Unsolved Mysteries Ed and Lorainne Warren True Occult Investigators?

Paranormal research has steadily gained more mainstream acknowledgement since the 1970s. And while there is a serious science fueling supernatural exploration, many groups or individuals such as the those featured in the numerous “ghost investigator” reality TV shows - groups that are primarily concerned with entertainment and brand-building, compelling them to fabricate evidence in order to get ratings.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, self-described demonologists whose names have been attached to some well-known paranormal cases in the latter half of the 20th century. Lorraine claims to be a psychic who can communicate with spirits. Since her husband’s death in 2006, she has worked as a psychic consultant on various TV shows and she has maintained The Occult Museum in Connecticut, featuring artifacts from some of their cases. Many people swear they are “the real deal” - in particular devout Christians; according to Ed Warren, one has to believe in God in order to understand the couple’s research. But other writers and skeptics have discovered outright fabrications in their claims.

I am wondering since the Warren’s are the most famous supernstural investigators on the planet what is your opinion?


IMO, they’re absolute frauds. They don’t seem authentic at all to me.


They are complete frauds. Every haunting they investigated seemed to always be a demon. I would say that there very well could have been some low level entity posing as a demon. However I do not believe for one second that any demonic spirit would just hang out at someone’s house and harass them. They seem to have much more to do then bother people for no reason. Also if I am not mistaken Ed Warren claimed to be a sanctioned exorcist by the catholic church. I highly doubt they would ever do such a thing. He is no priest. He took no vows of priesthood. The church doesn’t even like to have it known that they have exorcists. I think they found a way to make money and fed on people’s fears too do so.


I dont doubt Lorraine could have pyschic abilities, but as with most paranormal investigators they only care about demonizing the occult and spreading their own christian agenda. Pretty much everything they investigated is “demonic”.


Couldn’t agree more. I think certain church groups contacted the Warren’s as they had no way of dealing with a haunting or a hex. It is the Warrens’ intertwining of Catholicism into their own folklore that make them highly suspicious claiming to have more knowledge than many.


Your right in particular where it all started with the Amityville haunting. The Warren’s held a psychic slumber party some two months after the family abandoned their home, followed by a camera crew from a local news station. Lorraine felt malevolence in the house, and insisted it was infested with demonic entities. A photograph was allegedly captured of one such entity, however it turned out to be one of the crew members in the house that night.

This TV appearance moved the Warrens as experts in the field of paranormal research, however they presented no concrete evidence of their findings that the Amityville house was haunted or “infested with demons,” and that they furthermore had no real evidence in any prior cases they had worked on.


The Warren’s have created a musuem Warrens’ Occult Museum in the back of there house in Monroe, Connecticut where they display artifacts from there investigatoins.

One exhibit is funny with a large stuffed doll, the doll is supposedly demonically possessed. The Warren’s keep the doll behind closed glass with a warning sign don’t open, don’t touch. They have a large wooden cross over the case to keep the demons from escaping. I never knew you could bind demons with a glass case and cross. Will this hold them indefinitely?


Yes, and everyone who has lived in the Amityville House has reported absolutely no paranormal activity. Which causes me to doubt her supposed psychic abilities.


I remember hearing that the Amittyville guy killed his family with no supernatural forces behind it. He admitted it.


On Amityville it is obvious to me that the haunted family that moved in were victims of a powerful hex. This curse on the family had nothing to do with the location and all the idiotic theories of a haunting which the Warren’s put forward that included after the family had moved and the house was vacant:

  1. That there was a deep well in the basement that brought fourth demons and other spirits as it could reach deep into the earth.
  2. It was the site of an ancient Indian burial ground. No such site existed around Amityville. Many tribes on the east coast didn’t bury there dead but the dead were put on canoes or rafts and sent them down river as a burial practice. I know that some tribes burned there dead.
  3. The prior owner murdered his family and the victims haunt the property because of the violent deaths. I am uncertain if a crime actually occurred however if there is an afterlife the spirits of the dead would simply move on.

If anything, they want for more exorcists, because of so many of us going to the occult. But yea, he is not an exorcist


From what I have read Ed Warren wasn’t a priest or formal exorcist that was sanctioned by the church but was contacted by church officials after the church got involved and performed a house blessing and other rites for the various families that thought there property was haunted.

What turned out to be an unofficial investigation sponsored by various church groups turned into a huge ego trip with at first publuc exclaim and tons of publicity. Warren had no real ability but thought he could solve a lot of these mystery hauntings or unexplained phenomena by using logic and what he knew from the bible as his wife was very religious.

Instead of studying the occult or basic witchcraft to come up with answers to the supernatural he realized he could turn his experiences into money by publishing several books on his investigations and doing lectures. Warren created and crafted many events to add drama to a mundane poltergeist haunting and turned his investigations into a full fledged demonic attack with various myths, legends and his own creative mind.