Lucifer Healing Ritual

This is a technique to heal minor diseases such as colds or headaches taught to me by Lucifer.
You’ll need:
A shot glass
Two glasses of water
Frankincense or sandalwood and an incense holder
A piece of paper
Black or blue pen
Rum or whiskey

On the piece of paper, draw the seal of Lucifer (i recommend the circular seal found in the Grimorium Verum) on the front side and cut it out. On the reverse side, write your full name and birthday. Place this in the center of a cleansed altar table. Set the shot glass to the right and a glass odd water the left. Behind the seal, place the incense. The result should be a triangle configuration with its apex pointing away from you. The second glass of water is set away from everything else. Begin the ritual with any ritual banishing or whatever it is you’d like. To begin, sit before the seal and gaze into it, vibrating Lucifer’s name over and over. Verbalize your intent for Lucifer to hear your request. Now, pour a shot of the liquor saying:
I give this offering of rum/whiskey to the Great Healer, Lucifer.
Similarly, present the offerings of water and incense to Lucifer. Now gaze into the seal again, visualizing your intent and pray that Lucifer helps you recover and heal. Now take the second glass of water and place it on the seal. Say:
O mighty Lucifer, Great Healer
Please help me through this water
Charge it with your healing powers
That for me, it may become a powerful cure for all my maladies

Leave the glass for five minutes then drain it. Repeat for seven days, replacing the offerings of water and incense each day, the rum every three. On the seventh day, take all the offerings and throw them out at a four way crossroad.


This is perfect for my Father. I WILL start this ritual soon. Thanks for sharing

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Wonderful! Thanks

Hail Lucifer! :heart:

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