Nitika from NAP

So… I did a quick 10 minute ritual from NAP the other day, mainly out of curiosity. Some people say it’s complete shit, others say it’s the best book they’ve ever read on magick.

What I asked for: I went with Nitika, the angel of money and asked for all the doors of wealth to be opened to me.

What I received: Gifts of money from family, people buying my free drinks at a bar all night, but most importantly, numerous opportunities to make money have opened up in my life! And I kind of did this half-heartedly to be honest :confused:

If anyone’s having a hard time learning this stuff, try the simple method of NAP. Forget all the seriousness and just try it out :slight_smile: It’s fun because it’s almost impossible to take the NAP too seriously hah but the results still come :slight_smile:


Yes, NAP works. However, like most things, you have to put effort into it. Glad to hear of your results. The Fool has some excellent posts on here you will probably find helpful.


Your result depends on how strong your focus is and how much thought and emotion you put into your request.

Good. You kept it simple.

Good job.

No, i don’t think so. I think you put the right amount of feeling into it, else you wouldn’t have had any result.

The key is to put focus, thought, and emotion into the request.

What exactly is NAP?

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New Avatar Power, a famouns early “you too can command godlike powers” book from the 70’s, author Geof Gray-Cobb.

Worth hunting it down, he talks about harnessing the self-god (the New Avatar) within!


NAP is great, especially Elubatel :wink:

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Have any of you noticed that those names under which this “genius” Nitika is summoned are names of God in the Qabalah Doctrine?

Combining some of the New Avatar Power rituals with Nitika with using the Damon Brand Nitika stuff from Magickal Cashbook (Gallery of Magick) this week. We’ll see how it goes. It feels good to try.


Nitika is one of my favorite spirits. I’ve only ever used it using cashbook. But man, the spirit comes through for me every time.

NAP is like the predecessor to damon’s shit. At first glance you would think he robbed NAP and rebranded it (pardon the pun) but after reading all if damons stuff i find he definitely did his research. And his research corresponds with that in NAP hence why he expanded on it.

What techniques are you combining? If you care to share :slight_smile:


Well, I started the 11 day Magickal Cashbook ritual after construction of the Cashbook plus some of the days I am adding in the NAP relaxation ritual, NAP central pillar/gates of power/circulation stuff, invocation of the Bornless One, then the chants for Nitika and Elubatel. I had recently done workings with Elubatel via the multi-month extended daily work in Wealth Magick by Damon Brand. (Have been doing some other NAP chants about once a week or so also — Gadiel, Kadriel, Labezerin, and others).
I must add that I am doing a few other things also, both with magick amd also more mundane “elbow grease” stuff for self-improvement like working hard at my job, hitting the weights at the gym, meditation, writing, reading and research, etc.


I’m creating the cashbook as I write this. Just got reading through Damons book. May I ask how quickly you saw results with this method?

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I just started. Was in process of creating the Cashbook over the weekend. Did day 1 of 11 earlier. So too early to know much. It felt enjoyable, like a good energy, to get started, though.

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Soooooo??? How is it going there budd?

Actually pretty good. There are some good prospects for extra money in March unfolding. But don’t really want to get too specific in the forum here.

Can you provide more info about the process ?

I did the Nitika working from the Magickal Cashbook by Damon Brand (available at Amazon to read for full details). It is an 11-day working and I just finished the 11th day. For most of the 11 days (but not every single day), I also did the New Avatar Power ritual work plus Nitika chant. Comes from a book by Geof Gray-Cobb. Basically, did the New Avatar relaxation ritual, then chants for the 5 gates of power, central pillar ritual and circulation/fountain ritual, bornless one invocation, then into the chant for Elubatel and the chant for Nitika. (FYI—had worked with Elubatel already in the recently concluded “Wealth Magick” by Damon Brand. I am also currently and/or recently doing some other stuff as well. Some Archangels of Magick stuff, Demons of Magick, 72 Angels of Magick, Magickal Protection book (Sword Banishing Ritual every single day), and more stuff sprinkled in as well here and there).


Glad it’s moving I’ve work with nitika
Not always find result but ive had some also
I haven’t work with her in a while but I will soon with my magickal book

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One thing I’d like to chime in about Nitika:

I know people say to use cashbook for small amounts (heck, I believe even Brand wrote this on his FAQ), but I actually had the most success when using him for a relatively large amount.

And when I say success…I’m talking lottery (though not jackpot level) amount materialized seemingly out of nowhere. When I got the check, I also instantly ‘felt’ that this came about because of the cashbook, and not from any normal means.

So I’d encourage you guys to reach a little more with Nitika and don’t be afraid of getting burned…if that does happen, it’s usually more because of attitudes towards money than the amount being requested (in my humble opinion anyway).


After how long did Nitika get you money? Some says That Nitika Is a Djinn.

About a month. No idea of Nitika is a djinn or not.