Through the nine worlds of Yggdrasil; pathworking (Journal)

I’ve got a lot of jumpy notes here and there as of these days to try bare with me as I explain the overall backstory of this journal. In essence I have always felt drawn to viking magick but I’ve always made excuses to not get into this or in the time before I found BALG I was lazy and also frustrated due to the lack of results. The frustration part was because when I was began, like many beginners, I expected magick to work wonders, which it can but not by going Thanos on the process. That simply doesn’t work. So after approaching the runes through the lense of Edred Thorsson and worked through his books, I learned the names and divination but not spellcasting. Then not sure where to begin ot start I tried the read the Eddas in short I didn’t find it very helpful. After some time dabbling with the runes I simply asked for a teacher and sent it out through the ether, it was after about spending a year on trying to learn evocation, divination and soul travel without learning how to meditate or calming my mind down first. I was at the time already diagnosed with ADHD so that became a big hurdle for me in my learning process. Someone in the ether must’ve heard me and long story short through the help of a mediator, I made a pact with Azazel and he’s been guding me ever since, not with the runes per se but he guided me intuitively, through the knowledge I gained by reading various grimoires on how to put it all together.

One miraculous event as I was experimenting with the runes and learning the Galdr of each one. My father called and mentioned that my mother was ill, and that her bloodpressure was off the charts apparently. I was pretty scared to say the least and decided that I wanted to help. After the phone call ended, I place five runes on a table like this;


I don’t remember which runes I used, as I haven’t found that grimoire where I noted down all the runes, if I find it I’ll show which runes I used. I then dripped some blood on them and then basically said the following;

Mother, through the bond that unties us through our blood, I hereby say that the illness will pass and your life has returned to normal, your health and strength will return and you will be reborn anew with a healthy life. This is my command and so mote it be.

I combined the statment imagine my mothers cells going fram bad, and plump and healthy, basically imagining the first as dried up and having almost no acivity towards quickly imagining them, being filled with fluids, round and healthy, surrounded by a golden light made them go fram bad to good. About two days after, I found out that she was well and the had for now managed to hold the disease and he also told me it was strange that she was alive as her bloodpressure when she arrived was about 300 mmHg. That’s really high by the way, she could’ve really easily. And for a time it seems the spell I cast lasted but the effect faded but showed thwe potency of the runes.
There are other instances I’ve used but due to lack of any concerete path or material when I started I simply gave up after a time.

Then after working with other forms of magick some of which I’ve recorded on here, I made my runeset about a year and a half ago, and then was about to begin again. But I felt the pull of the demonic gatekeepers once more and so I let it sink into the background. Up until Christmas last year, when I signed for an apprenticeship with the author of the heathen, let’s say that apprenticeship didn’t end well because of me and eventually we just stopped talking. However I follow and my inutition and so far I don’t seem to be too far off.

Currently I am working with Odhinn and I will sign a pact the guy, technically it’s also sealed and done verbally, however it’s not been done physically. I’ll detail, how that pact came to be as well as the what’ve learned so far in a separate post. My pathworking with the gatekeepers and the Qliphoth and the O.A.A is not done as these have been flowing together for me for quite a while. why i haven’t detialed much in these journals if because of several reasons, the most important one being it took a while to write and quite frankly due to magick being a touchy subject for my partner I had to take a battle with that, and currenty we’ve reached an agreement which I have explained in a previous post.

Currently what I do is dedication prayers, attmepting to unlock the runes, I’ve been able to unlock two runes, specifically Ansuz and Fehu. I’ll let you know more that in the post following this one.

I figure of describing how I do my dedication prayers I think I should instead show you. So;

Also the credit for authoring these prayers goes to Asbjörn Torvol.

Some people might recognize my voice, I guess I’ll have to deal with it when the time arrives I am tired of hiding my time for secrecy is over and I hereby accept my responseability to bring the Norse Pantheon back to the minds of my kinsmen and those who are intrested to walk the path of the Völva or Vitki.

