Lilith not responding

Hello everyone, hope all is well.

Yesterday was a big day for me. I did my first evocation with Lilith, and I will say it was a pretty intense experience. I wanted to share this with everyone because I have some questions and hopefully someone be can provide something or have had a similar experience. I followed the evocation guide by EA that’s here on the forum, I brought an apple, red wine, lit some rose scented incense, and lit a red candle to try a provide a welcoming and comfortable space for Lilith. During the Evocation, I heard a female voice say my name in my mind, I felt fatigued during the whole process, and my tasted buds felt as if they were being taken over (I know that sounds odd), and I kept seeing a female like silhouette in her sigil… the whole purpose of evocation was to have Lilith respond and visit me in my dreams. That’s all I asked for, for her to guide me and to be apart of my life. I’ve meditated on her sigil before in past but this was my first ever evocation. Every time I meditate on her sigil or even just thinking about her, and I begin to develop a strong appreciation towards women. Does anyone feel the same with that? I’m sharing this with everyone is because I’m not sure if Lilith visited me in my dream or not. I feel like she might have but I truly don’t know. All and any feed bad is welcome, mind I am a beginner

This sounds like you made contact with something.

Getting results with evocation takes time. It’s a skill you develop and you understand what’s happening (or not happening) the more experience you build.

You say she’s not responding in your title, but then say you don’t know in your post. Give it time.