Another big reason why you may all want to push your godlike powers to the ultimate

Yes, but you don’t experience the middle you experience the latter.

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Also like i said. I only keep what my intuition tells me. I also do a lot of research before i deem something plausible in magick

Seems like your intuition tells you to keep everything. Or atleast everything that is written about someone else’s experiences. It doesnt matter if your intuition tells you to keep something, it only matters if you are experiencing it yourself. Your intuition doesn’t matter with other people’s experiences. It matters when your own experiences you start to question.


I have been watching you guys bantering for a while,he has never done that my friend, you are overstating his words.


I can show you the post later when i am not busy


You don’t know what I have experiences with lol, I told you to experience your own things because someone COULD be trolling you and you’d still buy into it, like when Oddan said she was in love with someone as a joke and you tried to lecture her about not falling in love with someone online lol. You let a single example exaggerate into something else.

Besides thinking he’s trolling the gullible like you isn’t saying he’s a troll.

This is what I mean about your brain falling out of your head because you still have that childlike newb mentality.

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Read the whole sentence again yo.

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What else could it mean? You said he was trolling the gullible while we were talking about that specific teaching of his. That implies that you thought he was trolling with that particular teaching

I did. And he did say sometimes i think ea is trolling the gullible. While we were talking about a specific teaching of EA

Honestly, I don’t think that it’ll reach him.

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What do you mean? You did something and implied something similar. What am I missing from this?

You said”but like no” which you were referring to the teaching.
Then gave your own opinion of it

Experience, but don’t worry about it, just believe what your mind is capable of comprehending off that :man_shrugging: it’s not important at this point.


@anon84896414 after reading the exchange between you and the other participants of this thread, I have come to the conclusion that you have no understanding of the science of Kundalini.
However, I will encourage you to do your homework and refrain from speculation.
Kundalini shakti is more than just an imaginary snake coiled around your tailbone. It is like an umbrella that covers a range of concepts pertaining to consciousness and the human operating system (energy body).
Furthermore, I cannot respect you as a LHP practitioner if you’re reliant on paying gurus (based on unverified claims) to activate a force that is personal to you. That is like getting a job for a position you have no training on- you will definitely get fired on your first day.
Kundalini embodies fire and you are like a child who wants to play with fire without understanding it’s purpose.
I don’t want you to get burned so if you are serious about comprehending the mysteries of the serpent, I suggest you study these books:

Consider this a gentle scolding. Do the work.


You don’t believe that kundalini makes you have higher vibrations?
Or that it can bring you into a state of samdhi?
Or that it is divine feminine energy that when going through the different nadis, it merges divine masculine and feminine?

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I have studied kundalini a lot. It is the force of god. It brings you through to oneness with source and allows you to awaken your multidimensional consciousness.
It is a stepping stone in divine consciousness

Yet you are still seeking shortcuts.



It shatters illusions. And helps you

@Zohak Thanks for the juicy info bro.