Has anyone been to the Ed and Lorainne Warren museum?

What did you pick up there, energetically? Some of their stuff I can feel the strong energy, others are stuff used for “black magick altars”… Not gonna lie, I got some altar tips from pictures of the shelves lol. But if you’ve gone there or researched it what do you think. Legit? Not? So-so? And I do wonder if they approached these demons with a less religious dogmatic approach how it could’ve gone differently… If they found a lower entity that was harassing a family, and they actually WORKED With that entity’s higher up, and got them to leave that way rather than piss it off even more with prayers and whatnot.


Nope but I get vibes from the demons they hate her lying old ass…and Annabelle the doll doesn’t have any bad energy I did some scrying energy pulling from it via pictures and videos of the real doll and felt nothing literally nothing…


I’ve done demonic enrgy work and now angelic energy work and from what I can tell Annabelle is just a doll made of material and nothing more doesn’t even need to be locked up in a cage it has no energy not negative or positive just bland nothing most of that is tall tales and hype…


Also is it free to enter or do you have to pay a fee and does the old hag still live there I want to see her in person and call her on her shit…

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Found their site. Supposedly you can pay for an evening with Annabel on halloween and other stuff.

It’s surprising how people pay for such crap. Seriously paying for lessons to learn about the supernatural?

There’s google, books and free online help (here for example) for that.


The annabelle doll used to house demonic influences(not evil though) but somebody took care of it:wink::wink::sunglasses:


Does anyone know what the name of the spirit which possessed the doll?

I was watching the new Anabelle film and they never mentioned it.

I’m just curious.