I’ll at times post a video instead of explaining a lot it’ll be faster then writing up something, plus you can see what’s going on as well.

With that said I hope this is will be a useful journal once it gets going. And I am excited to share my experiences with you all.

I’ll finally get to update my Qliphothic journal as well.

Talk to you soon.


In addition to the above here’s how this path has been unfolding. After beginning my apprenticeship during my time with Asbjörn I began with the dedication prayers. Whereas I was dumb enough to skip some sections like the sun and the moonwater, that I will account for later. However as I’ve ddid prayers for about a month or say to all the gods. I felt it was time to take it up a notch. So I underwent my first innitation into this path the Viktki’s self innitation.

I brought along ale (Carlsberg) and my drinking horn, I’ll post an image some other time, the sigil of the vitki drawn with vitkis tiver, tap water as well as a large block candle. Near the apartment complex where I live there’s a natural patch that is sort of a minature forest. I walked there around midnight, I had filled the water in a jar and puth all of the ingredients inside a plastic bag. Initially I worried about the neighbours spotting me, however I find nice clearing underneath a pine tree where I could sit. I then lit the candle pressed it deep into the earth so it wouldn’t fall over and then placed out all of other ingredients. Near me and using the rocks to hold up the books so that I could see the pages. I began by opening the bear can and poured it into my drinking horn and after that while pouring it onto the ground in an arch, saying;

"Hail to the AEsir. Hail to the Vanir. Hail to the gods and godessess of my folk. Hail my ancestors that watch over me. Hail to the spirits, Landvaettr and Rökkr. Hail to the Earth. I call upon you all here and now, to Bear witness to my professing " (Torvol, 2018).

Then continue to say “For the Aesir, Vanir and my Ancestors I offer this Ale” (Torvol, 2018).

I then proceeded to repeat the process using tap water instead of Ale and poured out the water onto the ground in the same manner while saying:

"For the spirits, Landvaettr, Rökkr and earth I offer this water (Torvol, 2018).

I then had exhale and relax a bit before continuing. I couldn’t see anything in my minds eye. But for sure I could feel like there were a bunch of different precenses there. In addition to this even atr night where I live there are cars moving about, however after saying that last sentence it was eerily quiet. And the overall feeling in the air felt very somber to say the least.

Then came the actual professing which was said this way;

“I (my state given name) formally profess my dedication to the path of the Vitki. Gods, spirits, wights and Earth as my witness. I oath from this day forth to walk the path of the Vitki and take all the responseabilities of this path. I give you my bloodto this path both as a sacrifice and as an act of dedication to. May my blood give life to myself as a vitki.” (Torvol, 2018).

I then used a lancet, punctured my index finger of my right hand and smeared a few drops on the sigil. And then sat quiet for a moment observing the area around me for anything in particular. There wasn’t anyhting, the spirits of the land wasn’t seen as much as felt at this time. I needed to redo this particular innitation more than once, as I missed an ingredient and figured it out halfway through.

After that I did dedication prayers for about a week more, like in the video of the former post. Once done I felt it was a good idea to begin the next innitation, namely with Odhinn. The inniitation went as follows. I carefully read and checked I had all of the ingredients namely the drawn symbol of the eye of Odhinn, a lancet, one red candle a personal sacrifice, alcohol (I chose ale once more), and 9 sticks of frankincense.

I did this innitation on a Wensday. I started out by placing the incense in the dirt along with the Red candle and lit them up. And then called out to Odhinn using the following incantation from the book:

“Hail to Odin, The Allfather, the Wise one, The One-Eyed wanderer, King of Aesir, Lord of Valhalla. I call upon you hear now, over the seal’s eye, To aid me and innitiate me into the path of the Vitki. I give you this offering of Ale. As a thanks and gratitude. Hail Odin” (Torvol, 2018).

