Are the Devil and the Dark Mother from the Void?

The book The Deplorable word says that the Dark Mother, Choronzon and the Diabolus come from the Void. (do NOT mix up the Void with the Qliphothic realm the Abyss - they are very different animals)
In the book Lilith, the three Morrigan aspects and Tiamat are all aspects of the Dark Mother.
What is your opinion/feeling/experience?

I think many beings/demons/gods/goddesses may not be from here, like for instance Pherishel - a Titan from Titan, that Apollo buried under a mountain to defeat - who claims to have been of Earth for a long time under several guises.

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Tiamat is of the void, but the Morrigan is not the Morrigan as well as her sisters (but note the “morrigan” is also considered the name of their trinity of sisters while their names are Babd, Macha, and Nemain) are much younger than Tiamat and the void, The Morrigan is a child of Ernmas; but they are not aspects of someone else. Tiamat is however a primordial void goddess so she’s an aspect of the void itself not something that comes from it, just as Khaos is an aspect of the void itself, Nun, The Zōkasanshin and so forth.


Good info. Yeah I was talking about the triple aspect of the Morrigan and that they are “extensions” of the Dark Mother in to our reality. That would explain why they seem younger than their source the Dark Mother too (if we believe in what the book say).
Wow, Japanese Gods are definitively a extracurricular subject for me!