Vampires & Vampirism EXPLAINED (to my knowledge)

Hello everyone, this post is about my understanding of what I know to be true about real vampires in the occult and how to become a vampire. I am what is considered an infernal vampire, and I will explain what that is as well. The following is copied from my personal notes on vampirism:

A vampire is somebody who has a vampire soul.

What does it mean to have a vampire soul?

It means you have a vampire body, as in all of the subtle bodies of your soul transform to become vampiric.

There are many different vampiric strains, but this explanation will apply to most if not all of them:

Having a vampire soul results in your soul having massively increased potential for power and strength (which will be achieved through practice).

How does it have increased potential for power and strength?

When you become / are a vampire, your soul has increased energy reserves and an ability to handle more intense or potent energies that would otherwise be harmful or completely destroy a “normal” soul. This means that it takes a lot more energy and willpower to harm or damage you. If, for some reason, you are on the bad side of a powerful being, it will take them a lot more to destroy your soul depending on your level of vampirism, for example.

Different vampiric strains have different strengths and weaknesses, however the weaknesses dissipate over time and as you evolve through vampirism.

The biggest misconception about vampirism is that it is parasitic. People who think vampires are parasites, or think that they are vampires because they are parasites, have no actual understanding about real vampires. The majority of the “vampire community” is actually full of parasites. They have something lacking inside of their energy body where they cannot produce enough of their own energy to feel satisfied with themselves, resulting in them having parasitic behavior such as being over emotional, being overly attached to people or friends, and constantly seeking / needing validation and approval. These people ARE NOT vampires. They ARE PARASITES who PRETEND to be vampires because THEY THINK they are vampires when in reality they have no idea what actual vampirism is.

Now, there is also difference between doing vampire magick and BEING a vampire.
People think that just because they preform vampire magick, it automatically makes them a vampire. This is not the case at all. Technically speaking, the non occult definition of vampirism would allow people who practice vampire magick to call themselves vampires, however they are not actually real vampires as in their soul is not a vampire soul.

Vampirism as a practice is something anyone can do. It is the act of taking energy, in very basic terms. Many people actually do practice vampirism without realizing, however it is in a way that is harmful to their own energy as well as the energy of others around them.

The practice of vampirism gets much deeper than just taking energy. Advanced vampire magicians know how to transmute energy, drain energy, give energy, heal, destroy, and all the other methods of energy manipulation. Being an actual vampire allows you to practice vampire magick to a much more powerful degree because of the inherit ability to have more energy input, which allows for more energy output. Vampire magick is basically energy manipulation, as energy manipulation involves taking energy to a degree.

There are many different methods of becoming a vampire. Essentially what would happen is that your soul goes through alchemical changes and completely transforms. If you already are a vampire and are just picking up a new strain there are still changes, but not to the intense degree that a new vampire would have. Here I list the three methods of becoming a vampire that I know of:

The first and recommended method is to invoke a demon or other infernal being and tell them you want to initiate through vampirism with them and empower your soul. This would result in you becoming what is known as an infernal vampire, because you have received the strain from an infernal being. There are many different strains under infernal vampirism. For example, if you initiate with Lillith, you would likely pick up a Succubus / Incubus strain. However most strains do not have official names as there are many. This type of vampirism (initiating with a demon/infernal being) is ideal for the left hand path. There are methods for right hand path vampiric initiation, however I am unfamiliar with them because I focus on the left hand path, and these next methods are also mainly left and path methods.

The second method is to initiate with the undead masters. I have no direct experience with this method, so take what I say with a grain of salt. This method is commonly spoken about in occult books on the topic of vampirism. The undead masters are not a single group of people. There are many different undead masters belonging to different strains. Most undead masters that you would communicate with were once human and physically incarnated on earth. They have initiated through vampirism many times and have become so powerful that their souls are practically immortal. The undead masters each share a collective reservoir of energy within their strains that they each have access to at anytime. Initiating with the undead masters links you to their strain and reservoir of energy and knowledge. However, I personally would not recommend this method as I prefer being completely individual and not directly energetically linked to others. At the same time, initiating with a demon or other being would still result in a sort of energetic link, but not to the degree of initiating with the undead masters. Most if not all of the undead masters have an astral realm to their respective strains which you will have access to if you successfully initiate, and you may be anchored to this astral realm and energetic reservoir from the strain in order to allow astral immortality. The astral realms of the undead masters are unknown to me, I can only imagine how much power is held in them. Again, I have no direct experience with the undead masters. I know that N.D. Blackwood is very knowledgeable on the topic of the undead masters, so you can confirm any information from his books. The topic of the undead masters, sometimes referred to as the ascended masters or undead gods, is also spoken about on a few different occult vampire forums across the internet.

