Any Strange Computer Issues?

It seems that lately every time I visit this forum, strange things happen to my computer. Shutting down unexpectedly, slowing up, freezing up, Internet connection goes out. Especially, when I’m reading a grimoire I downloaded.

I’m an IT tech. There are no viruses or malware. The OS (Windoze) has all its updates and patches. The PC is physically fine. It is plugged into a surge suppressor, so no power surges.

Can entities/spirits cause havoc with electronics? I am aware that the Internet itself is an inter-dimensional portal of sorts.


I’m going to try an experiment - please let me know if the problem changes from now. I hope to have fixed it for you, but this is far-out stuff! :slight_smile:

Story time,
My first (known official) experience with the demonic was when I was going to sleep one night and reading the Simon necricomicon PDF on my phone.
I read the name of a Sumerian spirit and his discription was evil god, and his name sounded similar to a certain abrahamic one and I wondered if that’s where that name came from and if it was the same one.
Next thing I know I get the image of Saturns North Pole and a pentagram flash in my mind the phone screen started flickering(never did that before or since) and the most terrifying presence came into the room and I felt more scared than I ever felt in my life got out of bed and out the room caught my breath walked back in and I felt something there over the bed staring at me, and it was intense. I explained that I did not summon it and it was not my intention to do so and asked it to return to wherever it came from and eventually it did after scaring the shit out of me.

Perhaps grimoires aren’t the best bed time reading.


Also different occaision I read out loud the cleansing enn from evoking eternity prior to baneshing

“Ashtu malku ta dat arkata
Sastus seckz altamu partu
Iretempal Krez ta felta
Vaskalu regent met senturus
Ta saturus estos melta
Kelta kelta kelta hine”

After that my laptop screen flickered slightly and I felta lot of the energy from the room cleared out.

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It is good to know that I’m not going insane. I’m not alone.

Now, where is that funny voiced little lady from “the Poltergeist” that says, “They’re here!”?

Ah, I need to stop the pop culture references. :laughing:


All the time. Not only that but, fire alarms turns on without a reason, security alarm turns on for no reason…usually when alarms turns on I know is Paimon around, I don’t know why I think that…

ive only had electronics being fucked with when naamah or azazel is evoked.

So, 14 days on - have you noticed any changes with this? I don’t know if what I tried would affect your systems, it was pretty experimental! :smiley:

I don’t what you did, but everything is working good on my end. I’ve also been trying to contact the XaTuring servitor. No problems there either.:smile:

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Seriously? That’s SO cool, thanks! :smiley: