Wards and Shields - List your Favorite Types!

Circle: White light circle drawn clockwise
Pheonix Suit, making use of the four elements and spirit.
Vine suit - earth
Whirlwind eye - Air
Tidal Wave - Water
Fire - Fire
Rebirth - Spirit

Mirror Suit
Blue Light Bubble
Aery Bubble


This feel like one of those threads that would pop up on witchcraft forums in the early 2000’s. I just got one hell of a nostalgia blast lol.

But I use some pretty theatric visuals. One of my usual wards is a thick trellis of briars with a venom dripping from the thorns. Usually with carnivorous plants like Venus Fly traps thrown in just because I love them and are native only to my birthplace.

My shields vary depending on their secondary purpose. One I have called the “Form of the Sidhe” is like a glamour effect that surrounds me like a mist for moving unseen.

Another I use is more for pure spiritual defensive purposes, and it uses my Amanita sigil. I visualize it on my forehead, and from it going through my whole body I feel the mycelium spreading inside from head to toe, and from my body grows giant mushroom caps that act as a shield, with the mycelium acting as added structural support.


I’m an Earthy type, I make everything myself in a very organic way. Most of this traces back to basic witchcraft x psionics x thoughtform work.

Iron horseshoes above the lintels of entrances
Ashes and warding herbs strewn in a circle outside around the house

Mirror, mesh,
Lamasu, “Weeping angels”, and other thoughtforms in my fields (I make these up, create to suit).
Black, thick metal/stone-like temporary barrier

Spirit bottles and water bowls
Vessels can contain the spirits of your enemy to immobilize them, a form of binding

Personal protection/backup when fighting:
Thoughtforms like Hell hounds, shapeshifting into a ‘stronger’ form.


I consider myself a traditionalist, but I only use it for “heavy” works:

For Ward/Shield/Trap:
The circle of black powder with its variations.


An Angel with a perpetually flaming sword.


I use chalk to draw protection runes around my house on the outside. I use salt and incense too for extra oomph, my house is super weird. I am going to make some guard dogs that run on solar and star light, but I want the full moon to make them supercharged every month.

I use a black light shield that directs energies into the ground to purified, and sometimes when I go somewhere I’ll make my energy body for slippery and light so other peoples’ energies go through me like I’m a ghost.


I use bubble wards temporarily lined with runes to alter their use. And I use structural wards that resonate from an enchanted object that I carry around, like a crystal sphere. Usually using a pentacle for structural integrity. Like warping it over the sphere. And charged regularly on a full moon in a bowl of salt.

Not very good at offense tho :sweat_smile:

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Elhaz - Viking Rune.

Deflects only negative energy

I’ve warded the room I do my workings in with salt, blood, and mugwort. I had to wipe the blood off the floor after setting the ward, but the lines it set are still visible when looking with the third eye.

I also wear a talisman whenever I leave the house that I imbued with blood and all the elements. I programed it with some help from an as of yet unidentified entity to bring prosperity and banish bad luck.

I have also been using a spiny ward since my mid 20’s that essentially projects bonelike energetic spikes from my skin when I feel the need/threatened. The best defense is a good offense.


Walk the perimeter around your house drawing an astral circle of protection. You can scatter ashes, flour if you like. I don’t recommend scattering salt outside as it harms plants and pisses off the fae, ime.

What I do for a house ward:

  • I save the ashes from my charcoal disks from all my rituals, and place them in a vessel. They build up over time, and they are imbued with my energy and the residual energy of my work, a sort of calling card.
  • When I have a cup or so, I add sand/earth from the garden which adds a solidity, strength and recruits the fae and energy of the land into th working.
  • Then I add asafoetida, chili powder, wormwood which are repellent to most spirits, and mix with intention that this concoction is repellent to “the uninvited”. I now have a pint (1/2 liter) of grainy powery material that it’s kinda stinky.
  • Now I take that bowl in my non dominant hand, and “walk my land”, with full intention focused on drawing an energetic circle (wobbly oval probably), around my entire property.
  • I see that barrier rising as I pass, from my above and into the ground. It connects so the whole house will be in a huge energy bubble, like a biodome.
    As I go I reinforce that energy barrier by scattering the ash concoction along the same line, using my right hand. I walk widdershins so I am inside the circle.
  • Every time I step I scatter the ashes, notice the shield growing and expanding and thickening. Optionally, I say out loud my intentions. Something like “none may pass this ward without my permission”.
  • I time it so the last of the ashes connect with the first, and I keep going in an overlap until all the ashes are gone.
  • Then I stand for a few more minutes observing the energy shield, watch it interacting with the environment, see what the plants and fae think of it, see if it changes color or wavers or thickens more, and intentionally perform adjustments as needed. This is all in my minds eye.
  • When I am comfortable that it is well established I walk back and forth in and out of it to observe how the ambience of the garden changes within and without: I do not usually want nature affected, although mice and mosquitoes might be included in the ward as uninvited. I check it’s not overkill, I check it’s got slight substance that can be felt by humans.
  • At this point I’m probably done. I can always come back and inker more with it, top it up, reinforce it.
  • When the next bowl of ash is ready I will repeat to strengthen it, which may be months away.

@Mulberry Question – I live in a two story apartment, which has connected, four total apartments for the building. Would I make this walk around the entire building, even though it’s not all mine?

Also, what are the measurements for the asafoetida, chili powder, and wormwood?

I would. It’s does no harm and doesn’t dilute the working to also protect the other apartments, and without those people being affected by parasites can even benefit you as they should be more calm and emotionally controlled as well.

Whatever you feel like according to your intuition. I don’t measure it and it’s different every time, I even add different extra herbs every time. The asafoetida is the constant. I add enough so I don’t run out of stuff to scatter. :smiley:


Thank you for your reply! The reasoning makes sense. I’d have to do it at night so I don’t get stares :smiley:


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Yes it’s a great idea as many people dont know what to do. In my case I use many wards and shield from several tradition. I have always a consecrated sword in my bedroom (true sword ) and I use also severalspecial phurbu as passive protection who can be very active also.
The wyvern practice gives all the protection that I need ( after practice I create a shield around but also angelic/khodamic ones here need to do a lot of daily practice.