Update on Pherishel and the Black cube of Saturn, please

I thought I should ask this question here rather than as a private message, as it is a very interesting subject.
Last year @C.Kendall shared his experiences of the forgotten spirit Pherishel, which caused some “disturbances” for some forum members. This spirit couldn’t be bound and spoke about the black cube of Saturn:

C " How were you able to defy my will ? ".
He replied
P " Binding me, is binding the name of god in chains, there are many like me who cannot be bound not because you weren’t powerful enough, but because … ".
All was silent for a while
He spoke
" Because i didn’t allow it, the cube of Saturn and Titan’s power is my sign of coming and my power, something is coming you and the forum feel and know it, I and Titan are rising ".

Black cubes are popping up all over the world now and I am just so drawn to various cubes: the Hellraiser cube, the Borg cube ships, the black cube of Saturn drewwwl. Need to know more!

@C.Kendall mentions in his chapter in “Baal - The King of Kings” he has been working a lot with Saturnian spirits and entities (since) and provides a Saturnian black cube pathworking in “Lucifuge - The Lord of pacts”. Any updates? What is Pherishels agenda? Do we want him to replace Allah? Now that you know more, should we seek him out or avoid him?

Any new info on Pherishel or the black cube of Saturn would be most welcome.


It got surprisingly quiet here. Don’t think we have to fear Pherishel anymore; got the impression he ruffed a few members of the forum up only to get noted and now he has and is satisfied. Talking about him should only serve to make him even more known, which seemed to be his goal as he wants to make a comeback.

Has anyone worked with him or the Black cube of Saturn?

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I didn’t mean to instill fear, just pondering why there was no answer to the post.
There were several of them that got messed with and if a spirit is powerful to attack you physically, they should be respected. But I think that was only then.
What do you mean with shadow work?

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Sup! Thought I would bring a little update here myself.
Reading through “Lucifuge - the Lord of pacts” I see that in Conner Kendall’s chapter we get to work with THE BLACK CUBE OF SATURN.
Lucifuge is connected to Saturn and its moons just as Pherishel is is a god of Saturn’s moon Titan. So it seems they are Both gods/Titans from the Saturnian world. It is very interesting how many so called demons are actually something completely different.

I also want to recommend this book, it contains so much goodliness. The stuff from Kendal, the SUPER cursing rite from Enoch Petrucelly and helpful perspective on Lucifuge from JD Temple. We also get to work with Algol and Naos, drewwwl.

A black cube says hello. :smiling_imp:


i wasn’t aware of his instructions in the book,
but i suppose i’m building something similar…

There is work with the black cube in rituals and visualizations, not actually building them physically like you.

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However, i will need it for my later work.

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some of the Materials i need wouldn’t be possible to be manifested without using one.


i have to use one. :+1:

just for your understanding,
watch it together with this video,
and you will see the Idol has been necessary for the current stage of development already.

ytterbium doesn’t natrually exist in this world.