Lord Lucifer: The Healer

I had some serious pain and swelling in my gums. And, I’m not able to see a dentist because I have no insurance. I prayed to him and gave Lucifer my pain. In the next couple days, he took the swelling and the pain away. I even received a letter in the mail in which I qualify for Medicaid!

You don’t have to be a Satanist or devil worshiper for Lucifer to help you! Accept this testimony for what it is.

Just focus on his sigil (do a TGS), meditate and ask him for help. Instead of saying, “Amen”, say “So mote it be” or just simply, “Thank you, Lord Lucifer.” That’s it.,

Hail Lucifer!


Hail lucifer, prince of the air!


As long as people believe in the Christian axis of “demons” and Lucifer as hell devil propaganda then such bigotry will perpetuate.

Glad things turned out. I really don’t spend enough time meditating to Lucifer or anyone lately. It’s my stubbornness as I know they work but I always hear “take the harder path” (whatever that is). The beings demonized are usually quite kind to me.

Here’s a pic I accidentally drew with spray paint. I call it the fire lion Lu.


Hmmm let’s try that again…

Yeah, I was painting old metal fan cages that protect the blades. I hang them under my tree. BAM! This resulted on the old dirty cardboard.

I should try to put a protective coating on it I guess.

Ol Lu. The fire lion cometh!

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I shall also need to thank him for his last favor.

Thank you, Lord Lucifer.

Hail Lucifer…!!!


I asked him twice this week. I had pain in my heart and in the left ovary, and my pain stopped almost immediately.He is amazing!
Hail Lucifer!


When I need some healing, I always ask for Lucifer, King Paimon and Thoth to help me! Any pain, worry, etc. go away rigth away!

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Wow @CyberLord, if anybody deserves it, it’s you man. Glad he helped you and you’re right. He can help everybody!