The Thrice Born


Kinda tripy to think that far away scale of space


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Moods that followed the last paintings i did:

Late night cleaning mood:

So ive done the The Challenge Of Darkness - LET’S SEE IF YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES by @C.Kendall

And whas in the stage for where the darkness took a form (it sas a big humanoid Bat) and entered my whole body.

Right the day after i go to the gym and this manifested, it was a mixture of my own guidance with that off the challenges’s influence.

This sweat inprint on my shirt formed a mixture of a Bat (the working) and a butterfly (my now guidance and selftransformation) and when i saw it i just knew it. You know the feeling when you get that deep inside of you yo just know to be true and afterwards it just validated your intuitive feeling trough some other crazy revelation. I usualy dont sweat just like that…

It was just crazy and it made me so happy and strenghten my belief in myself and in the forces i work with inside and out.

And when ive finished it i combined the last rite with blackening the Chakras (intution told me to do it for 4 days) the last day of it on friday withThe Devil’s Blood - Drink It If You Dare ive prepared the whine beforehand. And right afterwards with the last challenge…

After some aproximetly a hour all electricity went out for 2 hours…

Man i am just so blessed and happy and confident it truly is magical! And the world we live in.


Workout mood:

Ok before you click on this i just want to at least warn you beforehand.

This is and i mean, this is HIGHLY LITERALLY TOXIC, STUPID, DEGENERATE, FUNNY, HILARIOUS, GERMAN, YOUTUBE SHIT, You my dear german friend will ever wittness.

It has served me well in loosing huge amounts of braincells, and nearly killing me off due to lack of Air in my body.

And at least im taking you with me… You have been warned proceed with SooS…



When you want to give yourself the whole bullet here you go:

Noblessings this time…

Workout mood




Deep down it really resonates with me (the most lyrical part) right now… I just work and work and only see this smal glimmer of light that i like a moth am drawn to and dont even know if its just an exit or a flame that gets me burned and dying… Its just frustrating but somehow ima make it trough.

I know myself i have a frustarting charakter i often get frustrated with myself… and the thinks i do. And with time and selfpatience my mood gets bether. It really whas worser ima say that. Right now im in a state of acceptance of myself and my flaws that right now i cant do much about…but doing my best how im capable of bethering myself and that ive let some things go that dont serve me well or are unhealthy longterm like my toxic friendship…


Man just imagine…

This example of an strong person makes our usual problems so miniscule…It is very inspirational that one keeps going no matter what and making the best out of your life daily.Its what im picking up watching him.

It really is a reminder for me and anybody that takes this sirious for that matter, how privileged we actually are in todays time for the most part.

And waisting time and worrying about shit shouldnt be a big part of it but doing thinks being on your lifepath that helps you and your loved ones actually grow… and the right people with it.

I only wish him and anybody who comes across this the best.May they find enough help and fundings to find the right cure for anybody in this condition.


Workout mood:


Workout mood: