Uncommon Wealth Entities

Thought it might be neat to compile a list of entities that aren’t traditionally known for wealth but are effective for wealth workings.

In another post @mth_yesco mentioned the Moon is good for wealth, which kinda surprised me.

Another is Santa Muerte.

So I’m interested to hear what your unconventional wealth entities are.


San Marco is the official guardian for my company treasury.

I appreciate that you here use the word “Wealth” rather than “Money.”

There is great wealth everywhere where there is air and water, abundance enough for everyone.

I don’t understand currency systems where the only way to get any money is that someone else has to lose or give away money, what is the sense in that?

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Care to share more about your workings with San Marco?

Nothing to sophisticated, I just here have an offering of coins for him:

His Basilica in Venice was once considered the capitol of the known world, the bronze cast horses over the entryway were one of the greatest achievements of the most skilled artists of the Byzantine age. Pilgrims traveled from distant kingdoms to bear witness to these amazing bronze horses.




Pluto, that is a planet very wealthy in the dust market like the moon?

Haven’t had too much success in generating wealth with San Marco, he seems to like the coins I gave him and doesn’t want to give them back.

Pluto is the Roman god for whom the planet is named.

He is the shadow side of wealth. When you are involved with large amounts of money, eventually you may have to deal with those underground forces who work on the periphery of the regular markets, the people who move money through…less than legal means.


Wasn’t San Marco originally the Jaguar God “M” or is that San Simon? The Wikipedia page states pretty clearly one of them is the ancient Aztec or Mayan god, and one of his spheres of influence is abundance.

Looks like that is San Simon:

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Damn this is kind of where I am right now. Is this something you have experience with?

Myself, no. I first learned of Pluto’s use in navigating the shadow side of wealth through an article written by Jozef Karika called “The Wealth Magician’s Allies” in the anthology Manifesting Prosperity edited by Taylor Ellwood.


This may include the Italian Mafia, last I heard a few years ago they still have influence in Rome.

No offense to you but I feel like involving oneself with illegal means is oftentimes a way for people to lose a lot of money.
Could you elaborate on why you think it could be beneficial?

It’s beneficial if you need fast cash and can also shield yourself. The cartels have been known to petition spirits to conceal them from the law.

I think you misunderstood what I actually said. Never once did I say anything at all about involving oneself in illegal activity. What I did say, however, is that wherever there is the movement of large amounts of money there is also a shadow element that can be involved so it can be useful to have a guide like Pluto if and when you may need to navigate the underworld. A fact of life is that sometimes you have to interact with certain types of people simply because you may have a job that requires it (Gem dealers, casinos, tobacco merchants, banking…there are many legal ways you could come into contact with them. Such groups often have their hands in legitimate enterprises just as much as illegal one).

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Maybe our experiences differ, due to regional differences (since you mention cartels which dont exist here) but in my experience wealthy people usually have enough assets they can sell so that they realistically never need fast cash and people who do take fast cash always end up in more trouble than they had to deal with beforehand.

@DarkestKnight yes I did in fact misunderstand you but its clearer now.

I dont wanna derail too much but Id argue its probably the smartest choice to avoid such people at all cost.

It’s not always an option, unfortunately.

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I’ll go ahead and add Venus to the list. Not as common as Mercury or Jupiter when it comes to wealth magick but should not be overlooked. After all, it rules the sign of Taurus, the sign most heavily influenced by the material world and personal possessions.

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I’m adding Belial to the list. He is the King of the North and the element of Earth.

Most people go to him for personal development or baneful workings, but his Earth aspect should not be overlooked.