Things Not (likely) Put in a Grimoire

I’m starting this as a place to put my experiences I feel like sharing that don’t fall into one of my other buckets/journals. I’d rather keep those more focused on specific topics or paths. This will be a free-for-all of sorts.


I just had an experience a few minutes ago. I was listening to Insomnium’s Winter’s Gate Part 5 and reading the obituary of a poor girl that died in a car wreck about the time I was graduating High School. I was also beginning to feel out for her spirit and that of her sibling. Both of which are said to still be here, twenty plus years later.

This bothered me and, despite being sick, I felt I should do something about it. Hecate led me to this path and I sing to her and Hel on my morning commute as an offering and a means of honoring them. As another form of gratitude, I help those looking to move on.

I was listening to the song and feeling out for this girl and felt her come to me. I didn’t realize I had been beaconing to her enough to get her attention, but recognized the spirit from the article. I asked her to get her sibling, who’s also still here, having died not too long after her. The sibling came and it was clear that this spirit wasn’t really ready to go.

I asked them if they would meet someone I work with before deciding to stay or go. She agreed immediately, but the sibling was hesitant, still troubled. I opened a gate as Hel had shown me and she came through it.

I introduced them and could see that there was some hesitation. I asked if they would be allowed to come back and visit those they wanted to and Hel agreed. She said something to them that wasn’t for my ears and I watched as both of them went into her gate. I offered to pay for her coming and was told not to (Hel did find that amusing).


Im glad to hear you were able to help them both. May good fortune find you.


Thank you. I’ve done it in several places here on the islands. There was a lot of brutal bloodshed done in Hawaii (mostly by themselves on themselves), so when we’re out and about or when we go to holy areas, I keep my eyes/senses open a bit to see if anyone wants to move on. I wouldn’t want to be stuck here.


Good work, always good when you can get wayward or stuck spirits across on their journey.


Interesting experience tonight. I will NOT release the user’s name. That would be…obscene… I would encourage them to NOT dox themselves. That isn’t the point.

When I first was given this request to help someone with a particularly strong(?) parasite. Not just a single though. Multiples. And they would come at different times, with varying degrees of intensity.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it, to be honest. Some of it seemed to be genuine truth, some believed “truth”, some didn’t make sense at all. But enough seemed truthful that I couldn’t just let it go.

I was literally thinking about cutting this person loose. It’s not like I was being paid for it and it wasn’t an established friendship. But…on the hour plus ride home, I “saw” something. And it bothered me.

It was a spider queen of sorts. But where I would expect black or red, similar colors to a black widow, she was pale, black and green0hued. She wasn’t vibrant, but sickly. And I could see her issuing orders while she didn’t want to. This was reinforced when she would send ones and twos, instead of dozens.

This wasn’t something I’d read about or anything like that. I could feel how “negative” and “hopeless” she was.

When I got home, I started messaging this person a few questions, without saying what I’d seen. A few hints came out, so I stated what I had seen and this was, in fact, a being he knew. And he confirmed what I had seen. It was pretty obvious that she had revealed herself in the hopes of being freed.

As the evening progressed, I couldn’t let it go. I have no qualms about feeding smaller parasites to larger, more complex ones. But this WAS a more complex one, simply looking to be…somewhere else?

Free isn’t the word I would use. She was complex, VERY in a lot of ways. But wasn’t “ready” to stand on her own…eight…legs and fight off whatever came. She needed a rest period of sorts, which seemed odd to me, since this wasn’t due to low energy.

So, I called upon those Deities I work with and said I would free her, under my personal “authority”. That I would accept the risks, knowing that there were others that were calling upon her to do their bidding. There will be people that will not like this and I’ve dealt with one already.

She may have started in a parasitic fashion, but clearly didn’t want to continue with that. If it hadn’t been so strong, I simply would’ve called it, bound it inside of a circle with my corrupted stone, and siphoned it off into it as an offering. I did that with all of the lesser parasites around this particular person.

So, I got the name of this entity and calling upon the name lightly did lead to this entity. Belial, Abaddon, and Lucifer came to give their approval (would’ve happened anyhow), but where to let her go? The Abyss. Perfect.

I could feel her near as I prepared for the ritual and calling her forth was trivial. It feels that way when it’s something they want. So, she came and agreed to go to the Abyss. I did ask Abaddon if she could travel back here (so long as she behaved to me and mine), so she could see this particular person. He agreed.

I then cut the cords I could see keeping her attached to different things (didn’t follow them). I opened a portal to the Abyss. She went back to visit this user, before going into the portal.

Was she a parasite? Yes. But not a simple one. It was evident that a lot of time and energy (from MANY) people had gone into her. I wished her well.

I guess I always assumed I’d be helping rid people of parasites. Tonight, I learned that there are those off-chance encounters where it’s the other way around.


I was in ritual with Ma’at and some Shadow People and a strange thing happened.

I was placing blood on some paper as an offering and a spirit (ghost?) runs out of my house, makes a sharp turn skirting my workbench, and books it through the fence. I looked at Ma’at, she looked at me, and I have no idea who it was.

There are ghosts and similar all over this area, but they don’t typically come around here. She had long hair and was wearing a nondescript nightgown of sorts. Took me a good ten seconds to get myself back together to complete what I was doing.


A year ago, I read Baal Kadmon’s Tiamat Unveiled. I didn’t understand why and, quite frankly, I’m not drawn to dragons or anything draconian, yet, on the cover, was a eye that caught mine. So I read it and, having evoked other entities, decided to call her forth.