Before saying that prayer I had began puring up the ale inside the drinking horn and then poured it out in an arch on the ground. Then I used a spoon, which I had also brought along to dig a hole, and I buried my personal hand made runset which I emptied from the black leather bag. I then used the lancet and pricked my right index finger and let the blood drip on the seal of the eye of Odhinn. And then imagined the seal floating up from the page, it became equally as large as me as I was sitting on my heels. It appeared ghostly white and blue. And it floated towards infont of me and then moved through behind my back. I then inhaled and imagined the the sigil entering the pours of my skin. It was a lot of spiritual mass to absorb. It was lukewarm but very dense kind of the sensation you get as you slowly move your finger through the flame of a candle.

Other than that nothing happened I was a bit confused and underwhelmed. However after doing the dedication prayes Odhinn made himself known, not through spoken words but through a silent knowning. He began downloading instructions into my subconscious mind, which eventuallu filtered up to the conscious mind. The specific instructions related to which Order I should begin working with the runes and also instilled upon me a unique bindrune which I’ll share. But before that the first rune I opened; Ansuz.

Ansuz - means god. This rune is usually seen as it belongs with Odhin, it being his rune. If that’s the case Odhinn being the god of Warrioirs, Poets, Kings and ecstacy. One of the powers and uses I discovered with it was it helps with inspiration specifically. I’ll detail more about the actual exeprience with the rune but first I’ll account for the rune poems. As the are the tools to understand each rune. In the case of Ansuz;


"Óss is aged Gautr and Prince of Ásgardr and Lord of Valhallah” (Torvol, 2018).

Òss - is one of Odins names he has several one of the most famous being Gangerle namely the wanderer or finder of paths. Òss translates to God in Old norse. It also can translate to mouth is Anglosaxon. The prince can either refer to Thor or Balder as both are sons of Odhinn.

If I read it as mouth it makes a lot more sense as the poem seemingly talks about Wisdom or a mouth that is old, and therefore age and wisdom had useful information for those who are willing to listen. I choose ti interpret that other than it being related to Odhinn and therefore can incite inspiration, ecstacy for the use of power in rituals. The rune also relates to the mind and the development thereof making your words carry more weight so that you can perhaps use this for persuasion. This is a very tenous connection. I’ve found this rune helpful both in rituals as well as when I feel a lack of creativity it can boost that.

This rune according to me is the feeling you feel when you start a new project, or do something you feel is fun.

As for the feeling of exstacy you can get it by either sitting infront of the rune and chanting it. Or you can stand in the position of the rune, standing straight whiith your arms point donwards in the shape of the rune. When I vibrate the name of the rune, I generally feel increased activity in the root and sacral chakra, along with my third eye and Sahasrarah chakra.

Some people suggests you can do ancestry work with this rune. I’ve yet to see if that holds any truth. You can definently improve speech with the rune, and overall creative energy as well.

This is my Ansuz and Fehu rune;

To start with I have so far; pathworked each rune for about a week each. During the first three days I read everything I can find about it, then I draw it up on a paper and vibrate the name of the rune, until I hit the theta gamma sync, it helps gazing the rune lightly while vibrating the name of the rune. And on the 7th to 9th you position yourself in the position of the rune and vibrates it’s names up until the 9th day when you carve it into something, wood, stone, bone, etc. I chose bone.

However I had a break for about a month or so and Odin wasn’t pleased at all. He made it known through sensations of annoyance and irritability. When I did the dedication prayers. I asked him
Why he felt that way. He said;

You are not listening to me as I stated that you should take your studies further, and as of this moment you are not walking the path. Stop wasting my time if you are not going to walk with me.

Confused he and I made an agreement, meaning he would teach the secrets of the rune but in turn I had to apply and make my workings with him public in the form of a grimoire. And from there since we verbally signed that agreement I’ve been doing my dedication payers. As well as carved one more rune; Fehu. I’ll detail that experience some other time. As this post is way too long already.


amazing journal,so excited to read more from you!

