not the only one trying to hold on to strange ideas of what’s possible.

I think that living in a western culture (I assume, for you too), we’re conditioned to some strange things about Belief. Thanks to the influence of the Abrahamic religions, faith is oft equated with virtue. Obviously, the proper response to being told you have no virtue is Shame. It’s where the knee-jerk reaction comes from that there must be something wrong if you can’t justify your beliefs, or if you don’t believe hard enough. It’s okay to question, and to keep doing while questioning the legitimacy of those beliefs.

I think it’s not wrong to be unreasonable, and to be accepting of that. We can do things that we find fulfilling for no reason other than that we find them fulfilling, and smile at the empowerment of thumbing our collective nose at the power structures which seek to contain us, while shedding another vestige of christendom.

That way lies Freedom.