She came. And informed me that she didn’t want to work with me. She really didn’t say much more than that and left. I was confused and it took me back a bit, since I hadn’t encountered that since evoking. I spent some time in reflection, wondering why I felt drawn to her, only to be rejected, especially when I don’t care much about dragons or serpents in any other medium.

I took the temporary ego hit and moved on.

As I worked through the Shadownomicon, I felt a few twinges to go back to the Kadmon book, to re-read it. I put it off, as I was already walking a path and wanted to finish it with as little influence and interference as possible, to keep it “clean”-er.

Five days ago, the urge to contact Tiamat started. One the same day, @Dralukmun made a post about a guy’s experience with Tiamat. The urge to contact her grew and I knew I would, but wasn’t sure about when. I sent an “acknowledgement” and it lessened.

I thought about it throughout the next day. If I hadn’t needed to do an evocation and a petition for a friend, I would’ve done it that night. Instead, I contacted her, asked for a delay, and went about doing those rituals for my friend.

I did follow through the following night and contacted Tiamat. Apparently, things have changed in the little over a year since I first contacted her. I was concerned, as she was wanting me to work a sort of pathworking with her when I was already doing one actively and another “as directed”. I knew what I wanted to do, what I “should” do, what I would do, but I still reached out to those I work with to also get an affirmative answer, from all three I asked. This was important, as I’m also doing things on the side for them (and myself) and wanted to make sure I could put in enough time and effort to keep up with all three, which have very different paces.

In her words, “If I thought you would have trouble doing all three, you wouldn’t be doing theirs”. Yet, I knew I could put it off. There didn’t seem to be a legitimate reason to.

I’m bringing this up for a few reasons. The first is that just because you get “rejected” by a spirit you “know” you should work with, it doesn’t mean you never will. They may need you to grow in one or more areas to be ready for their tasks and what they will teach you.

The second would be to follow your path into whatever areas you feel led to go down - but don’t think that’s the only path you’re going to “need”. I’d set this aside and didn’t plan on going into that area at all. Did I not have the shadow people, the Egyptian Gates, and Archangels to keep me busy for a good portion of the rest of my life?

I guess the third would be to not be afraid to listen to and follow the direction of those spirits you’ve verified and built a relationship with. My relationship with Hecate led to my relationship with Belial (and trusting that it was him - not that he was anything resembling subtle), which led to my relationships with Abaddon to Pele to… There’s a lot to be said for picking your path and I did, but when it was clear that I should accept the guidance of others (trusted), I took it and grew tremendously for it.

I don’t know that I will be posting these conversations with her, as the first two mostly pertained to me or temporary things no one else would find value in. But if there are enough things of value, I will consider posting them to potentially benefit others.

I was just getting out of High School when this song came out. It was running through my head when Tiamat called for me tonight and continued after I accepted the call. Haven’t listened to it for years, didn’t listen to similar things earlier, and I had no reason to think of it.


I was given a head’s up that I’ll be doing a few workings tonight, so I did my Goodbye 2020 candle earlier than expected.

I pushed all of my negative energy from the past year that’s hanging around, cut the attachments, and lit it to burn it all away. I even had a little gecko drop-in to see it off.


My New Years offerings. Every single tea I own, plus my coffee. With sea salt water for Leviathan and Tiamat. Sake and Blue Moon. Patchouli stick incense, with copal resin and frankincense to follow.

Note - I’ve done one tea and cone incense before.


Same display in ritual (card table, extra black sheet). With one exception…I almost forgot my offering to the land spirits!

Edit - my grandmother that passed this past summer came to this one. That was…special…


Had a high school friend die of pancreatic cancer. He was 45. I knew I couldn’t “save” him. But Hecate and Hel came with him, to assure me that he wasn’t lost.

Goodbye, my old friend. I’m afraid the best I could do is blooded incense and a blooded candle I filled with positive memories.




I’m sorry for your loss, my friend.


Thank you, my friend. Energy will radiate from Hawaii tonight.


I am sorry for the loss of your friend. 45 is so young.


I struggled with this entry. I struggled with whether I was going to do it and whether I was going to post it.

Several days ago, Tiamat came to me and gave me a portal/gate of sort to access “chaotic” energy. Who doesn’t want a neat little toy like that? A friend who’d gone dark also hit me up to send me a link to a pedophile ring. I ended up getting sick, so I didn’t do anything about either.

I guess today was the day. I called her forth and asked her to form connections between those in the ring that would be “safe” to target, verified they were, and I opened the gate. There were over a half-dozen lines attached form that subgroup.

I directed the energy down the lines, directly from the gate, stating my intention and passing the intent into the energetic pipes themselves. Once the energy was flowing nicely, I then started pulling life energy back through and directed it into the crystal. I was letting this continue when I remembered a similar gate the Hel showed me. I opened it up and sent it into the stone.

I let this flow for a bit, until my attention was starting to wane from the effort. I closed the gates, kept the attachments on my crystal, paid Tiamat, and called it good.

If only I could safely target them all…


Hell, I forgot to include the music I listened to when typing…


Different entry tonight.

Been thinking of an old flame and friend. I don’t have anything to cast tomorrow, so I’m sending some warm wishes and genuine care her way.

While I could’ve torn them up, it wasn’t “right”. I don’t know who she is, but know who she was. Best wishes to you and yours, Little Miss Texas.


In a group thread I’m in, there was quite a bit of bdsm talk going on. So, I decided to listen to an old song and share it. Tame, but you know…


Hmm I wonder… maybe you could build a pillar somewhere, or some kind of altar that light up brightly to wayward souls. You could find a genuis spirit and bind it to the structure to act as a guardian for the wayward souls. Then another spirit that will help the spirits go to a peaceful and safe afterlife.