What about this ? Orrr That? Evokation BOOTCAMP

Hello everyone,
I’m opening this thread for everyone to throw their little ideas, the concept is the following :

If you have an idea of something that would be easy to manifest through working with goetic demons but still quite unlikely to happen, then write it here, it’s even better if you already manifested it and it worked !

For an exemple : my best success with a minor request was with Zagan when I asked him to get back my lost parcel and within the following week you guessed it, I received my package.

I’m creating this thread because big request tend to take time to manifest and it’s hard to not lust after it/consistently think about it, therefore if we all get ideas of usefull stuff easier that could be sometimes in some way fragment of something bigger, with time I’m sure we’ll gain into general power of manifestation(from gaining spiritual powers easier or finding a penny or receiving a kiss on the cheek from a never seen again wonderfull stranger,etc whatever)

In a resume this is a training manifestation bootcamp idea :star_struck:
If course with time I’ll also put out here what I got frank sucess with

Also I encourage people to scale the level of the request wich of course is subjective but I think everyone understand that it’s just cool to have a general idea of difficulty the request stand

Level 1 :lemon: : easy like making a lemonade

Level 2 :croissant: : Somewhat harder but quite attainable, some experience is best before doing it’s a bit like making pastry : the level of “croissant”

Level 3 :chopsticks: : Handle with caution it’ll take some time to get there so ask for it if you’re ready to wait, as when you’d be learning to eat with chopstick


Ho Hi myself !
Here’s what I’ve done

Level estimated: 2 :croissant:
Demon : Zagan
Request : Getting lost parcel
(Result : in a week)* optional as it can vary


Well Hi me another sucess in the list and not the least !

Level estimated : (3 :chopsticks: seing the complicated situation) BUT he made it so fast I’ll call it a 1 :lemon:
Demon : Orias
Request : Changing the mind and heart of someone without talking to the person (to help someone and no it’s not romantic related)
Result : within 12 hours and still going on


Again another day, another success to register

Level estimated : 2 :croissant:
Demon : Ronove
Request : Better Charisma
Result : really showed after 2 weeks

I could see my larger circle of people(exogenous from the familial or close circle) really start to like and feel the need to talk to me, and I could interact naturally & easily and I was shown under great light too.


Again and again successss
I thank you a whole lot Dear Gusoin !

Level estimated : 2 :croissant:
Demon : Gusoin
Request : making those in my presence feel a sense of awe
Results : gradually acummulated over the last month and a half, probably still on the go.

I can see people around me rejoice in my presence looking at me with big eyes filled with excitation.
Shuting their mouth when I speak :joy: and hearing all that I have to say without being interrupted.
I’m also being sought after for many things.

So once again I thank you Gusoin :pray:t2:
Thank you for improving my life in those ways.


Oh I like this thread. It’s always nice to have a list of concrete results so you can look back and be like “hey, I did that!”

I’ll play.

Level estimated: :croissant: / :chopsticks:
Demon: Belial
Request: Asked for a specific project at work to be canceled so I would never have to deal with the client again, as they were causing me a lot of stress.
Result: After two or three months the client asked to put their project on hold, which gave me some breathing room for about six weeks. I did have to deal with them here and there but about six months after the ritual we found out that they wanted to cancel/back out of their contract entirely. As of now, they are still a client of my company but I haven’t had to deal with them for several months and at their request their project was drastically stripped back to a far more manageable level.

Level estimated: :lemon: / :croissant:
Demon: Bael
Request: I did something silly (nothing illegal/shady/morally questionable, mind you) and wanted to keep it hidden from a specific person.
Result: The person never found out about it, as far as I know. They never brought it up with me or asked me about it. Actually I’ve used this ritual many times with success.

Level estimated: :croissant:
Demon: Dantalion
Request: Asked Dantalion to make a target think about me constantly.
Result: It’s a bit hard to measure successful outcomes with requests like this, but after about two weeks I did have the target say to me “you’ve been on my mind a lot lately.”

Level estimated: :croissant:
Demon: Sallos
Request: To be in a relationship with a specific person.
Result: Result came about about two weeks after casting the ritual. Relationship didn’t last but I did get the result. :+1:

Level estimated: :croissant:
Demon: Dantalion
Request: Asked for a specific person to take me on a date to a specific event.
Result: Another person I was also interested in ended up taking me on a date to that event. :thinking: Did the ritual about 10 days - 2 weeks beforehand.

Level estimated: :lemon:
Demon: Cimeries
Request: Asked for certain subconscious fears about a situation to be removed.
Result: Felt pretty good immediately after the ritual. Had a result within hours when an unpleasant thought came up and I realised I could just release it with a feeling of relief. It continued to unfold slowly over the next few weeks. Actually now I think of it, I should probably do this ritual again for a more broad, specific result.

Level estimated: :chopsticks:
Demon: Angel of Lost Things
Request: Asked for my “lost” confident mindset of a few months earlier to be returned to me.
Result: Unfolded slowly over a few weeks/months – about three or four months to see it unfold fully.

Level estimated: :lemon:
Demon: the angel Karviel
Request: Asked for a situation to unfold quickly to see if it had potential or not.
Result: I didn’t note my dates down properly but it took a week or two for me to receive news that the situation had reached its conclusion; Karviel did his job.

Level estimated: :chopsticks: purely because of how stubborn the target was.
Demon: Angels of Wrath ritual – “bring judgement”
Request: Asked that someone mentally torture themselves over how poorly they treated me and that they were unable to sleep until they apologised.
Result: Saw the result three months later, almost to the day.

Level estimated: :chopsticks:
Demon: Sallos
Request: Gave him a list of requirements I wanted in a romantic partner.
Result: Met someone two days later who appear(s/ed) to meet 95% of the requirements (a list about 50 items long)

Level estimated: :croissant:
Demon: Bael
Request: To be left alone at work by management, not questioned about my output or micro-managed, to generally repel people who wish to give me additional work or ask about my current work. Not a ritual but I drew and charged the seal of Bael and left it out in the open on my work desk.
Result: Not only has this worked stunningly well, it has even apparently had the side-effect of making me appear extremely efficient. If people do ask me about anything work related they always start with “I know you’re so busy…”; I get praised by everyone from coworkers all the way up to the company directors for how “hard” I work; everyone in my team besides me has been asked to account for every hour of their work week so management can find new tasks to give them in any “free time” they have; etc. – it seems to be less effective (but still effective) if I’m not directly in the presence of the seal, so I might have to draw/charge another one for when I’m working from home, or imbue a digital copy of the seal with the same intent and keep it visible somewhere on my work computer.


Wow. That’s such a cool use of the angel of lost things! I would have never thought about asking for non physical lost things :thinking:


Yes ! Thank you for your participation, it does feel good to see one accumulate success, it’s a nice shield over bad vibes of failure :smirk_cat:

Level estimated : 3 :chopsticks:
Demon : Orobas
Request : Physical transformation
Result : The whole thing was a month “pact” I’ll re-new it for the month coming
I saw a lot of results after the 3 weeks mark.

Can’t wait to see the long term results over 3 months.


Choo-Choo and one more in the basket :

Level estimated : 1 :lemon:
Demon : Foras
Request : Fascinating someone, and being aware of it
Result : 3-4 days later in one of my dreams I had the omen of the said person to be all exited about talking to me, wich is ot a common things for me to dream about (rituals related stuff)


The train pursue it’s travel into success town !

Level Estimated : 2 :croissant:
Demon : Furcas
Request : Develloping my 3rd eye
Result : I had plenty of littles signs and energy confirmation over the course of 2 month


Does this bootcamp begin at anyh time for anyone, or is it a closed group and already over?


That sounds very interesting. Can you PM about the details of your work with Prince Orobas?

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