The Wicked meditation thread

I I thought about making this thread for a while.
It it bothers me every time during my meditation that I should make this thread

Meditation starts to get boring for me so I always look for new ways and get creative sometimes I go and meditate outside in the nature.
When i am inside I tried to keep my meditation interesting,
I open a white candle and I burn some incense to help me relax and i like to listen to music to meditate.
I change up my meditations sometimes I do mantras to work on my chakras and sometimes I just listen to music and stay silent.

I have seen there are many meditations in this forum and the reason i make this thread is that we can place our favorite meditation here and we can all try it.
It doesn’t have to be a favorite it can be a meditation that made you feel like no other made meditation made you feel :grin:

** so please share your favorite or not favorite meditation it can be either from outside in the nature, or being on the couch, or in the bathtub it doesn’t matter.
It can be dark, it can be of light it doesnt matter**

Make sure to post the way that meditation makes you feel.

I am sure we can get this thread to sh*t ton of meditations where the new people can come and try out some of our meditations.

So i thank you those of you that are willing to Share your meditations


This meditation I did today I open a white candle and burn some Agarwood incense.

For 15 minutes during this meditation I only focus on my breath then I started to visualize myself and the chair that I sit in that I’m on top of a mountain.
Then a light from above started to come over me it look quite physical I was able to see this light with the eyes closed .
Then the wave of calmness came over me and washed away all my worries.


Should try my meditation titled "heard a voice during merkaba activation. "

Ive gotten 2 others i know to work on this meditation and both have succeeded. So the more experiences i read, the sooner i can improve the meditation. My goal is an easily achievable vehicle to commune with the higher planes clearly and audibly. So far im the only one to hear them, but i am not the only one to have a wild experience with this meditation.

If you decide to try it, do tell me your experience :blush:


I usually listen to this trance meditation by JD Temple.


Plz post a link :grin::metal:

One thing I do and consider to be a type of meditation is letting my mind wander into the cradle of “intrusive thoughts” (the kind of thoughts you avoid, like “what if I stick this knife into my eyes?” or the sexually devious ones) and indulge in them. This can also be followed by doing things you are scared of doing or that are outside your comfort zone.


The way I learned it, every action you do with concentration, is meditation.

I don’t practice meditation the classic way you mentioned, for me it’s way too boring and honestly pointless. I prefer to meditate on thoughts I’m interested in, without “thinking”. To make the process worth it. Otherwise, I better take a nap!

For me meditation is training the mind to be centered, to focus and concentrate. Then why not focus and concentrate on something, instead of nothing? That’s how I see it and practice it.

If I don’t want to concentrate on any specific thought. Listening to music, and completely focus on just “listening” and feeling, without thinking about anything at all, is my personal favorite.


I feel that this meditation has helped me overcome some fear.
Root chakra is blocked by fear



This meditation made me feel like I was actually made of liquid during the meditation.
And stimulated my higher chakras especially my third eye there was a heaviness and Tingle.



This meditation really made my solar plexus chakra vibrate



Heart chakra is the seed of love :green_heart:

Throat chakra meditation also called the sound chakra
This meditation made me feel soo good!
My throat started to vibrate then my torso started to vibrate


I primarily practice Anapanasati, or “mindfulness of the breath”. It is the meditation that the Buddha taught, if you breathe long, acknowledge that you breathed long, if you breathe short, acknowledge that you breathed short. It is not meant to guide the breath into a state of being even, but just being mindful of the breath. Anytime that you are distracted, merely bring yourself back to the focus on your breath.

I aim for an hour each session, and I like to have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. I have absolutely, discovered a treasure trove with this meditation. The more I practice it, the better I become: I have a healthier diet, I treat others with the loving-kindness and compassion that the Buddha asks us to, I increase in desire to do what is right, I can freely abstain from bad habits like masturbation, which I affectionately call the thief of motivation.

I don’t understand why, but I am grateful that it does.


I practice anapan and Vipassana.

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I cant ever successfully meditate no matter what method I use, so I just do “stare at a wall until I think I’m ready”. Yes its rather crude


“blessed are the wicked”


I am not a Buddhist but listening to this puts me into such a calm state.


I know one buddhist chant merely from an anime. “Na muo a mi tuo fu shin di” which means “I bow to the infinite light”. Perhaps not the best chant for black magicians :sweat_smile:


At @Mani, no this is perfect because the black magician knows this better than anyone that the world is made of both darkness and light and one should be in perfect harmony.
The Demon's and Angels Unite - A Vision Giving To Me (This Changes Everything)


Apologies for the title of the video, it’s the only one that I could find that’s extended for a meditation essentially