Gaap Keeps coming to my mind


Gaap keeps coming to my mind at random times in the day. Any idea what it might mean ?

Thank you so much in advance


Any idea🙃

It’s the weekend and people are probably busy living their mundane life so please give some time so people can come respond.

I would suggest calling on them and asking them what it means. They could possibly be trying to reach out for a variety if reasons, we won’t know why.


You want to contact Gaap for some reason. Only you know why. So go to! And have fun :slight_smile:


Whenever you’re strongly thinking of a spirit, saying it’s name over and over ect. The spirit is almost always doing the same thing thinking of you.

I agree with @Mulberry you ought to call the spirit and see what’s up.


Are you sure ? why you say that ? I don t want to say you are not right , i m just asking because i m curious , so if you could tell me more about this it will be great !

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What I just told you came to me by eat of the famous occultist VK jehennum. I personally think he’s right on that point also from my own experience.

When you’re vibing with a spirit the spirit likely is vibing with you.

You’re interest in him is very likely a signal he’s reaching out to you.

Here’s more information. This is a tutorial I co wrote which touches on this subject.


Thank you sir , this article is what i need !

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