Urgent Help -last chance to me to enter college

please I want to success in exam that I did it already .but I want to confirm to success .it’s last chance to me to enter college …it’s too urgent need and requisite…I need wonder or miracle …most powerful solution super fast…thank you All
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Omfg, Not going to discourage you but you need to show a bit of patience.


something that can help


I told that I did exam already !

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If you already did the exam (whether you did a ritual for success in it before or not) the only thing you can do now is wait for the result. I know waiting is hard but really there isn’t anything to do but wait. Even if you did magick to influence the outcome you have to wait for it to manifest…

Try distracting yourself. Watch some movies. Work out at a gym. Work on a hobby. Just do something until you get your results back.

Worry won’t change a b- to an a+ worry won’t make a bus arrive to a bus stop any sooner. Worry won’t make a seed sprout quicker. Worry does nothing but make you stressed out.

Also your worry is lusting for results which has been addressed in many forum posts (try searching for it) but a brief summary of those posts is listing for results doesn’t work doesn’t make it happen faster and can sabotage what you’ve done.

So do a hobby watch some movies go to a gym do something else instead of worrying about it.


no there is some things can done to success after did exams …magic can move these things to happen and finally success well done @Kish

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I mean come on, If you already did the exam and maybe if the prof or teacher has already graded the paper. All you can do is have patience.

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this final exams and that last chance to enter college

Why is it the last chance? Where I live there are no last chances to go to college as long as you have the $ for the tuition and books. I don’t understand why you’re saying it’s your last chance.

I had a 80+ year old aunt who kept on taking university course for the fun of it. If she could go at 80 years old I don’t see why there wouldn’t be other chances for you in the future.

I also had a relative went through college got a job in the field they studied then go back and study something else because they found they didn’t like that line of work.

So… what do you mean last chance?

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in Egypt …secondary schools has diff system I failed 3 times so that’s last chance

Oh. I see. Well I hope it works out but in the meantime you should do something to take your mind off it temporarily because too much worry can make a person get sick.

Edit add: cuz if you worry but then do get in it’s possible you’ll have worried yourself into being too sick to go is what I mean.

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If it’s already done then there’s almost nothing you can do as others have mentioned

This can help just say fuck it whenever you have fear of failure, etc.

Are you tired of failing? Are you ready to become the living GOD of passing exams?

I will reveal one simple trick that will help you attain INSTANT results with 100% of SUCCESS!!!

Doctors, psychologists, and scientists HATE him, because after 22 years of hard neuro-science based research, a doctor from Singapore developed this simple technique that is infallible.

Seriously, you are HARD-WIRED to respond to this method. It’s just a real-life life hack.


The ingredients needed are:

-A textbook on which the exam will be based;
-a pen and paper.

Now, what you must do is lock yourself in your room - make sure you’re alone in the house, because this trick will evolve your brains so that even the birds flying above you are stunned from the power of God hood. Open the book, grip your pen tightly, have your paper with you, feel the brain juices flow, and…



I said that I did it already

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Will Succeed … Do not worry

You will succeed. Magic will happen

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It’s already done, there is not much you can do to influence the outcome now. Except to convince yourself that you were successful, and stop stressing about it.

If you need help, the best thing I can think off at the moment is to call on the demon Seere, to influence others to make a speedy decision in your favour.

If you don’t know how to contact Seere I recommend this thread:

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


which part of thread exactly ?

All of the first (original) post in the thread.