Heard a voice after merkaba activation(with guide)

This process is pleasurful but can easily take hours. I suggest doing it before bed each night. Each night you get a little further

Hi ive been doing work on merkaba activation. One night I started getting sacred geometrical visuals and seeing pillars(this is normal) however this night went further. I went into an extremely deep trance where I was barely concious and I heard a voice.

Please dont think this egotistical because I havent been able to go back. I don’t remember everything it said, but this is the part that stood out: "hello kade, [he made it] not many humans make here. It takes much practice, you process was quick, ----- "(at this point the voice got fuzzy because I became aware and excited)

Then I woke up.

For context I’ll explain my process.
Step1: trace nadis(light body activation)

  • start with crown, I like to start with my third eye because opening it is pretty easy to me.

  • move down your spine through the major chakras, if you started on the third eye, move the energy back(different chakras, different shapes) to your 6th chakra then up to the crown, trace the nadis around your crown and raise it like a halo. Then distribute this energy through your lower chakras.

  • now connect the 4 extensions(this is what I call them) these chakra points are on both your shoulders and your hips.

  • once extensions are spinning trace the left and right nadis that run parallel to the spine, this is self explanatory, you will feel them. At this point you should vibrate if you do not vibrate, work on your energy

  • now move the energy around tracing the left and right of each limb and every muscle. You will find muscles you didn’t know you had. When you encounter a blockage the muscle will twitch. These spasms are normal.

  • keep rotating the energy around your body, imagine your painting energy over body. Then trace your nadis individually. you dont have to study the nadis, you will naturally feel them as energy passes through so just guide the energy up and down your body in a circuit.

  • you body should be energized, you should begin seeing closed eye visuals. I usually see things like the star of david and shapes going in and out of themselves.

Step 2: master the spin

  • this step takes practice to maintain, like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, your brain has to do 2 things.
  • start with 2 pyramids one inverted from the top down and the other right side up with the points meeting at the solar plexus. Idk which way to spin them , i spin the top clockwise and the bottom counter clockwise.
  • you will feel the shake and vibration of your energy body, it will feel like shaking side to side and will even out as it speeds up. Like a dualshock controller.
  • once you have mastered the visualization and can maintain the spin, pull the pyramids together until they completely overlap(this ends up in the shape of a merkaba) and maintain the spin. this is the hard part you have to spin overlapping pyramids in opposite directions.

Step 3:??? The hall, the pillars, and the master:
Now while maintaining this you must quiet your mind and go further into trance. Simply allow whatever happens to happen. It helps to focus on what you see. Also, examine your chakras and breath energy into weaker ones, you want them balanced or the vehicle doesn’t work properly.

This is where I got so i cant explain further. Now I will share my experience.

The first thing I noticed was green aura(my aura) with indigo spots gush over my closed eyes. Then I saw pillars rise and they were moving past me like I was in a car going between them.
Next the sacred geometry expanded to encompass everything, instead of being in the center, it will be all over the walls, the pillars, this is some doctor strange level shit.
Then the blackout. You wont remember part of the experience, I’m geussing this is the transition point. You kind of just come to, but in a super deep trance. Dont speak, dont think. If you do, be very calm and slow and don’t linger on the emotion, or it will wake you(this woke me)
Now you’ll hear a pleasent voice and other voices behind it. They congratulate you and such.

I have 3 theories, I dont know who they are or where I was so these are the answers I seek.
-i found a point I could speak with the ascended masters
-i shifted up and my guide congratulated me.
-i was transported to the locale of my guardian deity.

I feel I’m supposed to share this… I’m at work and it popped in my mind “I have to tell people about my experience and how to do it” so I took an hour bathroom break and I’m sharing.

Any similar experiences or anyone know what the hell I did or what happened? This was the most powerful experience ive had, more so than astral projection.

Note:I sleep with my eyes open so I could see sacred geometry on the walls, like a matrix, I remember thinking “am I seeing through the fucking matrix?wow”


Some powerful stuff going around for you.
As a relative newbie there’s not much I can comment on…sorry. I am currently doing a lot of energy work focusing on soul travel.We’ll see how things go.

Thanks for sharing,


Bumping this because i need more testers. So far ive only had one person aside from myself have this experience with this meditation.

This is my work right now. Please consider testing it and giving advice. Ive been working at this for over a year and ive hit a block

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I’m willing to test this out, I just don’t know what you mean by tracing nadis

Paths which the energy takes in your body. Just trace your muscles as if coloring yourself in with your minds eye


Man, I thought that was you bro! lmao it’s Austin :joy: I don’t know what took me so long to get on here. I’ve loved having people to chit chat with on these topics.

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