First manifestation experience Thread

Don’t know if there is anything similar here but I thought of making a thread where you post your first manifestation you had with magick :slight_smile:

my first time I didn’t actually realize i had manifested it myself but I had been visualizing my soulmate for years before meeting them. At the time I had no idea about visualizing and manifesting things.

However the first time I did an actual working where I was aware of everything was when I listened to a subliminal video and visualized my ex messaging me and calling me. In the middle of listening to the video the second time is when I got a call from him and I was in shock. I couldn’t even believe what I had just done.


My first manifestation was when I was about 10 or 11, perhaps a bit younger, before I knew anything about actual magic (outside of my favourite fantasy noels) or conscious manifestation :stuck_out_tongue: I had robust imaginary skills as a child and I’d often be lost in daydreaming of a situation I wanted (or rather a hobby I wanted to indulge in) which was largely out of reach due to money; within a year or so, my world shifted so that I was able to participate in said hobby regularly.

A few years ago I did a similar thing when I was obsessed with a specific outcome and my entire day would be consumed with daydreaming about it. After about eight or nine months it came to fruition.

Entity-wise, I had success right off the bat with Dantalion and Sallos (about two to four weeks turnaround for both) and Belial (perhaps 3 or 4 months). :+1: I remember being very grateful, and both shocked but also not shocked at all when I got my results.

Edit: also, there is a similar-ish thread which some people might find of interest:


My first:
#1. Dantalion: to know someone’s thoughts…we had been in a vicious fight for 6 months- no civil communications at all.

I asked him to reveal her thoughts to me.

I had done it outside and was on my way home when a I noticed a large tree glowing green. I thought I was having a flashback:) It was that profound.

When I got home, she texted me and opened up her heart and soul to me outta nowhere after silence and scorn for 6 mos… Then, she told me she really wanted me to check out this band (Radical Face). So I went to the page and here’s what was on the front page at the time:

I was like dam, I never thought SHE"D be the one telling them to me :sunglasses:

My man Dantalion!


#2. Gremori- cause great lust when next I look into her eyes. Need I say more?


Hm… i won’t talk about the teenage years because that’s just awkward now… lol

I guess the first that i can consider “proper” manifestation was back when i was still a “born again” christian… I remember the first time i made rain “in the name of Jesus” lol

Once i start to practice Magick (well i guess the type of evangelical/pentecostal christianity i was practicing was a form of magick)… it was probably something related to money. Those extra 50 bucks one can always use lol. Shout out to Nitika.

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My first manifestation was in HS - I saw myself driving a greenish gray car. Lo and behold my dad buys a Toyota Corolla of that same color a few weeks after! And i did get to drive it a lot!

2nd was I was in the back seat w my HS best friend riding shotgun and her older brother driving. I heard a voice in my head say “this is the guy youre going to marry”. Dunno who, certainly not me but an external voice, maybe my Higher Soul reminding me of a soul contract. We werent even talking then, i was just his lil sisters’ best friend. 3 years after, i walked down the aisle to marry him, and have 3 wonderful children. Marriage lasted 10 years.

3rd manifestation 3 or 4 years ago, not doing LHP yet - fresh out of bed, was washing my face one Sunday morning. When i looked up, vision in my head was a steamy, lustful scene w this guy from work. We werent even talking at that time. I was “where did that come from?!” Months later, we became close and turned lovers. 2 year romantic relationship. On and off. Now manifesting him back still. Lol