Different types of thoughtforms? Tibetan thoughtform?

I remember reading on some BALG post about how western tradition thoughtforms appearance is usually different between individuals. There is a thoughtform of Tibetan origin whose appearance will be the same across a large amount of people. I was wondering if anyone knows more about this Tibetan thoughtform and how it retains the same appearance to multiple people.

I believe you are thinking of a tulpa, which is a Tibetan term. A tulpa is not the same as the Western idea of a thoughtform though. A tulpa is given life through a certain procedure and takes on a physical form that can be seen by anyone, as real as another human being. One of the best descriptions of it, along with an idea of what can go wrong, is in the book Magic and Mystery in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel. Another good book dealing with a tulpa is An Unlikely Prophet by Alvin Schwartz.


A tulpa sounds a little bit like a golem or homunculus.


There is a similarity but whereas a golem or a homunculus is a physical vessel brought to life, a tulpa is a thought given physical form. From my understanding, to create a tulpa requires months of focused meditation and concentration, rather than a single ritual working. In the book I mentioned above, it took the author about 6 months, concentrating for several hours every day to create her tulpa.