What are the benefits of working with Belial?

Hello everyone. I’m thinking of working with Belial. I’ve never worked with Him before. I need a little more knowledge before I start.

What color candle should I use? What incense does He like? When is the best time to call on Him, daytime or night-time? What would be the best gift to give Him, blood? What oils should I use? What is His Enn?

Also, have any of you worked with Belial? What benefits have come from working with Him? What does He help with?

Thank you for your time, and help in advance.



Can find a little bit of answers here :

probably other infos just hit the search bar on Belial
I think his enn is : Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehl Belial


Thank you. I’ll look into it. Much appreciation! :grinning:


@AdamThoth any recommendations?

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Dropping my stuff:


Belial is great and honestly there are not many that are as good for beginners besides Orobas.


He works quickly and he expects that if you promise something in return that you deliver. That’s part of his bad reputation people dont fufill their end of the deal and then he gets angry. They think they can just pay him back when they feel like it. He likes you to be honest with yourself and him.

He likes it if you take a ritual bath before hand. Especially the ladies. I don’t know if its just on me but I use lavender body wash. I had a tropical fruit one but he said I “smelt like a fruit salad” so he recommended Lavender. It is relaxing cleansing and calming. Gets me into a better mental state to hear his voice.


Takes me a long while to work past my awkward to call him every time. He does seem to work very quickly and have a lot of influence on this plane.


Another struggle I’m having is tuning my hearing, so that I can hear them. I’ve worked with Bune before. I could feel Her presence, but couldn’t see nor hear Her. It’s frustrating! Any recommendations? I’m already taking E.A. Koetting’s divination course. I can’t seem to get past the Theta Gamma Sync.


He really helped me to get started. I really think if you feel out what you are to do, he will help you to know. I haven’t had to choose between night or day or use a color of candle. It’s kind of rare that I use a candle. I wouldn’t worry too much about technical steps. He will appreciate your effort, what research you do, but I always went into stuff my own way, as the burning desire within to get to know him and others would often take over to the point where it didn’t matter what I don’t know.


If you get to where you must evoke him, just let your intent show. Let yourself become familiar with his energy. As for hearing… if you have ever tried to hear music from the echoes of wind blowing or machinery running, sometimes you can make out words as echoes in the same way. Your spiritual hearing will develop naturally like our ability to speak one another did. Benefits are many. He will guide you through depths unknown, even within yourself. Its not always pleasant, sometimes you wont know that what your doing is working while it’s working…he will have breaking your own laws. Laws of others, doing things you “don’t do or there will be hell to pay.” He has told me to blaspheme him and he’s not the only one. He will have you facing fears of the internal and external. It got rough. Sometimes I was scared but I would have new clarity… He will guide you to answers and new questions to ask. I cant say enough about him or the other Demonic Kings or Queens that I know, but to sum it up they are the shit ^-^


Thank you, BeWater. I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences with me. It makes me want to work with Belial even more.

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Tis a pleasure ^-^ Hmu through PM if you’d like :slight_smile: anytime, even just to chat.

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He fixed my energy flow. That was pretty neat. I think I used frankincense.

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Red candles, Dragon’s Blood incense, night time, and blood have worked well for me.


Also, he appreciates sacrifices. Like real sacrifices that you don’t really want to give up. Smoking or an addiction totally counts.


Thank you for that information. The only thing I don’t have is the dragons blood incense. Will Frankencense or Myre work? I hope I spelled those right. Sorry if I didn’t.

I just quit smoking. Can I still count that as a sacrifice? Lol.

Honestly, so long as you have that driving desire and intent to call him forth, that burning fire within to connect with his essence, it really doesn’t matter what incense you use. After you get to know him he can communicate his likes and dislikes to you, but for now all the paraphernalia and extras are just that: extras. They’re not needed, or more accurately they’re there for you, not for him. Whatever it takes to get you into that mood of pure sorcery, that ecstasy of sheer knowing that magic is possible and real.


Hello @Narsonix,

I was working with Belial for a while and he’s been great to me. He healed me from “a plague” that I was suffering for a long time. Now that I feel calm and light but there are still goals to achieve, he asked me to leave him alone. One time he was angry at me telling me that I always want something, each day. Then I evoked him to thank him for his care and to apologize but again he asked me to leave him alone. I asked him if I could sometimes contact him just to feel his presence not to ask about anything. He said he’d be the one to reach me when he takes some rest. Do you think it was a bad idea to call him everyday?

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