Weird experience with Bune enn

I had a very weird experience last night and not sure if it was an attack or test, so any insight would be great thanks.
I’ve been thinking of working with Bune for career advancement and been listening to Bune’s enn a few times before going to sleep without any issues. Last night though… Fell asleep listening to the enn and suddenly felt like something was gripping my body so tight and wouldn’t let go, like an over powering force. My throat started to throb with a little pain and could not move. In my mind I shouted I am protected, you cannot harm me and you will leave right now and suddenly everything stopped. I woke up and could remember the feeling and my words vividly. It was overbearing and powerful that I had to shout out in my mind. It was not pleasant at all. Has this happened to anyone else wanting to work or has worked with Bune and listening to Bune’s Enn? TIA

Did you set up wards around your sleeping space? Doing magick attracts astral beings generally, it kind of lights you up in the astral and things come to see what’s new… from astral wildlife to human ghosts to fae… it’s part of what I call “having good spiritual hygiene” to make sure you know how to repel those while attracting only the entities you invite.

Its probably got nothing to do with Bune directly.

A lot of modern books unfortunately assume you already know these basics. Since you’re attracting who knows what you want to banish and cleanse and set up protections before doing more enns.

We have a bunch of homegrown tutorials that talk about it, a few of our faves are collected here:

If the thing you’ve attracted doesn’t go away with a general banishing, and it’s become personal, use these tutorials to get rid of it:

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Thank you so much for the insight and info. I will do some banishing and cleansing this evening using those methods.

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