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Thank you :pray: it means a lot coming from you. I’ll be sure to fill out each journal with clear notes and be sure use references properly.


You are one of my favourite journalist ever over here!
Blessings my brother of darkness!

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Amazing journal so far brother. I look forward to reading more.


Edit; the post has to be corrected,

An expansion on the rune Ansuz follows below this is some of my notes and experiences regarding working with this rune. It was a lot simpler interpreting the symbols, visions and meaning of this rune than with the rune Fehu. I’ll detail why tomorrow. A slight reiteration will follow below to give a context to my notes.

Ansuz – A god belonging to pantheon, or simply a god. In this case it refers to Odhinn, the allfather. Some people consider it to be a rune that relates to memory meaning ancestral memory. It’s also linked to mouth, breath, persuasion, speech and inspiration.

The last word, inspiration, is how the rune has spoken to me with its imagery of a woman with ebony hair and high cheek bones. The woman was dressed in red dress that was scarlet red. She sat in the middle of a birch forest during spring painting the landscape. Becoming absorbed by it.

As humans we feel inspired by things we take a strong liking or interest in something.This interest marks the experience as important and thus makes you want to learn everything about it, or it heralds a solution to a elusive problem experienced as a flash of inspiration.

A phrase that kept popping into my mind when seeing this vision was; seeing without judging and hearing, hearing without seeing. Makes very little sense as of right now. The first vision I had with this rune was two days ago when I saw a vision of me discussing a topic with a former engineering student I went to class with, she persuaded me or showed me I was wrong in some way I can’t remember how, which also relates to one of the meanings of the rune, more investigation is needed into this aspect though.

After vibrating the name of the rune four times I was struck by how I seemingly quickly I saw an aura around the rune, as well as an overall electrifying sensation all over my body (physical) and my third eye. Vibrating the rune quickly pulled me into the theta gamma sync, thus creating a blue field that expanded outwards in my field of vision. I was then ready as I ever were to receive a new set of visions relating to the rune, however nothing came. I then suddenly remembered to take note of sensations as well. It wasn’t until after I had adjusted myself a bit, as I could see my face in the glass of the framed rune, as I partially sloped in the couch, it hit me. This is the rune of ecstasy and remaining in an altered state, which is pretty much what real ecstasy is, it’s an altered state of mind that’s induced either by various substances or by simply having fun. Having fun and enjoyment produces a state that euphoric and feels like a rush, the general effects of a euphoric rush increases blood flow and heartrate and alertness which creates excitement which can in turn be funneled toward anything, the energy harnessed this way is creative energy from the mind. However, it is energy that should be used with forethought and control. This rune relates to inspiration but also development of thoughts and ideas, how to birth them and release them, you release them through an ecstatic state, where the overall filters are lifted. Inspiration is the sensation we get when we figure something out that eluded us up until that moment or an idea that’s been slowly taking form or an aha moment, which then creates a connection for you to the idea you’ve been having and it funnels this interest in it further.

As of this moment without speaking the name of the rune but just gazing at the rune it certainly produced a static blue field, and not only that as I was sitting gazing at the framed rune it quickly produced a vision. A vision where I received recognition of my exploits, especially after the release of the intended grimoire. I saw the bindrune I created to be the gateway into Asgard flash in my inner vision before I saw green grass, on a summer day in a vallery surrounded my mountains and a lake. The only take away I get from the rune after this very brief interaction is simply exploration and finding out what’s beyond the self, is also a hidden aspect of the rune as in, when you are in an aletered state of mind or feeling ecstatic you tend to see things which normally would be hidden. Seeing what’s hidden (seeing through illusions is likely one of the runes many powers other than seeing into the future/scrying and ancestry work. But it is just a notion which I need to figure out if it holds true.

As for how I earned this rune, it’s a different story. The short version is that on the ninth day while successfully in terms of inducing a trance state but not losing myself in the trance so much so that I was gone. Meaning I was awake but still in a deep trance as a result of vibrating the runes several times for several mintues. And it was this control that let me to unlock a special bindrune that seemingly lead to Asgard. I’ll update what transpired along with the Fehu rune tomorrow. I hope this helped some people who might’ve been wondering about some applications with the rune.


Ansuz can be used to also empower Galdr workings as well, as it is the rune of speech and Galdr is the chanting of runes.


Regarding the Fehu rune it provided to be a bit troublesome to understand than Ansuz. The word Fehu in proto germanic or Fé in Old norse apparently means cattle (livestock) /wealth. I think Einar Selvik put it quite nicely he basically said that one way to measure someones wealth in the old days was the amount of cattle and their health. Wealth/gold is also what drives apart families.

This relates quite nicely to the rune poems which are;


Fé vældr frænda róge;
føðesk ulfr í skóge.

Which translates to;

Wealth is a source of discord amongst kin;
the wolf lives in the forest.

Old Icelandic;

Fé er frænda róg
ok flæðar viti
ok grafseiðs gata
aurum fylkir.

It translates as;

Wealth is a source of discord amongst kin
and fire of the sea
and path of the serpent.

Anglo saxon;

Feoh byþ frofur fira gehƿylcum;
sceal ðeah manna gehƿylc miclun hyt dælan
gif he ƿile for drihtne domes hleotan.


Wealth is a comfort to all;
yet must everyone bestow it freely,
if they wish to gain honour in the sight of the Lord.

A pattern emerges, having wealth or a deposit stored away provides comfort for you or those you live with, wealth can of course be gold, cattle or stable fuctioning relationships, particualrly those with family or close friends. Be catious of greed though as the Norweigan rune poem talks about. Greed tear apart relationship, however greed can be cured by sharing what you have but not more than you need to. in Hávamal verse 36 in the poetic Edda it says Edda says:

“One’s own house is best, small though it be; at home is every one his own master. Though he but two goats possess, and a straw-thatched cot, even better than begging.”

Despite what some might think that it talks about that you should never have to beg and gather stuff to never get to that point, to me that’s not it. this verse seem to talk more about that you should be grateful and mindful about what you have iregardless how insignificant you think it is, you have a roof over your head, food on your table and somewhere to sleep that’s good enough. Worry about what you have rather than what you don’t have. As for some of my visions with the rune in question we will get to that but first I want to share a nat little technique from one of Edred Thórssons books, namely the Book of Rune Magick where he talks about the poetic mead. I sort of took what he said to heart be scaled it down a bit, what you do is you get a bowl (preferbly carved the runic alhabet inside), you don’t have to do that though the important thing is you have something to pout the ale/mead in. I used my drinking horn that have the name Oedrorerir carved into it, poured the ale in there and then dropped the fehu rune in there after I had done so I gave the Galdr;

Fehu x9 while raising the horn above my head. Then I said the following;

Odhín I raise this horn in your honour and share this ale with you. Then I lowered the horn so it was about a few inches from my mouth while reciting the the Galdr once more nine times. Then I said the following;

As this ale leaves this horn and into to me you may partake in this ale through me Odhín. As this Ale leaves this horn and enters me, so too will your knowledge of the rune as well as it’s essence enter me and teach me its secrets…

My words rang in the air for a while I then drank the contents all the way. And for a moment it was a really nice rush. Then the rush subsided and I closed my eyes and the rune was behing seemingly a wall of fire carved onto stone, glowing deeply red. Fhe fire kept burning and and the lights intensity seemngly subsided for a brief moment then I felt the need to look up and as my physical head actually looked up. A white glowing minature sun illuminated the backside of the rune so that it cast a black shadow, I was told to couple this together with a previous channeled info when giving the same Galdr from the day before. You see on the day before I held out my Fehu rune and then recited the Galdr a couple of times about 9 times which I feel is the best amount of times, don’t know why as of yet. After gazing at the Odhín idol of mine a moment before closing my eyes, connecting with him, I allowed this trance state and this connection to take me wherever it damned well pleased. Well nothing happened, no images, no sound, no sensation, nothing. At least for a moment then a telepathic message came through which turned out to tbe the following;

“Árs ok buna og elda meg [I am drawn to input the word megin here but I’ll wait and see]”.

