Update On The Entity Claiming To Be "God"

Hello, everyone. Hope all is well.
A month ago, I made a post concerning a mysterious entity that has been following me and has claimed to be God (with a capital G): [Help] Entity following me claiming to be God?

I’d like to thank you all for assisting me on that post. Your pieces of advice were splendid. Thank you. :grinning:

I promised the BALG community an update on this entity. Its been a while, because I really wanted to test him thoroughly.

Well, the first few weeks after that post, things were going well. The entity seemed to show no issues whatsoever, and was in fact quite helpful with the advice he had given me. He seemed to be genuinely interested in helping me along my life.

Soon, however, the entity began to act odd. He would still help me with his wisdom, but every time I would bring up any of the members of the demonic kingdom, he would question why I worked with such entities, and often convey an emotion of disappointment at my willingness to work with demons. I took this as a red flag, because the various “non-demon” spirits that I have spoken with do not seem to mind that I work with demons. Some even encourage it. So to see him becoming disappointed with my decision was a red flag. However, I understood that all spirits are different, and that perhaps this was just a personal opinion of his. So I didn’t want to judge him just yet. But I was now on guard.

Later on in my tests, the entity had become more “clingy”…appearing more often now, and even at inappropriate times. I found this annoying, and asked him why he insisted on appearing this frequently. His argument was that he was protecting me. When I asked “from who?”, he would only reply with “the forces that wish to do you harm”.

I kindly asked him to refrain from appearing so often, or at least not at inappropriate times (like when I am in the shower…). He seemed disappointed, and a little angry. But he listened.

After a while, we were cool again. He didn’t show any other odd signs. Then one day, during a conversation on philosophy, he randomly asked me about my Christian past, and if I would ever consider going back again. This was a huge red flag. I don’t know any member of the LHP that would even consider going back to the Christian religion. So for him to ask this question, knowing that I’ve worked with demons, was a bit fishy. I confronted him about this, and (politely) asked him why he would ask that question. He said that he was only curious, and that I seemed much happier back then compared to now. And I admit…I was. But it was a “blissful ignorance”. I was happy, but I was blind to Truth. And in my humble opinion, it is better to hear a devastating truth than to be drowned in comforting lies. To test further, I decided to consult a separate entity, and one I’m extremely close to now.

I decided that I would ask Mother (Lilith) about the entity. I told her everything about him, and asked her what I should do about the situation.

She got very protective after I described the entity and its contact with me to her. It was extreme…I liken it to a mother becoming protective of a daughter who had just unknowingly spoken to a reputed serial rapist. She did not want me staying around him. She told me that he was a well-known parasite and a liar, and that she wanted me to refrain from contacting him again, and to order him to leave me alone for good.

When Mother worries, I worry. So now I began to become cautious of this entity. It still appeared, however, albeit less frequently. I started to slowly distance myself from him. Keeping conversations shorter, and making excuses to leave. Soon, it started to notice, and it questioned me.

I did not reply with a reason. I simply asked for its name. Its real name. This is when the entity started to change rapidly. At first, it tried to switch the topic. But I insisted. Again, I asked for its name. Then, Its temperament changed becoming angry and hostile. Another red flag. I told it again that I simply wanted its name, and it refused yet again. So I told him that he was obviously hiding something from me. I said that if he wasn’t, he would not be offended by me asking for his name. Finally, after about ten minutes of back-and-forth argument, he finally agreed, and signed his name in the air. He signed “Yahweh”.

At that moment, I knew what this was all about. The entity was the parasitic deity that some occultists were talking about, and it was trying to slowly groom me back into my previous Christian path. Now, I will admit…I had no idea that the Christian god was a real thing, still being somewhat new to this all. I had little understanding that there are millions of gods and spirits from various pantheons across the universe.

He could tell that I knew what he was up to, because his entire personality changed into, well…an asshole. He replied, “Well…you’re smarter than I thought.” Which I found mildly insulting. i didn’t even bother keeping him around for longer. I simply asked him to leave. For good.

He kept insisting that I let him stay, and that he could offer me all those things that I desire so long as I leave Lilith, Lucifer, Belial, and all of the demonic realm alone and come back to his path. Funny thing is, I’ve worked with him unknowingly for the better half of my life…praying and praying, sometimes in tears, all for nothing but silence. It’s one of the reasons I even came to the occult in the first place. My life got so bad that the choice was either I dabble into all of this and take the chance, or just commit suicide. Thankfully, I chose the better option!

Realizing how little he has helped me in over 19 years of absolute devotion (absolutely no ounce of help whatsoever), and how much the demonic realm made by life better in literally a month and a half, I (politely) told him that I will no longer be serving him and will instead follow Lucifer and the rest of the demonic realm, until I pass over and even beyond.

This made him angry, and he insisted on throwing insults at me, saying how I will never do this, never do that, won’t amount to anything, etc. The same things I had been hearing all of my life…which told me that he had been watching me years ago, and just didn’t bother to answer any of my prayers.

Most of his insults didn’t anger me. I knew that he was just trying to get under my skin. It was only his last insult that made me completely lose it, because it was about Lilith herself. I can handle insults directed toward me, because I’ve heard them all my life. But I suppose he knew how much I loved Lilith, to the point where I have a sort of ‘weak spot’. He insisted on saying “That whore you call your Mother will only do you harm in the long run.” And I got that feeling in my body where it feels like your blood is boiling. Usually I’m civil, but I hurled all sorts of insults at him out of anger: Telling him to go fuck himself, that I hope he burns in a fiery pit, that he is a pathetic parasite and a disgrace to all of existence, and other not-so-nice things. I even wanted to fight him.

