Tulpas: Not Sure Where this post fits

Does anyone have any information, opinions, or experience with tulpamancy?

I’ve read a lot about it but I would really appreciate opinions and what not before I get involved with it.



Are you talking about servitors?

For some reason I’ll never understand, occultists have co-opted the Tibetan term “tulpas” as a synonym for servitors when they are not at all the same thing.

Are you talking about the modern fad of splitting your consciousness into pieces and having the pieces manifest as a supposedly separate “spirit” inside of your head? It’s basically a self created mental illness.


That’s what I meant. And that’s also what I thought.

Thank you for validating my doubts. Really. I don’t want to waste my time on something that won’t work anyways.

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The practice is basically that of creating thoughtforms to share your head space with. Instead of being given an externalized form, like a servitor, however, they exist only internally. The so-called “tulpamancers” who have come to this forum have all been pretty scatterbrained, refusing to post as their human selves, instead preferring to post as their supposed companions. Since we don’t allow anyone to post as a spirit here, the fact that these people could not separate themselves shows that it is a very unstable practice, and leads to an unbalanced personality.


That makes a lot of sense. Automatic writing is as close to possession that I will ever allow. It’s my favorite form of divination to be fair.


Well real tulpas are thoughforms made manifest. I’ve only heard of one ever working, it’s a very advanced form of magick that takes decades of building your skills to do. I guess it’s a combination of being able to create thoughtforms, aka servitors, and being able to manifest physical objects.

The original book on this was very interesting. Unfortunately now I look for it it’s obscured by a lot of fiction but if I find it I’ll post it. It’s decades old now, and talks about a woman who created a tulpa that got out of her control. It was indistinguishable from a human being.

We have some discussions that are mostly about the original idea of a tupla. I encourage you to try the search here, we have a decade of posts and as our culture asks people to always contribute intelligent discussion and never shitpost or get chatty, they’re usually of high quality content and worth your time browsing.

Darkestknight talks about the same book I mean here:


Thanks for sharing! I did a quick site search for tulpas but nothing came up. I try to search before I post when I remember to.

So is a servitor only visible to the creator? What are the differences?

Edit:// It must have been my internet connection then cause there are loads showing up now. My bad! The wind here is horrendous right now.


They are energetic forms in the astral. If they exist in the collective areas of the astral, they can be picked up by energy workers, mediums and other sensitive people, though it’s unlikely they’ll notice something that subtle if they’re not looking for it. (There are personal areas of the astral very close to you that are not easily accessible by others)

So to “see” them, you would be using a psychic sense commonly called clairvoyance. This is basically a thing sensed by te subconscious which then communicated to your conscious mind by stimulating your minds eye or in advanced examples, activating the visual cortex in the brain so you actually see them, just not by light entering the eye.


Yes. I am quite conscious and fluent with each of the clairs.

Would it be the same concept and process of manifestation as a tulpa with the exception of the servitor only being visible to yourself or other psychics?

My apologies for all of the questions. I am genuinely intrigued.


I’m not sure, I haven’t read the book yet :slight_smile:

However our resident servitor expert has posts a ton of great posts explaining how to create servitors for free, and there are some very good books about it in the book recommendations threads.

I do feel like, a preliminary step would be to manifest something simple, like a stone sphere. If you can create thoughtforms, that get you results, AND manifest something physical, then combining the two would be the next step.


Thank you so much! I’m going to check out their stuff now. You have been so much help. <3

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Seeing as we’re discussing the topics of the Tibetan tulpa concept and servitors, I’m a little surprised that subject of Golems from Judaic traditions and their conceptual similarities to the above hasn’t come up.
I’m no expert on the Golem concept, but the conceptual similarities are very much there


And don’t forget the creation of the homunculus, which was said to be a living miniature human, in ancient alchemy.


Remember that Koetting video on servitors and magical automations, that was released recently?

He claimed that all the terms- automaton, servitor, tupla, and egregores meant basically the same thing. I imagine we could see an influx of confusion due to it. :woman_shrugging:


Also, theoretically with enough knowledge of the elements/energies needed to form a body and how it goes to together combined with a strong enough will to seemingly will it all into the form you were choosing, it could be done.

But you’d have to have enough energy/ability to summon the right energies/channel it whatever and know how to convert energies into the right state/form/elements, to do it- I think.

Then you’d just will it to happen.

Thusly I think you’d need a pretty strong will, and the background knowledge to make a successful life form.

This is one’s of my servitors insights into the question, I’ve not advanced enough to begin to conceptualize this theory entirely on my own yet.

On a surface level it makes sense to me, but not on a practical level.

However it was a branch off thought from well, you can will a soul/spirit into existence so seems to my mind that theoretically I believe it’s possible, but I don’t know the mechanics behind it or what are doing even to analyze how it might work as I wrote the topic off as not doable for a beginner and have not considered returning to it, as of yet.


Answer this, please: ¿can you call a real entity (which existed out of you, like a ghost or an elemental being or an astral extraterrestrial) to take a shape and an essence that you created? So, that would mean, if I’m not wrong, to call a real entity to mix it self with a thought form, which means to mix with your energy, but not with you. If that is possible, the entity will not accept that onl to serve you. But, for example, image you want an astral friend or girlfriend, and the deal is something like: “you, X female or male (energetically) entity, must take this shape and the energy I placed on it, which corresponds to a personality and a disposition to me. In reward, you will enjoy this link to me, which is constructive, and the energetic feeding. And, if the deal gets over, you are gonna maintain the armony with me, and you can do what you want with the developed personality” In other words: you invite an entity to adopt an astral avatar, and you put energy to make it possible

I think most of entities that you summon already take a shape via your recent studies and characters-like. Some archetypes are a little more general, like animals and other symbolism, thus calling people even before previous contact.

An example would be an entity manifesting itself as constant appearances of insects in unusual places. Some entities take form of culture pops characters, like Darth Vader and other icons that represent some symbolism. But all of this depends of how your subconscious interpreting things.

So, I think the common way to do what you want is to search for an entity who allows to assume your desired form (like a succubus or incubus)… Or you could create a servitor, which I consider more easy to put traits and characteristics in it.


Thanks. The problem is that some people said that a servitor finally becomes a portion of your soul that becames… independient. And that, maybe and in some way, is to still being alone

The servitor only gains individuality if you give them one and if you let people modify them. That’s why have security protocols to protect your servitor