The third method is to have another “human” vampire transform your soul. This is basically what happens with the undead masters, in the sense that someone else is giving you their strain or a strain they have initiated through, however this method is a lot easier and basically risk free because you would not be going through any direct initiations with another being or undead master. Of course, you will still need to deal with any symptoms that come from the transformation as well as have at least a basic understanding of how energy works. I reccomend all new vampires or prospective vampires to go watch The Infernal Obelisk on youtube. He has a vampirism course that teaches you everything you need to know to get started on energy draining and transmutation. To have another person transform your soul into a vampire soul, you would just have to find someone who is a vampire, is powerful enough to alchemize your soul to that strain, and who is also willing to do the job.

To recap: vampire magick, vampirism, and being a vampire are different things in themselves. Real vampires are not parasites, and parasites who claim to be vampires have a lack of knowledge or understanding. The three methods of becoming a vampire that I know of is initiating with a demon or other being, initiating with the undead masters, or having another vampire pass you their strain directly.


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Are you like 19?


Honestly, as an energy worker I think most of this is fiction.

Your human, in a human body. There’s no such thing as a vampire soul, you’rea human soul, by definition.

You cannot turn into a fictional being that can’t absorb energy from far better sources than other incarnates.

In fact vampirism is a tiny subset of what’s possible in the larger subject of energy working.

And self styled “vampires” show with every overromanticised notion that they don’t understand the first thing about how any of it works.

That is my honest opinion which I expand on in my journal. It’s an unfortunate and irresponsible fad that is more likely to hurt peoe though bad energy practices than help.

If you want to do energy working, learn energy working, and you can eat shitty energy off entities including all its incompatibilities and imbalances all day… But I think no one who knows anything would want to when the realize what they’re actually doing. :roll_eyes:


Personally I question anyone who is producing books designed to lead or teach individuals that doesn’t have a strong understanding of what they are teaching, as demonstrated in several threads in regards to common energy working techniques and this subject.

I question them even harder when their source material is questionable.

I recommend looking into spirits that can help with discernment as well as the above suggested that vampirism is really a small part of energy work as a whole and if you limit yourself to only receiving energy from another source, you are ultimately depowering yourself with a self imposed limitations.

I do believe some have damaged or deficient energy bodies and ability to use ambient energy and need to do some of this however.

Just my opinions of course! Do as though wilt :blush:

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Many accomplished occultists would disagree with your statements. I believe you are misunderstanding what I am explaining. I agree with you, Vampirism as an energetic mechanic alone does not make someone a vampire.

However soul alchemy is a very real thing. The fact that we are “human” does not make a difference. Human simply refers to the physical vessel which is our body. You as a soul are not human, your physical vessel is human.

And as I explained as well, becoming a vampire does not involve some hollywood movie transformation. In the very basic sense, it allows your soul to have increased energy reserves and handle more intense and potent energies.


Word. It’s like the 90s again up in here. Or 2008. Vampires are like bell bottoms.

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I agree, vampirism is a small part of energy work. However this is not just referring to vampirism as energy work. This refers to vampirism as a spiritual path, which involves soul alchemy and transforming your soul to have what I referred to as a vampire body. Vampirism as an energetic mechanic and becoming are two different yet comparable things.


I’m not psyched about being called a “parasite” because I actually experienced life though lol


Ultimately sounds like fundamental disagreements and simply I agree to disagree on parts and recognize my experiences likely simply differ and I don’t see anything wrong with that, we are each entitled to experience this reality for ourselves :).


What I referred to as parasites can actually be healed through shadow work. I believe that trauma or other mentally grueling events at an early age that affects someone’s development may create a form of parasitic energy body.


What I’m saying about “experience life” is PTSD makes you a psychic vampire. Almost like a bite. I’m sure you can transmute your soul, but you will learn from the pain, attracting it.


I am a shadow lol
Half kidding.
Yeah, shadow work just makes you more aware of when you’re feeding. It’s annoying to feel that way lol

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The last time I waxed poetic about vampirism was, embarrassingly, during Twilight. I was more Ann Rice poetic though lol


There is a misconception that we have “human” souls. Your soul IS NOT “human.” Human simply refers to the physical body that you are currently incarnated in. Stating that your soul is human is like stating that the hardware of a computer is the same thing as the software, when the fact of the matter is that software can be transferred into multiple different hardwares. Our soul is the software, and a “Human” is one of the many hardwares that our soul can be placed into.

Becoming a vampire does not make you a vampire like in the movies. That is pure fiction. However that fiction is derived from real occult vampiric practices which have been described in folklore throughout history. What becoming a vampire does do is transform your soul. At the end of the day, you are your soul. The transformation is nearly permanent.


How old are you though? You “feel” so young, but maybe that’s the vampire magic tricking me.

You’re smart.

When did you get into vampirism?

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Thanks, I’m 19. I started learning about vampirism a year ago. I had then came to realize most of my life I have been a parasite, and learned how to get in touch with my soul. This allowed me to further realize the parasitic tendencies came from being an unconscious vampire, meaning I have had a vampire soul since birth which indicates I have initiated in a past life.


Did you have nice parents?

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Yes I love my parents


Did you lose a relative?

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