Thoughts on covens and the like

I have been interested in forming a “coven” with a few people I know, but I’m wondering what people here think of covens or if there are similar groups with different names. We are not wiccan and I feel a little odd forming what is essentially just a slightly more formal group of practicing people without proper research.

The main question I suppose is if you think covens are a good thing to form or join and if there are any non wiccan groups that are similar?

We all have different practices and walk different paths but want an easy group and power dynamic for when we have others join us.

I think there are other threads already about this. I would use the search function. :slight_smile:

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I did but mostly just found things on people making them and less about thoughts on them or other similar groups. If you have some better keywords I would love to have them to search better. I just typed in covens.

We just recently had this conversation… I think some of this is relevant.

There’s been a few others, this one looks like it’s in this sort of vein, where peole are talking about why the left covens, why they joined or why they didn’t:

Personally, I’m not much of a joiner, for the reasons stated by many in this thread ^ that most groups require conformity and acceptance of their worldview, which doesn’t interest me, and that I’m not really up for any regular activity requirements on an indefinite basis.

What I do like to do, is take classes, and join communities that exist solely to discuss the subject rather than impose a framework. I’m in BALG doing that obviously, several discord servers and other online forums and at the moment one formal (paid) class which has both a server and a forum and weekly webmeetings.

This is plenty for me - although, this guy isn’t here any more :woman_shrugging: - I figure that’s covens for you:


Thank you this is super helpful. Also I really appreciate your opinion since that is most of what I’m looking for.

I would form one if I thought people would actually join. I am on the fringe even for here.

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