The Necronomicon, a discussion

The Necronomicon is a book that is steeped in mystery for many different reasons. There is a lot of people, including some very prominent occultists, who say that the Necronomicon is absolute and total horseshit. Stating that the entire thing was made up by a fan of HP Lovecraft. However, on the flip of the coin, there are people who state that they have had dramatic experiences using the Necronomicon. My own personal take on the entire situation, is fairly unclear. As a chaos magician, I understand the idea of evoking absolutely anything to accomplish absolutely anything. However, the scientific person in me looks at the fact that the book has basically been disproven from any sort of ancient knowledge, and it makes me wonder whether or not the book has any actual workable magic within its pages. The reason why I made this post, do you think the Necronomicon and its writings and workings is real? Or is it another fantasy book that was put out to great success? Or, is the only reason why people are actually having success with the Necronomicon the result of unintentional chaos magick? I, personally, have had questionable results from the Necronomicon Spellbook. I say questionable, because I was very young whenever I did the ritual, and I’m not incredibly certain that my gifts that I have now wouldn’t have materialized regardless. Although, I will say, that it was probably a good springboard one way or the other.


Hi OP! IME, the deal with the Necronomicon is really similar to what happened with the Akashic Records. A thing that didn’t ‘exist here’, manifested because people talked about it or became aware of it. Just like you won’t find any physical versions of the Akashic Records, you won’t find a true physical Necronomicon; how people record it is just a blip of a breath on a living tide.

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Ive only owned the Simon Necronomicon and imo its only the preface about the mad arab that has anything to do with Lovecraft, the actual working side of it is simply Sumerian, Assyrian or Babylonian mythology. I think the Simon Necronomicon is great and I am currently working with it.

EDIT; So no, I dont think it is a work of pure fiction.


The Necronomicon doesn’t exist. The title was stolen from Lovecraft’s fiction to capitalize on its “spookiness” and lend credence to whatever crap the author(s) decided to cobble together because, really, who doesn’t like the idea of a book that can drive you insane by simply reading it?

The Simon stuff isn’t even true, Sumerian magick because we do not have any historical records of their rites. Most of what we do know of the Sumerian civilization is inferred and deduced from the partial archaeological records that have managed to survive the millennia. We know their creation myth, we know the prominence of religion in their day to day life, we know their pantheon of gods, but we don’t know any of the rites and ceremonies that were actually performed by the priests in the name of those gods.

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, because as every good Chaos magician knows, if you can invest enough belief in it, you can make anything work. Personally, I think the beings in the Simon books are man made egregores.

People have successfully worked magick using the fiction of Narnia, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the works of Stephen King. The Necronomicon is no different. Any fiction with a coherent cosmology can be used magically with success.

Hell, the concept of the Akashic Records didn’t even exist until Alfred Percy Sinnet misunderstood a reference made by Blavatsky regarding the Sanskrit term “akasha” and then bam! Western occultism was suddenly rife with references to the “Akashic Records.”

Theosophy is responsible for the creation of many fictional concepts in Western occultism that had no prior existence even ten years earlier. Blavatsky, who was very enamored with the ideas and concepts coming out of the “mystical” Far East, greatly misinterpreted Eastern terms, and mixed them with her own ideas regarding Christianity, and thus we are left with the concepts of “Ascended Masters,” “The Great White Brotherhood” and the mythology of Atlantis (The only historical references to Atlantis are in Plato’s Dialogues, and even the ancient Greeks didn’t know if it was fiction or not. Blavatsky lifted the majority of the mythology straight from Plato, but added her own Christian flavour, making it a civilization of powerful sorcerers, punished by the gods for hubris, instead of Plato’s allegory of nation states).

The point of all this long winded explanation is that fiction is used all the time in the occult. Some people take fictional concepts and try to prove them to be objective truths but in the end, it doesn’t really matter.


As stated earlier if your talking about the simon necronomicon that text has nothing to do with the current or entites that are spoken of relating to the lovecraftian current but others who have exploted qayin’s, mason’s, tyson’s or lovecrafts work itself as the focal point of connection have gotten results with the entites of this current.

My own work with it focused primarily with lovecrafts work as the main focal points for meditation.


My wife discovered that the Akashic records were a forgery in the ethereal plane. She told me of a bunch of people, mostly major players in modern occultism, using it as a lure to ID and hinder practicing magicians. I was told to not mention it, but this seemed perfect.


The Akashic Records are a fiction created by the misinterpretation of Eastern concepts by Western minds that couldn’t grasp their original meaning. Whether the idea was created on purpose or out of ignorance, I can’t say. I only know that it didn’t become a “thing” in Western occultism until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


Agreed, I don’t think the book is without its truths, although subjective personal truths maybe lol. This forum seems to have people holding the Keys of Solomon in a almost fundamentalist perspective, yet many would be quick to shut down the Necronomicon (base opinion). The parallels between each text (from the aspect of ORIGIN) is nearly identical. Makes me wonder what editions/revisions of the Keys they actually own, if you own the Crowley edition there is the whole section relating to the psychological aspects of evocation and what it has to do with reality and perception. Great stuff.


Agree. Simon’s is okay but I really do see most of it as another current.
I like Mason’s and would love to get a hold of Qayin’s but going straight from the source himself (Lovecraft) is the best and first option in my opinion.

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An excellent topic for analysis.

Real as in 100% authentic, ancient rites? No, not for a second. I believe it is plausible that some of the content is legit, and the rest fluffed and improvised.

Very likely. In it’s own right, whether it is entirely fiction or not, the system in the Nec can produce results. But it seems the longer it has been in print, the more results come, almost as if the use of the book by thousands has created it’s own sub-current within the collective subconscious aspect of chaos magick.