Brúna is another name for Odhinn in Thulur

A good Brúna [could be Bruni, which means (fire) and [to] fire me (myself). So I guess if it’s not a reference to Odhinn as the brown one, it could be interpreted as;

A good fire [is needed] to set myself alight. Or it could be translates as a good fire to cook me. As elda in icelandic means to cook. And as we know icelandic is the closest we have to old norse, as they can still read and understand the Eddas to this day. Funny thing though the word elda in my first language swedish translates to somethig you set something aflame, like a pair of logs. Refering to the action specifically, the word for fire is eld. Weird thing. At any rae I believe I have solved the puzzle and I will post of I am righ regarding to perform a minor ritual for this. That’s about all I’ve got for now regarding this rune.

As for the applications I’ve used it once to attract money which ended up in a parent giving me 3000 SEK, which equals about 300 $ out of the blue, and one time I actually found 400 SEK in the street. I will need to use this rune now, when I am not as poor to see if I can attract more wealth and if I can piece together a wealth ritual with this rune I’ll let you know.

One more thing though, regarding the last rune poem that speaks about that wealth shoul be distributed freely in orderif they wish to gain honour in the sight of the Lord. Lord is not refering to Jesus Christ, I think we are still refering to Odhínn still. And fun fact, acting or behaving honourably and sharing what you have builds Maegan or credit with the gods, if you act honourably then usually if you do not act in a stupid manner, the gods will look upon you with favor and help you foster relationships whoch is equally beneficial to you as well as your kinsmen. A favor usually begets a favor just saying.



amazing experience i feel the power out of this!


An additional experience regarding the aforementioned rune; Fehu. As of writing this I am sitting at my kitchen table. Simply put I was sitting where I am now and just recited the name of the rune just to see what happens, what kind of energy I am stirring up. Well after citing the Galdr: Fehu fé, ff. A few times nothing’s much happened at first the rune seemingly slowly began to awaken. The blue field I’ve been mentioning lately which is when the third eye seemingly awakens for me and permeated my field of vision making the rune actually glow rather brightly red. Everything else blurred out in flashes and I tried to remain calm and just receive the experience of the rune. And well nothing happened at first, then all of sudden there was a distinct energetic spikes along my spine, legs and hands. The comparison I can imagine for now is the tingling sensation you get when your leg or hand fall asleep. The physical sensation didn’t last though as it blew over about as quickly as it came. However I still feel really warm especially at the region if my lower back.

This rune makes me think of raw unadulterated fire (if that makes sense), or rather the energetic force of fire; one of primal forces of creation. We will see if this idea of mine holds true later on, as I’ll have to test this out as well to be sure. I’ll keep you posted though.

I know my approach my not follow the books so much, at least not some of the old timers. This is because I like to play with the tools I have at my disposal. This doesn’t mean I do things haphazardly and without foresight though. Magick, according to me, should be fun and/or exciting and I’ve noticed as I’ve gained more experience; that the more playful you are, the more open minded you tend to be. Which agaih according to me is the most potent way for magick to manifest as your mind is then open to the energies which you’ve let loose.


You’re doing great! This very much aligns with what I’ve gotten from this work myself!

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Thank you :pray: ! As I am a very curious fellow, I’d love to hear about your experience, I’ll look in your journal if it’s there :wink: , also if you want to please feel free to elaborate a bit more of you wish :slight_smile: .

It might be but likely incomplete, as when details get too saucy I tend to keep it to myself :wink:

Elaborate my experiences?

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Therein is a HUGE thing about wealth magick. Money/Abundance is energy.

