What are your personal beliefs about reincarnation

Reincarnation has always been a topic that has terrified me, especially forced reincarnation for the sake of “learning a lesson”. I was curious about the perspectives of reincarnation here, especially people who view it positively. I think the only time I could ever view reincarnation as a positive is if it’s a fully fledged choice, and maybe being able to go anywhere you want like incarnating in an ap world or making your own world or some shit like that.

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I don’t personally believe that’s true, that it’s to “learn lessons”, and that’s UPG that Simone posted and others ran with it, because it’s new age copium at best, and a blame the victim verbal abuse thing at worst. The attitude that we are children is egotistical nonsense.

But I would agree that it’s to gain experience, which is close but has a different and much less infantilising vibe. I think that’s what the universe is mainly about, manifesting aspects of itself (us and everything else) to learn about itself.

And yes I’m currently on board with the concept that some of us get manipulated into reincarnation here when it’s not the optimal choice for our spiritual evolution.

I posted about one of the spirits who has offered to help with that.


while i’m still shaping my worldview and expanding the knowledge, i believe reincarnation is a choice in all its variations. i believe the purpose or point to existence is existence itself and all we have are various experiences. so when you think about reincarnation in terms of “learning a lesson” you’re not wrong but it’s a chosen experience by you for you.

I agree with this.


I’ve never particularly believed in reincarnation. And even if we do, I don’t think we’re meant to remember anything about it in the present life we live.

But that’s all my own perspective. Whether we reincarnate or not, it is THIS life we currently live that we should make the most of.


I’m more inclined towards the concept of quantum immortality rather than reincarnation. Quantum immortality posits that when your physical body dies, your consciousness will simply move its focus to another version of you that exits within the quantum matrix to begin anew.

The theory of quantum immortality comes from a thought experiment within the field of quantum mechanics. If we assume the multi-world theory to be true (and many in the metaphysical community do, though most don’t actually have any real understanding of it; they just use the layman’s interpretation as a rationale for their magical theories) then we are living simultaneous lives within infinite parallel quantum realities. However, the reality we actually experience is the one where the majority of our consciousness is focused. It is basically a type of quantum superposition, meaning we are basically immortal and will always live on until the heat death of the universe.


I actually have a really interesting story about Reincarnation, and I definitely think it exists in some way.

I have habits and memories that corroborate what I know to be at least one of my past lives.

Excellent explanation! It helps me understand how I once found myself in the body of the man I was in a past life and saw my current self as a stranger from the outside. As someone who believed in reincarnation, I could not understand how my “two selves” could be present at the same time.

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