Are you part of a coven?

I just finished filling out a application for the temple of Satan in my city. Hope they accept

I’m interested in the Temple of Set. I’m living in Germany and saw there is a way to join from here. ToS when the coven is nothing for me.


Temple of satan is not the satan chyrch rgt,? Alao go to foreign countroes and chk join. Some have links, some good covens are in nyc autentic magik as i have read, from french sites direct to usa nyc. Or have someone who speak european languaje, find a facebook page pay fees learn uaing favebook translation.

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No. But find out facebooks have groups and u pay fees to learn.

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I always bump and read old threads. Just wanted more recent experiences. That’s all I’m saying

I have been a member of a couple covers, a kindred, a pagan group gearing to more of pagan knowledge group as opposed to practice and a druid order in the past. Currently am walking on my own. I won’t go into pros and cons of joining a coven/magical order, as it is the same with any gathering of human beings. But my experiences did lead to meeting with some interesting individuals I may have not otherwise.


No that isn’t the church of Satan. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Are you speaking of the satanic temple?

I especially like the last two lines of your post. I joined one in January, after going to open meetings over the course of 3 months.

As I was sitting down on the benches outside the lodge, an older member who has been a member for YEARS greeted me long story short we started talking and then he says to me “…hmmm I see you just joined and you have been given a position already” The comment reeked of disapproval. The so-called position is me being asked by the Grandmaster to assist in rearranging the library and updating the catalogue. I reminded myself that this is indeed a meeting of human beings.

Aside from that and some unfriendliness from one and two others, I am achieving my purpose much like the OP I have been on the solitary path for a while and wanted to be around like minded people and gain some new friends.


Nope. No interest in having to deal with other people’s egos and whatnot.


I consider BALG to be my coven lol. Perfect mix of introvert friendly safe social interaction, excellent education, and good amounts of shenanigans and tomfoolery :smile:


Lon Milo Duquette says that due to the fact that the degrees of the A∴A∴ represent levels of consciousness, everybody in the world has an A∴A∴ degree


I kinda wish there was an app for finding Covens in your area. Like a dating app but legit covens.


Yeah its all theater. You either conform to the role they have set for you or you’re denied, dismissed & discredited; subverting your words & actions to strip them of their power. I see this trend wherever people gather. It’s all theater.

I do my best to keep to myself these days. I joined the local tarot meetup group & hold my tounge a lot. I’m becoming something new in the process. It’s not like I cant speak my mind, its that whatever I say is rejected by the preprogrammed narratives people so often mistake as their thoughts. It’s an exhausting cycle I’ve elected to no longer take part in …best I can.

I say be alone. Not just with magick but in general, and for a very long time. Isolation is your friend, it’s your cocoon. Be alone. If you can lose everything too, that helps. Be alone & homeless with no family. Get shut out from spaces specifically designed for your demographic. “May the briges you burn light the way.” Dissolve your false sense of self in the purifying flames of turmoil. Go without & learn to love it.

You’ll be hard pressed finding friends that can ever relate to you after that, but when you do you’ll be able to form your tribe or coven from there.

I realize I sound a lot like Tyler Durden these days, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it.


“I’m not going to beat myself up over it”…I see what you did there, Miss

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No, I was pressured into being part of several covens by some people I knew during my youth. Ultimately, none of them seemed to match up to my own practices/ideology/vibes so they were short-term. I’ve been solo ever since, and honestly I work better this way. Although I do have some friends that are very astute practitioners, including one of my best friends. It’s not very often, but once in awhile we do converge and just share things here and there. Which I think is enough for me.

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Apply to few, some decline me, others look in me and well im not white so out. Others in the process first meeting get mad bcse i hurt their ego, so not, anothers dont like black magik. Anothers were more wicca, and last one Gnostic’s cant have me due my practices and knw a litle more tat the guys teaching me, and finanlly hurt lile all the peopls who teach class im not involved whit them but i see themoften in places,

Not right now. I used to be part of a Wiccan coven some years ago, but I left it. I did politics and conspiracy for a while, but I left that since it didn’t benefit me, it just benefited scammers. Now I am an occultist so I can engage the succubus I been harboring for years better.

I’ll start one if it gives me an excuse to host raves regularly.


I’m not a member of a coven. I’m a member of a group affiliated with Freemasonry, but it’s not a magical group in any general understanding of the term. I’ve been invited by magick groups of various types to participate in their rituals as a guest, and took them up on it. I’ve been invited to join certain groups, but I’m basically a reclusive loner at heart. Still, I get the appeal of joining a group, especially since I live in an area where occult practices of any sort are regarded with extreme suspicion. It’s nice to have fellowship (as your mother pointed out about Christianity). It’s good to meet people who are, regardless of your chosen path, on the same page.

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No and I am afraid of becoming a member of a coven. I got trust issues o.O