Opinions on what I saw in meditation

I’ll just copy/paste from my journal.

I imagined a green glow first light then dark spinning around me before it went into my heart.

I fet heavy so I laid down and imagined it blanketing me. I felt cold (side note: my room is pretty warm without cieling fan (right above my bed) or ac on) but comforted like I was safe.

I imagined that its glow reached down to my other chakras, I did this all the way up until I came up to the crown.

I felt a sharp tingle from just below my hair line straight above where I feel pressure from my third eye (between the brows) and saw a white glow come from it and in that I saw a design:

I think what I saw was what I have to work on. I haven’t work on blue or yellow yet.

But as the title states, what do you guys think?

Maybe a vision of a chakra structure to play with? The chakras we all usually know about are but a small fraction of those in our energy body. Perhaps this is a chance to see what other chakras can do.


The desings you drew remind me of the bottom of the kabbalistic tree of life.


Ohh. That might be an interesting experiment. Maybe try pathworking into those spheres?


I did think a bit of that too when I first saw and thought that was what I was seeing first maybe it’s a vartion so I can do what @veneficus was talking about.

That sounds like an idea and like I’ll have to look more into that. Do either you know any good books on the kabbalistic tree of life? Been looking and using the search forum.

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Well I was thinking about the spheres in the vision. The shape in your vision is a bit different than that of the tree of life. I was thinking you might be getting a different map of some kind. Pathworking in this sense, I mean to simply “go into” the spheres of your vision. For example, you mentioned the lowest sphere was at a certain spot in your body.

Example pathworking:
Meditate on that spot until you see the sphere and its color. Imagine yourself to float into the sphere and land within the environment. Find a guide to tell you more about this sphere and what it means.

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I was thinking that too since its similar to the trees but different entirely.

Your example seems kind of like what I have been doing with just taking whatever color that I’ve been “given” next and working it but I’ll definitely try out your idea since a guide sounds good since a map has come into play.

Is it hard to float into that sphere? Asking because I’ve never tried it so have no idea what to expect or really even do.