Time control

Is there a entity that controls time and how can I communicate with them?

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Controls Time in what way?

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For example, be able to travel back in time.

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No. Travelling back in time is impossible.

Time entities can speed up and slow down the flow of time, but that’s all.


There is no physical location of your past experiences outside your own consciousness.

Even if there was, you – and whomever is helping you – would have to be traveling faster than the speed of light to get there.


Traveling back in time is possible, you just can’t think of time as linear

You can think of time as non linear all you want. It still won’t allow for time travel lol

Time is non-linear but our perception is what creates the linear sequence of events as a way of processing them.

Time only exists within our consciousness, as @anon59886753 stated above. The only way time travel is possible is through memory. That is how retroactive magick, aka time magick, works, according to Taylor Ellwood, one of its pioneers. It doesn’t affect the past, but it affect the experience and memory of the past.


Have you heard of reailty shifting?

One can project their senses back in time it’s called retroscanning, but retrocscanning is centered around the past of an object, or Psychometry. You could look into Chronos, or the Egyptian Huah, they’re related to time, but they will probably do like the aforementioned and help you view the past not interact with it.

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I wonder, now I have some memories because past events happened in a certain way. Perhaps (also as a possible result of magickal working) in the future that memory changes, because the past has been altered.

it is very much possible, anything is

I think Metatron if im not mistaken

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Where is time? And how do I get there?

Time is energy, energy can be maniplated, years ago I had used a spell to slow down time and it worked

Not exactly. Even if we were not present to observe that which is affected by what we perceive as “time” it would still exist as an external factor or method of “countdown” to inexistence for example. If we regard “time” as a way of measuring the eternal cycle of the beginning and ending of internal and external processes and the building up and breaking down of matter, this becomes slightly easier to comprehend.

If human consciousness was non-existent, the measurement of the above-mentioned we call “time” would still exist, but it would not be time.

I believe the definition for that which we call time should be water. Water can be controlled and directed by external influence, such as the building of a dam or a man-made river, but at the same time it has no form. It can be slowed, stilled, evaporated and frozen, upon the last, it ceases to become water, a liquid, and becomes a solid. It changes its form and its properties - its mode of existence, essentially. Some would regard the transformation of ice into water as a reverse process but it isn’t. It’s a cyclical process.

The restriction and limit of “time” is something we create. We dictate that there can only be 24 hours in a day based on presuppositions about the mechanics of what we perceive to be reality.

Externally, what the fuck is 12am but the measurement of a section of the revolving process of a planet?


Anything is possible is more anything is probable, because atleast in my opinion “anything is possible” is setting someone up for failure, especially people starting out. Anything is probable within reason shows that it’s probable but not exactly within the way you may think it is. Literally going back in time isn’t possible but it’s probable to project your senses to the past to view it but you cannot interact with it.


Void magic can work with modifying small parts of the past, slightly modifying and bringing the changes to your current being in a slow manner.

Maybe the real magic is the ability to transfer your consciousness to another “you” from a different multiverse with similar key events but with small modifications.


But then the question arises, is it still you?

I’m going to use a personal extension of Schrödinger’s cat for this. In this theoretical experiment, if the box is not opened the cat exists in a state in which the cat is both alive and dead (a paradox). But if you were to take this further and quantum coherence occurred, ending up in a situation where you have two boxes and two versions of you within the same space, and opening the box simultaneously, the cat has the potential to be alive and dead, through sheer observation and not theory. But is the second version of you and the cat something else?

If we posit that certain experiences, events, thoughts, decisions and actions are what individually define us, by the laws of quantum theory, the second version would have made different choices and committed different actions based on this, which would have more than likely resulted in different experiences, events and thoughts. So, is it you?


It is not you but it shares some similarities.
Then this confirms that being able to transfer your consciousness to someone different is actually even more powerful.

It is the same situation if we think about a machine that can teleport you to another place by erasing your current body and creating a copy with the same thoughts and memories.

Is it still you?

Or even better, our body cells replace each other continuously, and therefore our body is not the same it was 3 months ago. That includes the brain cells.

Are we the same person?


No. Because the original form has been broken down and destroyed in order to be replicated. It’s an imitation or copy.

I believe not. We are subject to constant evolution and devolution, and although we may keep our memories and later observe and experience what past actions will culminate in, the original form has been altered. We have become something else and are constantly doing so.

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