What are good books on necromancy for a beginner in necromancy

the only book i have on necromancy is the chanel whispers by the cabal but it seems a bit off, what are some good books for necromancy to start with


I second this question. Working with death energy and the dead is something I have virtually no experience in, metaphysically.

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S. Connolly has some good necromancy books with a daemonic twist.

Honoring Death: The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy

^ That covers the basics. The other necromancy titles are with the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ on Amazon


Sabbatica anthology by Edgar Kerval and other authors as well as his Qlipphoth Opus Volume 3. There are some amazing articles by amazing magicians in those books.


I recently picked up Communing with the Spirits by Coleman and that’s a good book. Not entirely my style but still practical in my opinion


This is an ok book to start with:


This book will explain some theory and some exercises and will gradually introduce you to the concept, you will not necessairily go through the proccess of diging in a graveyard.

If you want to go above and extreme Necromancy go for this:

The above book will be hard to find though & it was pretty pricey last time I checked, however since you are new the first book is a way better option. Although you can in a way learn a few things from this tome, but certain methods in this tome are well different to say the least.


There are new versions of this book, which are ebook format and paperback

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How would I find the ingredients needed that are listed in this book?

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For what is worth, stay away from Dante Abiel’s book if you’re new in necromancy. I made a similar thread recently and got pretty good suggestions. I read Dante’s book and it’s solely an edgy fanfiction, trust me on that.
If you’re really still interested in going about necromancy, I suggest checking the books suggested in my thread.


Is this on amazon

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You can find it (1st edition) on amazon for like 20 000 $, if you’re referring to Dante Abiels book. You can also get the same book (2nd edition) at the BALG store for like 90~ish. However, I’d recommend some other books to start people off with Necromancy these days

The Witche’s Book of The Dead is a good starting point for the reasons stated before.

Then we have the Gospel of The Ghouls which is a book from Ariagnee Arcane Services. You’ll find some interesting entities as well as great exercises to get in touch with the death current but it isn’t as “easing into” as the Witche’s Book of The Dead. But it isn’t too dangerous.

Connor Kendall’s Book: The Necromancer - is somewhere in the middle. It’s pretty beginner friendly at least in the beginning. However, as for meeting the entities and at points traveling to various realms mentioned in there. Then you’l need a solid foundation like: divination, evocation and Soul Travel and other basics in magick, to advance beyond the first half of the book.

Then at the last option we have the Book: Necromancy the Forbidden Rites of Death Magick. The book has some valueable exercises and concepts to use. If you can understand both what is written and what is inferred. This book is not beginner friendly at all. And above all most if not all the rituals are illegal; this book has faced a lot of criticism over the years. And I agree with most of them. However, there are some gems in there for sure if you find them in the writing. There’s also the thread and recommendation above to check out for a balanced view of the book. Which I’d suggest you’d contemplate before you decide to actually use the book at all, if at all. There are better options that I provided above.

That’s about the literature I feel is noteworthy of sharing. Great suggestions for titles have already been made. And also follow the link that Darkest Knight provided.

Good Luck on your journey.

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I like Blood Sorcery Bible Vol 1: Rituals in Necromancy by Sorceress Cagliastro.

It’s not your “dark fluff”, it makes sense with respect to working with ghosts, makes the risks and rewards clear, gives you options for temporary and permanent portals for the deceased to come through, and most of all I tried her methods and it works very well for me, or I wouldn’t recommend it.

Connor Kendal recently wrote a book that has been well received, that includes working with Santa Muerte I believe if that’s more your style. That is also on amazon. I don’t own that so I can’t speak for it, but I plan on getting that at some point. I think it’s more like, a bit of everything where Blood Sorcery is a very specific and complete style and technique.