Time control

That makes no sense lol, sometimes I think he is just trolling the gullible xD but like no, a entity when they possess you they do get access to your memories to a point they can know a lot about your past but they don’t possess your past, just your present and as long as they stay with you well into the future.

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That seems to make more sense; but as I said, my personal experience in this area is slim to none. Perhaps it is a semantics issue? Perhaps an Oracular Entity, once evoked, having access (being in possession of) to your memories and experiences, does not consider it much difference, since they have the knowledge as if they had been there first hand?

When you say Oracular Entity what do you mean?

For example, I remember reading in one of these threads, but I am not sure which one, so please forgive me for not referencing it, a discussion about how certain demons had the capability like Oracles ( ah yes, it was one of the Lottery Magick threads) could be, theoretically, used to predict the numbers and another might be used to protect that probability from outside influence in order to win the jackpot.

As I said, my own personal experience is slim to none on this topic so take all my suppositions with a grain of salt as they are purely theory created using what I do know to extrapolate and attempt to explain what I, admittedly, do not.

Edit: here is the thread:

Lmao. Buddy, people have a hard time remembering to account for the properties of matter on a regular basis, youtube vids make millions of hit off this fact. A great example is after the first snow, expected or not. Honestly I have a hard time accepting the notion of physic as being “elementary” level knowledge.

Understood on a basic level by any serious enquierer? That I dont argue, but typically most people i see asking are superficial and wouldnt think of such a thing and thats including myself at the time of my experience. Not to mention that knowing and doing are two different things. You could know of this concept, but what of how to actively calculate for it? If its not discussed how do we know we’re doing it right?

I mean this in earnest, not to ruffle feathers. How can you teach someone if you assume they are aware of things that they are not?

Perhaps the ending to my post was misinterpreted? I was laughing at myself for doing just that: assuming everyone was on the same page. The accounting for drift, without going into complex logarithmic formulae; because I hate math, is much more intuitive for me. Because astronomy and astrology both track the positions of stellar bodies through the passage of time, it is something that seemed obvious, in passing. However, when one assumes anything, they make an ass out of u and me(s?), and that was why I am laughing at my own ass of a self.

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Where do you go when you time travel?


Wherever I want?

The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.

Nikola Tesla

That’s the second time in this thread I asked a direct question and got a non-answer. Guys, I’m not trying to trick you. I’m just making conversation.

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Who did you ask? @anon59886753
Ah never mind. I figured it out

Try this:

I have come back from the future in my dreams to do such a thing. I told myself an opportunity for closure with an ex would happen and to take advantage of it when it did. The event happened; I did, to make a.long story short.

I was maybe 30 or 35 years older than myself at the time of the dream.

Why don’t you guys and gals just “try” what I said and then come hang out with everyone else? And then y’all tell the world what happened and then we all make it?

You can go anywhere you want!

Just remember if you feel “stuck” in time just repeat the same meditation to get out.

After awhile you can internally hear Aum and you can time travel in less at 15 seconds.

The gods are timeless hence all our religious books tell of the future, this is basic knowledge.