Update to what I saw in meditation

Even though you can find it the map here and our ideas in the comments here.

But I’ll post another pictures here:

Last night (or rather in the dead of this morning) I summoned King Lucifer so we could speak over that.

He pointed out it has something to do with my chakras and the colors on the map but given that in both cases I saw a white light, I should instead speak to an angel or an arch. He said “You should pay your respects to them for helping.” when sir yes sir.

Given that he is an exarchangel and would know angels/demons more then me, I asked him if he knows about anyone who I should call specifically.

He said to call “our” angel. Archangel Michael.

So this morning I woke up bright and early (I usually sleep straight until 4pm) to speak with the top Arch. He said the same thing: My chakras and the colors on the map are the key to my goal and more.

I have been given new colors, custom just for myself to work off of and progress. Sure it’ll be a challenge but he thinks I can do it.

Hopefully I can pass this challenge for both of them.

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Why did the Archangel of Light say you must go to another Archangel? Is it because of your specified pathworking. Because I still work with his Angelic and Dark aspect.


He tends to that because I had a bad experience with an Arch before so I’ve been in a kind of “Angels are evil.” mindset and stay away.

He likes to take moments such as this where he can point out that I need to correct my wrong mindset.

He did say that is was my chakras, the colors on the maps where keys and the white light was an angel. I didn’t need to call Michael but I felt like he was right in the fact that I should pay respect to angels since Lucifer, to me atleast, has always come in dark form never in light.

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@Lamb-of-Hell-666 Ah thanks for the explanation. I think we have a similar experience. First of all he doesn’t mind me working with Angels. He even encourages that. And because I am working with Angels he gave me the opposite advise to work with Lilith also.

I think he knew there was a lot dogma about her and that I was afraid in the beginning. Not anymore. And I have to work on myself.

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And yes, he comes to me in light during evocation. But when he really connects for example in Lucid dreams, it’s his darker side. Now at this moment I feel a combination.


Your welcome and your comment sounds similar too. Each time I ask for counsel in if I should work with someone and would he be okay with it, he’ll usually say no for awhile until he sees that I’m ready for it.

I was thinking of calling on Lilith at one point too but everytime I get this deep dread feeling like I shouldn’t.

I’ve never seen that but it sounds interesting. Anytime I call it gets darker in a way.

I’ll use early this morning as an example: I had a candle going and the flame went low making the room get darker for a moment as he came in before going back to normal as he settled to talk.

What kind of combination?

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Hah, this is really the opposite with me. My candle gets higher and higher. But If I’m not mistaken I started as more RHP connecting to LHP now and you’re the other side around.

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I was just asking him something and first came the light energy calming and then a bit more restless energy (dark)


I did try to start out on RHP but was turned right back around and pointed towards LHP lol

But it makes sense then why he shows you light and me dark. He’s just accommodating to our choices so we can be as comfortable as possible with him.

He’s really sweet.


Oh nice! Look forward to hearing where this all leads. I’m supposed to talk with Michael myself at some point. Not sure how I’m going to go about that. Ahriman doesn’t seem as open-minded when it comes to angels as Lucifer.

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Can always try to convince Ahriman about Micheal. He’s real nice, sweet, easy to talk to and will try to help as much as he can on whatever you call him for unless he doesn’t know.

If he doesn’t know, he’ll give you his best guess and suggest somebody that he thinks might know better.

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