“Money is comfort to all; yet everyone must bestow it freely”

This current highlights the arte of sacrifice. Odin gave his eye to obtain the secrets of the universe. This is the same thing. To get you must first give, be it effort, a sacrifice, etc. (look into the concept of Gebo to see where I come from)

So when I do spell work for wealth, I will often take a dollar bill and use it in the spell, usually by tying string around it to bind me to wealth or burning it, as an act of sacrifice. To give is to sacrifice. Not to say you can’t save money, but advice is given to also sacrifice or give off some.

In that same breath it talks about how wealth works. It’s cyclical, meaning when you exude wealth mindedness you will receive money regardless.

On subject of greed, it can mean more than hoarding money but also overspending. a man who appears to have less than a man who has a nice car that cost millions could be richer than him, because he dispersed it wisely. The opposite of wealth and abundance is famine in greed, yet the two are interwoven when you think on it.

This is also important in Norse Sorcery^ the gods are also ancestors. Megin is also referred to as power in some cases iirc.

When I did those acts with the dollar bill and fehu above, I would also randomly find money, free rides to and from work, etc etc.

Runes have a boat load of applications, such as drawing them on your food, meditations with them, galdr, seidr, Alchemy, carving/painting them onto small objects to use as talismans, divination, carving into candles, etc.


Bingo! Look into the Norse creation myths. Fire is seen as part of what made the nine worlds, but fehu is also seen as the concept of energy and creation as well.

My practices within the Norse path are very much based on the Völva’s of old. But I also make sure to find my own methods too. Keep at it!


I am sort of finished with Fehu, as I’ve read up upon it meditated on it and carved it, however there was the experience above that prevented me from moving on for a bit, but I’ll show case the ritual tomorrow as it will take place today, a ritual to attract wealth into my life, which I feel is needed for now.

However I moved on to carve the next rune in preparation for the next step. Here’s my approach though to the runes so far

From day 1-3 I like to carve and color them on something first, some people like to do it last. Then I read up on the rune, it’s meaning, poems and such and mediate on the theoretical aspects on the third day.

On day 4-6 I like to sit with the rune that’s either been drawn on paper, or the rune I just carved intoning it’s name.

On day 7-8 I stand in the stadha (a position that mimics the shape of the rune.

On day 9 I offer my blood on the rune as a sacrifice and link it to me while I intone the Galdr to make I apart of me and awaken its power fully.

I am on day one with the Pertho rune. It looks like this;

If you wonder why the process has been going fast, it’s because when I began I hadn’t made a journal. Plus I’ve had to create a new runeset form scratch, one rune at a time.

Also I don’t go about the runes in a ordered sequenced, I pick a rune I am drawn to and crave it and move on from there. Carving something like a spiritual symbol on the spiritual plane, is nothing short than you showing mastery over the physical world, like a god/goddess. We are taking what’s spiritual/abstract and making it concrete just like the symbology of the inverted pentagram; turning spiritual matter into flesh.

I am also consecrating my ritual hammer I’ll post an picture once it’s ready. I am going by Torvol’s approach when I created it. I have some pictures from the event like;

The ale is in the bowl intended for ancestry workings, a sacrificial bowl. However that bowl cracked for some reason so I have to make a new one. But I’ll show you my altar later but the above image show my idol of Odhínn and sacrificial bowl.

This is what the ritual Mjölnr looked like before being thrown into Ginnungagap for a period of time;

The bowl likely cracked due the fact that it’s old along with rapid temperature shifts form hot to cold; thermal expansion. However it’s worth noting I reignited the blackened fire of Zohakh once more in my temple perhaps the energetic onslaught broke the vessel, of that’s the case then it could be a really bad or a pretty good omen depending on how you look at it.


It seems like whenever I am ready to move on to the next rune, I hear a song from artists how have created music centered around them. In this case it was;

The song in question wouldn’t stop repeating until I had finished carving the rune, which is the depicted rune above.


Have you watch arith harger on youtube? You might find him interesting


I have not. I will now though, thanks for the heads up.

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