Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

This is a great post man! Thanks for showing us all these awesome treasures.:+1:

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Marbas, my friend. Goetic Lord, you have helped me in my struggle with this illness obtained during the War in 2003. I keep fighting and, since calling on you, you have helped me.

I will remove the chain and carry it in my wallet.


That’s awesome I’m so jealous. I want one now.

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So, I figured out why Pele wouldn’t say they were (all) stolen.



I have work to do tonight.

If the island hadn’t been out of boxes, I would’ve shipped them.


Ah, fuck. I’m sorry.


Thank you.

They will be, too.

Edit - the rightmost candle is for a friend’s issue. Used the same entities for that one.


One of the things they wouldn’t let me take was a couple of planks of cedar I gor from my sister. I’ve mentioned making keys for Hecate from them when I first started evoking. I had to watch them get left behind.

Well, tonight, I found a small chunk they forgot about.

They shipped my butane cylinder, at least one lighter, and different oils, but couldn’t pull off the cedar plans, which were only four feet long…

Hecate is waiting for a hand made (no power tools) skeleton key.

Maybe I won’t have to burn this one.


And my torch still works (hopefully the backup, too).

Same torch I used for The Necromancer. Same wick. $20 Amazon special for 3. I have 2 (my spare). The third I sent to a friend.

When you’re used to writing by bulb light, sometimes a torch ligjt can “wig” you out a bit, depending on the light, the fuel, the wick, the torch…

Now that I’m back in CONUS, I plan on trying out my original torch. They wouldn’t ship replacement wicks to Hawaii. Just like batteries and insect repellant and…anything heavy or flammable…or outside of the tourist experience…

Well, maybe not. Coleman would sell me the WHOLE unit, but not the wick. Even on their site. So, no, screw them. I’ll recycle their unit.


They’re afraid to ship flammables as a general rule. For some reason they think it’ll burn the plane down or burn the boat. Go figure. Then again if you ever watched mayday you can’t blame them for being over cautious. In 1 episode they told of a real crash caused by mishandled mislabeled oxygen generators. So I suppose the post has had bad experiences. .


Sure, I get that. But they’ll still sell the whole unit with the wick in it, but not replacement wicks. Since it’s an island all the tiki/camping/propane fuel has to get there by boat or plane.