What happens if you contact Lucifer for healing?

I have read many threads about the best spirits to contact when you need healing and I do not recall any of them mentioning Lucifer, so I assume he doesn’t specialize in healing.

If someone would contact him regardless for healing, what would happen? Would he simply ignore the call or actually tell you whatever he can do it or not?


He would try to help you. If he can’t help you (which I doupt it), he would direct you to a spirit who can help.


Yes :heart: Lucifer :heart: is a Master of Healing too.


Lucifer is somewhat of a jack of all trades he can do many, many things including healing. I’d like to add one more thing despite what you might think if you want to heal sombody you can all and Raphael if you know how, as Raphael does healing as well, this may seem counterintuitive but as long as two spirits are sent to do a similar task they usually have no qualms working together.

One final thing that must said in addition to the above is this. When you pick a spirit to complete a task make sure to the right spirit for the right job, and be sure to thank them or give them offerings as needed, that’s it.


Lucifer is incredible! He healed my back pain, and after that I was reborn.His energy is really powerful!


Lucifer can heal. He healed the author Konstantinos of a life threatening brain aneurysm. He wasn’t even summoned but came on his own to do it. He describes the experience in one of his books.


I work with Marbas for healing. He healed my cat right before my eyes. It took her about 3 months to fully recover, but he did it. I have been working with him for several months for mainly physical healing. He comes whenever I call him. I love working with him :heartpulse: Lucifer, what can I say. He saved my life. What he did on 2-3 occasions was incredible. I had severe depression and was suicidal. Those few times I called him, I felt him pull the emotional pain out my chest and then he would send me to sleep and I’d wake up refreshed. Lucifer :raised_hands:t3::purple_heart: Two great healers.


Praise Lord Lucifer!


Hello @princessofdarkness, request your help to assist me how to call prince Lucifer as I am facing back and chest pain from ostereoposis since 4 months.

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Hi,you will do that like every regular evocation,drawing his sigil on the paece of paper,gazing into it and recote demonic enn 3/6 or 9x times,you will write him petition that you need healing season for one week or more,you will evoke him every day one hour,meditate using healing meditation on you tube,close ur eyes and allow him to heal you. You should give him some offering for that (dragonsblood inscense,a glass of red wine or sweets,orange whatever you have to thank him. You will notice after first evocation you will feel much better. If you are open to work with angels I suggest you to combine this healing with Raphael,he is the most powerful healer if is nessesary.But work with Lucifer first. I wish you success!

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Simple, he will choose to either heal you or not :smiley:

Thank you so much @princessofdarkness, will try this and let u know how it goes after 1st evocation…

He heals in the same day…cna extend life of a pet ,family members as well.

wow thats amazing. is he good for beginners ?

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Lucifer is a good healer! I had Bronchitis and strep in 2018 I believe, went through two courses of antibiotics that didn’t work. I was really ill from it, and the amount of blood was awful. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I evoked him.

An offering to heal me completely, or let him heal me halfway and let my body do the rest. Choosing the second option.

In no time, I was feeling better. Indeed my body did do the rest of the healing. So I can testify with many others that Lucifer is also a good choice for healing.


Hi @princessofdarkness, I tried to evoke Lucifer for healing, went into a trance state and then gt up… Not sure if it worked… Is it ok if I can pm u the sigil I made and petition I have written so that u can chk if that is ok?

Yes of course,do it!