Dream about dantalion? what should i do

half a year ago i wanted something really bad and « dandelion » as a flower ad popped up on my phone. I exactly knew ok thats dantalion telling me we can work this out together. But i proceeded letting it go. now today I dreamed, i was doing something and I got locked in a castle and somebody behind me said. „dantalion is here“ it didn‘t sound friendly but also it did not sound angry. now today i got the same ad again while thinking about my wish. and im thinking what should I do? i stopped doing magick after experiencing something really bad on my friend. but I still want this thing so much. What should I do? im scared of an invocation, can I do this otherwise? Dantalion to tell me what he wants for me to fulfil it ?

You can do a petition spell if you’re afraid to do an invocation.

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Do you want to share what happened? It might help with why you want to avoid something. I also know of people who were getting into magick and then something scary happened and they stopped (out of fear and inability to do more). Understanding why something negative happened can really help. So if you don’t know why, maybe we can help you out?

On to the Dantalion part. I think he’s already suggested his willingness to help whether you invoke or not. You could also Evoke if it’s only the invocation part that concerns you. You can do a petition like QueenMustang mentioned, or just light a candle, give an offering, and ask?

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I say this from experience that Dantalion is a great spirit to work with.

Like @meow said it seems like Dantalion’s call, if I were you I would answer it.

Dantalion as I’ve seen is a multi-faceted (pun intended) Spirit and he is much much more than what is said about him. The first time I evoked him, I was sitting in a salt circle (don’t ask) and he mocked me. Over time I built a relationship with him. He has helped me tremendously, not only with things but also with psychic senses and a multitude of other things.

If you’re afraid and thats ok, maybe do what @QueenMustang said and do a petition spell.

I would also suggest that you do an extended preparatory immersion of Dantalion, prior to any working with him. This is will attune you to their energy and communication will be much much stronger. It will also alleviate fear. I’m attaching the post with this for your reference.

Goodluck and Devilspeed my friend.

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Don’t know if you saw my other post, but every day I grow more sure that Dantalion is a big reason why I don’t do Ceremonial Magick. First and last ritual I had any salt out for.

@chiraq this will help you out a lot. The way I get a feel for a spirit is either by sensing them before ritual, or by reading about them. @Kindraathe has some great ideas on it though, you should check out their link.


Yes I see and value all the content you put out @meow :grinning::grinning:, great stuff. Yes he can be a “gentle” spirit if you build a relationship with him, but he is not to be messed with. He is so much more than what is described. He can be extremely dangerous if messed around with. But also very easy to work with and build a relationship with if you work on it. Interesting we had similar experiences.

He even gave me Physical movements of things last Friday during Evocation upon request. I will detail it in my journal.

@chiraq you can benefit a great deal by working with Dantalion.

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we invoked an goetian spirit and my friend passed out for some minutes, because we started hearing footsteps etc. ever since my friends telling me“ yo this was only a warning, we should stop messing around with magick“

Thank you guys I didnt know about an „petition spell“ before i will start reading about it, and then try it.


Fear can be a hard hurdle to climb over. When scary things happen lots of people take a step back. The exciting part is that you’re here learning more and getting ready for more magick!! Some spirits do things like that, most aren’t going to hurt you just for calling them though. Dantalion isn’t a spirit known for being unreasonably agressive, I’d say he’s a good spirit to get your feet wet with again.

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