What are the most intense / dangerous beings to work with?

This question is to expand my knowledge base on possible beings / LHP paths I am not aware of. Please do not answer something basic like “demons.”


I don’t know. I would speculate that expanding your consciousness into various states of gnosis can be more dangerous over the span of your journey than individual beings.


Define what you mean by “dangerous.” Dangerous in what way?


dangerous as in having extreme risks.

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Easy, The Black Book of Azathoth (or anything Lovecraftian like the Simon Necronomicon), and the Book of Smokeless Fire, both by S Ben Quayin, or the 79 Deadly Names by Nineveh Shadrach which is what the Smokeless fire book is an extension of, and Dante Abiel’s Necromantic Sorcery which so misunderstand how to work with the dead you will get loaded with parasites, one of them from the book, and physically rot from working with it.

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


You should try the Lwa on for size.

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Jinn and Lovecratian beings


What is the black book of Azathoth

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It’s S Ben Quayin’s take on a Necronomicon, basically. The Necronomicon is a fictional book referred to in the works of Lovecraft attributed to the fiction character he Mad Arab, and several authors have been inspired to create one in common realty.

There’s a few discussion about it here, this is one:

There’s two basic schools of thought of the use of Lovecraft’s pantheon. One is that his nightmares were channeling something real. The other, which is my feeling, is that this applies under chaos magick, and we work with them the same way people work with other fictional egregores. My reasoning is that no one else seems t0 feels the weight of fear and awe that he did, but there are whole orders built around this body of work where there are not, as ar as I’m aware for things like, say, the Daeda from Elder Scrolls.


i see very interesting thank you for the education


Thank you, I will definitely check them out.

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You, my friend, you are the most intense and dangerous being to work with.


Tbh i believe that there should be a lot more grimoires on jinn magic in englisch


That’s good stuff there hombre

The jinn are partial to islamists just as the archangels are partial to kabbalists.

A lot of kaballistic works are there in englisch not as many jinn works are here in englisch. Red magick by al toukhi forexample is mostly just dominance and love spells.

I want some ascension type of stuff some high magick but i cant find jinn based high magick


The most intense entity that I have worked with by far has been Belial, absolutely not for the faint of heart - although your experiences with him might be different than what mine were.
I will say that when he cuts ties, it’s not like some gentle release of a bird that you’ve been rehabilitating for example it’s more like…he points out a bridge (the tie) that’s been stuffed with 13 tons of TNT and saturated in gasoline than tells you to toss a match. In my experience, it’s better if you’re the one to toss it and not him. He has a tendency that I’ve noticed when it comes to tie cutting to do it in the most cut throat way possible, which while it’s efficient can lead to some hard to swallow emotions.


You stood on the bridge, hm?

I indeed, was on the bridge.


I’ve met some berserker spirits that would send your average poltergeists running for the hills to their mothers. I’d also say that it could take some getting used to you for some kinds of demons to get to the place of a healthy working relationship or bond.

They’ll have to learn you in much that same way that you’ll have to learn them. I feel that out of all those beings out there, my worst encounter was with Slendermen. Those jokers put me in a mental hospital under suicide watch. I’m not even joking. My hands are still scarred from my violent outbursts, so being possessed by the Slenderman is not recommended safe practice…

Edit: no need to worry, because I was the only injured party. I beat a metal trash can into a pancake. It prevented me from hurting other people in my violent fits of rage following a brief step of research in the field of internet mythology and its phenomena.

I watched YouTube videos on urban legends and shit that was killing teenagers and got hung up with the Slendermen.

It was a well intentioned project that turned into a couple weeks at the psych ward.

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