TV turning on by itself

What does that mean? Is it always a manifestation from bad entities?

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Nope. I’ve actually seen bugs crawl inside a piece of electronics and short the circuit, turning the equipment on or off. Never would have figured it out if we hadn’t taken it apart while the bug was still there.

I’ve also experienced low batteries on the remote turning a TV on or off. Don’t know why, but I’ve experienced it with two different remote controls. Changed the battery, it stopped. Battery got low, on and off the TV went. Very weird.

I’m not saying any of this is happening in your case, but it’s weird stuff I’ve seen associated with a TV turning on and off.


Three weeks ago, the hood fan atop the stove turned on full blast. I couldn’t turn it off! Pressing the buttons did NOTHING. My wife witnessed this. I went downstairs to the breaker box to shut off the power, and as I got downstairs, the fan turned off. Wife creeped out. I wasn’t creeped out at all. We went back to watching a show. My wife seemed stunned that I cared so little about the paranormal or abnormal occurrence.

Fan turned on AGAIN a few minutes later, and the push button switches didn’t work. These are switches behind little rubber / plastic bubbles, not rotary knobs. I touched all the switches and nothing worked. Went downstairs again, and the fan just turned off before I got to the breaker box. Been working perfectly ever since. Can’t even get it to act strangely.

I was working with the Goetic entity called Berith at that point for what its worth. My theory at the time was an electric field accumulating in the circuitry.

The next day, a floor lamp in the corner of the basement turned off by itself, until I turned around to look at it. I resumed playing with the cats, and the light turned off again for a few moments. The lamp is fitted with an incandescent bulb and has never done this before or since.

Could be anything, or nothing.

Best advice: Ensure that there is no fire hazard. Check the wiring in case some fury beast chewed the cord. Safety first. Otherwise, maybe its a spirit. It happens.

Edit: Make sure the ground prong of your ac outlet is wired correctly. If you can afford a ground fault tester (perhaps 10$) at a hardware store, it could potentially save your life.


a girl I knew was in a haunted house, the tv turned on but it wasn’t plugged in. A catholic priest had previously exorcised the place

please explain

Ah that one is easy!!!

The priest sucked at his job. BOOM! Kidding. I actually respect priests. Some of the nicest people I have met are priests. One even came to one of our childhood homes to assess if we were haunted. Walked out, pale faced and told my mom we should move. hahaha. True story. Of course the thing was mostly in my room. Crazy shit happened. I digress …

Anywhere things turn on by themselves can be extremely dangerous due to insane electrical fields.

Think about those arc lightning machines Tesla built.

Ghosts or not, get out of the house and call an electrician.

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btw, was this a picture tube / electron tube style TV or one of the new LCD/Plasma/LED flat panel jobs?

(Because if it is a tube style, then yeah electric fields can turn those on I believe)

I dunno I don’t work with that girl any more, haha I can see why it freaked her out

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Poltergeist activity after ritual always boosts my faith in magick. Almost every time I do an evocation, all of the dogs and coyotes in the neighborhood howl when I close. And usually an owl or two sits outside my window and hoots after the dogs and coyotes shut up.


Any Strange Computer Issues?


I sometimes like to aim the remote in the neighbor’s windows.

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Better than the thing turning off during your shows. I think you got a spirit that likes to watch TV. :wink:


@Lola , I doubt it. Baddies can do a lot more than just turn a tv off. If I had to bet, I would say that if it indeed is a spirit instead of a malfunction, then this is all about sending a message. I have had the bad stuff happen in the physical realm before, and that is pretty light to be malevolent. IMHO

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Really? Well I didn’t know it was that dangerous from a technical point of view. I will have to look into it. I know malevolent spirits can do worse than that but I was more thinking about them letting me know they’re around just to scare me.

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Why is turning a TV on or off trying to scare you? What is inherently scary about that? It’s not aggressive and it’s not threatening.

The real question is why you would feel scared by a clearly non-threatening act like turning a TV on or off. It’s a clue to a limitation that will hold you back at some point.


It’s not the TV turning on and off that scares me. It’s just knowing that they’re near me that makes me really uncomfortable because I’ve been dealing with them for years so I truly know what they’re capable of. They cause me diseases, accidents, misfortune etc so I’m never happy when they let me know they’re around.

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Ok, so those are specific entities that are causing you problems. But how do you know that whatever spirit is turning your TV on or off is one of these specific entities?

I remember your post in your other thread that these problems started after you performed necromancy when you were younger.

Have you ever tried learning a powerful banishing ritual and used it to clear all the energy attached to you and your space away?

If not, use this Solar Banishing Ritual with the firm and powerful Intention that you are “the Queen (or Goddess) of Your World” and “These Entities Will Leave Now and Never Return”.

I Am’s Solar Banishing Ritual

I’ve used that ritual myself and it is one of the most powerful banishing rituals I’ve personally experienced.


Valkarath I don’t know for sure if it’s them or not doing that. Having no astral sight or anything I can only guess… And indeed since I’ve practiced necromancy my life has turned completely tragic. I will look into your banishing ritual because I had learned a house exorcism ritual last year (taught by my shaman mentor) but I’ve never performed it because I don’t know… I don’t feel like it. It’s not a technique that I trust… The house exorcism ritual she taught me requires you to use the four elements and I don’t manage to trust the power of the four elements. I don’t see how could tape water manage to kill or even chase away dangerous entities.


I’m just trying to get you to see something here for your own growth.

You’re afraid of the TV turning on and off because of what you BELIEVE IT MEANS. It’s not the act itself that is scaring you. What’s scaring you is your internal emotional reaction to the act.

And I completely understand why since you’ve shared a bit of your story. I certainly don’t want to see you suffer anymore and I know the people in this community will help you through this.

With magick, it’s not just tap water. It’s charged with power and the water is the physical anchor and carrier for that power.

Shamanic practitioners often rely on the relationships they’ve built with spiritual helpers. For example, a shamanic practitioner might have built a relationship with a water spirit who is represented by the physical water. In this case, it would be the water spirit chasing away the dangerous entities, not the physical tap water.

I can tell you I have personally charged water to use against parasites and seen a person crying out in pain when the water touched their skin.

I used the charged water as a weapon against the spiritual parasites attached to this person and the pain was caused by the parasites digging into her energy centers when I “whipped” them with the water.

That charged tap water became a powerful weapon against those parasitic entities because I made it powerful.

If you’d ever like to discuss your experiences with your shamanic mentor from a more magickal point of view, send me a PM. I find more shamanistic practices forming the heart of my own magick the deeper I go.

Lady Eva is also our resident “core shamanism” expert. She turned me onto it and it’s really helped me walk my own path.


I understand you, and I know that absolutely anything can be charged by energy but to me that’s just complicating things. Why not just use some things that are already charged and potent by default like herbs or gemstones for example? To me it would seem way more convenient to use dragonblood rather than water charged with my thoughts for example… Because sadly I’m only a beginner, I’m not what you would call a shamanism practicionner, I don’t have a relationship with a water spirit or anything. My dream is to one day become a very powerful magician but that’s certainly not going to happen tomorrow…

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While there can certainly be some power inherent in those physical things, what use are they without the Power of Your Will?