As for authenticity, though, I personally think that is a secondary factor. I strongly doubt that the Key of Solomon or Abramelin rites had anything to do with the historical or biblical king Solomon, or any Egyptian named Abramelin. None the less, results are attainable from working the systems, so it makes more sense to explore the ‘why?’ of that than it does to prove or disprove their authenticity.

You might find this interesting in terms of possible origins of the Necronomicon. It’s lengthy, but much of what it says can be verified, so I found value in listening to the entire thing:




The Simon Necronomicon was the first book I was exposed to, and was what led me down the never-ending occult rabbit-hole. I’ve been doing so much research on this one book, but have never really worked with it yet; simply because of the amount of materials, my own uncertainty on where my path is taking me, my crippling procrastination, etc. From a chaos standpoint, I don’t think it matters whether its real ancient stuff or not; like what others here have said with examples of the Keys of Solomon, and what you said of having the magick be “Accidental”. I do believe its a mix of many forms of magic and inspiration, and therefore, being its own current or entity (as was also briefly pointed out) could lead to very useful magick for someone. I’ve heard some recent things, even from people like V.K. Jehannum saying that the Simon Nec is actually a way to work with the Qliphoth, and the sphere workings are simply a majority of the qliphothic spheres in disguise. I have no idea whether others have backed up this claim, other than a youtuber and some blogposts from 2008. I’ve even heard allegations that these were Crowley’s writings, taken and disguised for public release after his death about Sumerian workings he’d created. I’m more skeptical on that one, kind of silly, can’t remember where I read that. Either way, fascinating little book, both with the contents and it’s interesting creation/ the day will come where I finally work with it and see how it goes. When that day is, I’m not sure.

I like my Necronomicon. It’s classic 90’s material. It’s main purpose is to take it to school and piss off the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. If someone makes you fight for it, it becomes a lot more powerful.

It’s well made for a paperback grimoire. The writing is a good example of occult style and it has the right kind of hypnotic imagery. It also contains the official occult disclaimer: “This book is a bunch of crazy nonsense! Don’t read it!”

Is it real?
It’s as real as any book written by someone other than one’s self.


Purely a work of fiction, but I agree it can be used if the magician believes in it via chaos magic.

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Looking back, there have been several events in human history that seem to have effectively destroyed all but orally passed down traditions of witchcraft, or ones that are encoded in artifacts or are hidden away. The burning of the the great library at Alexandria, the Christian crusades against all things non Christian, witch burning (whether they were actual witches or not), various natural disasters, so on and so forth. All that may have been in ancient times in terms of rituals or magickal practice have been destroyed or lost to the ages, leaving oral traditions and stories/myths/legends. It has only been in relatively recent times (meaning the last few hundred years) that any traditions in magick, as well as books and knowledge on the occult, have been recreated, discovered, or recorded. For example, the golden dawn and aleister crowley started their record in the late 1800’s, while much older traditions like voodoo and shamanism were orally passed down in isolated parts of the world for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. Only in isolation has any knowledge from ancient times survived to this day, while the rest is being recreated in a modern time where it is more acceptable to believe in other things besides christianity.

The necronomicon, like many works today including the ones on this website, were a creation of people in relative modern times over the last 200 years. Most of it you would be hard pressed to find any physical or realistic evidence of any of it being ancient knowledge. Perhaps a few of the books are simply fictions that came to the writer in a dream just as the necronomicon did for H.P. Lovecraft, but I’m sure many of us that have used the practices in those books have found that they surprisingly work effectively.

Consider the spell, ritual, and entity not as a real tangible thing that will do the magick for you, but as a scaffold for your intention and your subconscious to work with in manifesting the desire. Magick is in a sense a conscious and subconscious play on archetypes, symbols, and words of intent to bring about real world changes. Whether those archetypes are from the ancient religions of Norse or Egyptians (as a few examples), or whether they are archetypes from H.P. Lovecraft (or even star wars, since that was mentioned here), the power of using said archetypes and symbols in ritual can subconsciously bring about your desires.

Is it real, historically ancient knowledge? Most probably not. Does that mean it’s all not going to work? There’s plenty of people here on this site alone that seemed to have made it work, and work well in some cases. Just depends on how you use it and whether or not you believe it to be functional.


you mean the book that is referenced in multible of his workings? …
But thinking about it, wasnt there some discussion about the elder sign as well?
Lovekrafts version was more like a rune, but in WitchesHollow, he probably used one of the star versions, since thats what is vaguely described there.

You count dabbling in, on a book on sumerian magic -which is hardly related to lovecraft,
even though “old ones” could mean anything pre-human, such as the entities from nibiru.

Personally: i will attempt shamanic travelling, in order to get contact with some of those folks,
and my hands on those books, the actual black book of azathoth and the necronomicon.

If your serious about that i would recommend going to nyarlathotep and having him guide you. Don’t ask me why this entity is willing to act as a guide i have no clue as to the primary motives here but this entity is willing and able to guide you where you need to go.


It seems like many people believe Nyarlathotep to be the most important entity of them all.
~ someone really nice (@Alexander12 ) gave me that:

P.S.: this picture loaded slowly, as dramatic started playing LOL XD


This is cause in this current nyarlathotep one of the initiators and guides. Cthulhu is also an initiator but that is more in the case of external magick and mental discipline in my experience hence why working with him can be taxing on the mind cause he will push you. Where as nyarlathotep is able to cross between all boundaries at will and works on multiple levels of reality.


So… Cthulhu fhatagn, the chanting of it, will help me to push paranoia = heightened awareness and will generally strengthen the pull. …relieve and i thought it would be disrespectful to praise another entitiy while approaching Nyarlathotep