But I calmed down immediately, realizing that he was only trying to get under my skin because he knows I won’t come back to him. Plus, he was still a powerful spirit. Challenging one to a fight wouldn’t be a wise idea. So I just ordered him to leave forever. Thankfully, he did. The last thing I ever heard from him was that “I will regret this”. Which I doubt. :relaxed:

That was a few days ago, and I have not heard from him since. Hopefully, he will not return again. Once again thank you guys :pray:. Had you not told me to be cautious, I probably would have kept him around for longer, possibly for good. Who knows what would have happened to me.

Thanks for reading!

  • Lucius

Tsk tsk tsk… Some god huh? Lol. Its good that things got straightened out in the end and that he has left you alone. Consider this like a major test on dealing with a parasitic entity!

I know humans who claim to be God, I usually don’t pay attention to them


I knew right off the bat it was Yahweh when I started reading your description. He’s a nasty fucker.

He’s been attacking me all year for breaking his covenant (I was baptised as a baby, and I’ve broken all of his Commandments). He even tried to get in the way of me doing the Gatekeeper ritual. His energy is terrible. My spirit entourage had been protecting me from him and his crap, and his poison was still managing to cause me some issues. He is highly delusional. He told me he created the Universe. I challenged him because we all know Yahweh came into existence only when the first Man set foot on Earth. Don’t trust the Archangels. He caused Raziel to partially possess me. Gabriel told me I broke their rules, and then proceeded to tell me that at one time (in other lifes) I would have followed him. I replied, “Yeah, into enslavement!” to which he chuckled and admitted it. Raphael told me I broke the rules. Thing was, just before this, I was working with Raphael and Michael, and they were backstabbing me all along. Yahweh is the Devil/Deceiver mentioned in the Bible. Not any other entity. That’s the massive lie being fed to all religious people around the world.

After what they did to me, I’m more than happy to start waking people up where possible.

If you want to protect yourself from this nasty mofo, work with Cohzier. He’s amazing. :slight_smile:

If you want to break all ties with him forever, perform the Gatekeeper ritual. That ritual will damn you, and destroy your false self, which is the part of your ego that still serves Yahweh.

All of this was explained to me when I first found out about Yahweh’s nonsense affecting me and my life.

PS on a personal level, Yahweh only has as much power as you give him.


This warms the cockles of my heart. :hugs: It’s 100% correct and needed to be said. Not that’s it’s listening, but it’s true and truth is something it severely lacks.


Oh, my! Thanks for sharing this. I never knew it could get that bad :exploding_head:

If such is the case, Does our squabble with each other mean that the angelic realm is no longer “cool with me”? How deeply do they follow him? Not that I plan to work with them soon, only curious.

Archangels are their own beings, free from Yahweh’s control. They do not answer to him, because they themselves are often powerful enough to be considered gods themselves, Raziel in particular is extremely powerful, possibly more so than Michael.

The “Archangels” that silverfirefly encountered are just more parasites under Yahweh that serve him, and they impersonate / impersonated the Archangels. If you got Michael up on Yahweh’s case if he (yahweh) is attacking you, I can almost promise he’ll be running like a frightened pup.

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Ah, excellent to know. Thanks for your input!

May I ask you Lucius
What “non demon” spirits that you spoked and didn’t mind that you work with “demons”?

Well, my spirit guide for one, whom once lived in our physical realm long ago. She didn’t seem to mind, and said it would be good for my spiritual growth. Others are various wandering spirits that conversed with me in the astral. Back then, I was still under the impression that the entire spirit plane automatically hated demons. Now I know this isnt necessarily true (at least for some)

I knew it was him. Straight up controlling asshole worried about losing his slave population.

Oh man, called it as far as being a parasite… and Jehovah is a heavy-hitting leech alright. I definitely second @InfernalUnicorn’s suggestion to work with Cohzier if he decides to come back and stir up some shit. :+1:


The desert god is a manipulative liar. Drains you of your life force and implants all sorts of false vileness in you to keep begging and groveling in your knees for forgiveness. From the start accusing humanity of being born in sin for what some ancestors of ours supposedly did millennia ago in a garden where he set them up for failure. It’s pretty sad. And he uses child sacrafice and their sexual energy for his own pleasures. Ever wonder why the big have come under so much scrutiny for pedophilia lately? The Roman catholics being the worse.


You should have asked “But what does God need with a starship?”.

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These Archangels chose to serve Yahweh long ago, before Man walked the Earth, whilst the others chose to serve mankind in various ways. In one of EA’s videos, he explains the truth about the whole Garden of Eden story, etc.

I assure you, what was exorcised from me was definitely not an impersonator. Santa Muerte is the one who exorcised him from me, among others. If that was an impersonating parasite, she would have told me. But she told me it was Raziel. I’ve worked with Santa Muerte for long enough to know that she always tells me the truth.

And it was Gabriel himself who admitted to me that he would have led me into enslavement if I had been willing, because he serves Yahweh. When you get it from the horse’s mouth like that…


Wich video?

Don’t recall. It was a good while ago when I watched it. Do a search. :slight_smile:

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I personally have difficulty believing that, but I’m not going to try to change people’s beliefs and take on things. Raziel as far as I can tell is more than willing to help humans ascend, and according to one of EA’s books, he knows the word that was spoken to create the universe and the word to destroy it. Far more powerful than Yahweh, as is evident if Yahweh can be removed easily like that. And for Gabriel to just say that… That just doesn’t seem like Gabriel at all.

Just me though. Your experiences are yours.

You are in contact with grey vechile of jesus christ

I was a christian for a few years. Prayed all the time and had the same result. Help from “god” was sorely lacking. Nothing from jesus either. Not a word. All the time and energy I put into it was a waste so I left and found my way to the left hand path. Lucifer came to me during meditation after I had been drawn to call on him.