What about covens? I need some information… how could I make a coven with my friends, and what are the rules? And what do I need for a coven? And what is it good for? I have the group for it, but dont know how to start it.
Or where could I find a pdf for it etc?

Coven rules are whatever is agreed on by the members. A coven is literally a glorified group that practices magick separately and as a group from time to time lol.

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All this is up to you and your covenmates.

There’s no top-down instructions, because covens are not organised by a hierarchical authority that tells you what to do, they are grass roots and they are what you make them to be.

Covens/temples/orders/groves/circles all have some things in common that make them - they’re basically magickal learning and support groups. Like a book club where you also do practical magick.

Start here.
If you don’t know what your coven is for, why would you want to make one, anyway? Answer that question and you’ll find out what it’s good for.

Set some goals for what you want the group to look like. Does it stay within one current or is it eclectic, is it pagan or aesthetic or something else, does it revolve around worship or not?

There are other larger organisations that you could also join and create a chapter of, but they will have codified rules for you to follow, but probably also requirements for eligibility that raise the bar so not just anyone can do this, like, being part of the org for a while and passing certain initiations.

Maybe look up some groups online that you’d think about joining, and write down what you like about them, and what you don’t like, as inspiration for what you want a new group to do. Maybe even join one you like, and find out first hand how that works to get the experience you need to feed into your own group.

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There is also a difference between a coven and a study group who performs rituals together. A coven is essentially family, the bond goes deep. Also in a good coven there will be more experienced people to run it and teach others. A bunch of newbies getting together to practice something from a book they bought at Barns and Nobel, in my mind, is not a coven.

Coven’s also typically have tradition behind them as well as coven branches. They also usually include initiations and other rites that a study group would not normally have. Nothing wrong with a good ritual/study group, they can be awesome, but sometimes they can be the blind leading the blind.

A good study group may definitely evolve into a coven as the members become more seasoned and experienced and the trust grows. A coven also requires much more organization then a study group, usually there are coven leaders and that is a hard job.

I have been part of an active Gardnerian coven for three years, and I love it. But I am definitely not ready to lead one.


You need to be 3 to 5 persons for an excellent coven to empower the Pentagram and maximum 12 witches. More than 12 witches is a bad coven and weak. Too much different energy.
The coven has some main deities and demons 1 to 7 different ones but it can be worked with other ones punctually. Too many deities or many from different pantheons will weaken it.

More than likely depends solely on the coven and whose in it tbh.

sounds like you should ask one of your friends to start the coven instead.

I’ve never really understood the appeal of covens. Now when I was inexperienced with magick, I thought that covens had some “secret hidden knowledge” that the rest of us didn’t. When I learned that wasn’t true, then I realized I’d do much better on my own. I tend to find the occult/magick to be best done solo. It’s a personal journey. I myself am in it more for spiritual reasons (of course alittle manifestation and money every now and then, won’t hurt). So for me it’s more about growth then getting laid/getting rich, or cursing someone I got into a 5 min argument with. I mean, I don’t think I’d want to work with other occultists with how quick some folks will do a curse spell over some dispute…solo it is.


Codex Saerus

P.s. I want to start an Association of Female Trapeze Artistes. My two problems are, first I’m not female and second, I’m not and never have been a trapeze artiste.

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