The Time Wielder [Energy Grid] [Seeking Help]

So I have been using Teal Swan’s (and other Artist’s) Frequency Paintings and their effects are astonishing. They help me to lift myself out of depression and they also helped me with aligning with things I desire.

I can use them with absolute ease in energy work. But there is one that just doesn’t click for me and it’ this one:

[redacted image is copyrighted, sorry!]

Now I gotta say that I am not here to discuss details of time magic and time alteration. I am not gonna argue with you about wether stepping outside time itself is possible, simply because I have experienced it myself.

I just can’t make it happen when I want it. Only very rarely when I really need it to work. And even then it’s sloppy.

It says that it is basically powered by intention but whenever I set the intent, nothing happens. I have checked my believes and I have let For’tash remove the believe that I can’t make this one work/happen.

Any advice is welcome. Thank you :black_heart:


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Time loops are tricky because of the paradox issue. You kind of have to straddle them with work on each end: do you always follow through and perform the necessary to close the loop?

For example, if you have a choice to make, but not the information available right now, make a commitment to yourself to look up the info later and tell your current self what to do out of time. But if you forget to perform that lookup and send data back later, you will break the loop and it won’t work properly.


That’s a really smart take on it. I just wanna use it for doing things that take two hours in twenty minutes and such. I want more time, that’s all. If I have a decision to make I’ll just go with my guides, they have always been on point.

I really like your idea of for what to use it though.

From what I could sense, this grid has some sort of failsafe that prevents radical actions which could lead to time paradoxes and other bullfuckery.

I only posted the link bc the actual image is premium content. There is copy paste protection on it and I didn’t want to link it using the source code’s image url. I have the premium image but uploading it would’ve been the same dick move.

Oh I’ll delete that image then.

A technique I use via Steve Rother’s channeled stuff from “The Keeper of Time” who I happen to susev is the same being as the Master of Time, Ahk’laht’esh from the Book of Azazel, is you “drop your finger” and say “stop time!”.

If you’re into time experiments generally there’s more Ahk’laht’esh here and we have other convos about him from a few years back. I know you have the book if you’re talking about For’tash but just for completeness

I’ve tried this the most when in traffic and I’m running late. I’m not that great at it but it got better with practice. Raise your index finger, and say that with intention as you wag it down… don’t look at the dash clock after you’ve done it.


Have you tried the Fotamecus servitor?


I love these suggestions thank you two!