The Thrice Born

This Online Journal will be used by me whenever i want and how long i want until i say ‘’ Ya thats good and enough ‘’ and let it be.

It will be mainly used for more normal stuff but also magic and spiritual related thinks too.

Bc i see, like i dont want my last two online grimoires be mixed with personal stuff.

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First my name whas Homo Sapien and than i saw my skull.

I peeled my flesh and out came a Angel.

Struck up unto the heavens and rained down unto the black soil.

Out has grown a death flower filled with obscene life.

Its seeds diging roots unto uncharted waters. Sipping with delight.

Poison it was poison! The death flower died.

The corpse withered away eternal life awaits.

Leaving behind the hyperspace.

Second my Name was Magus.

Saw the polar mirror. Touched my face and drank out of my chalice filled with poisonus apple juice.

Outgrown by Man, born devil. Solstices watching. Observing the time.

Magic blocked, a human rhyme.

Lost in the Maze of lost magic and love.

Finds a glimmer of hope in a soul.

Lightning came, the star shines above.

Revealing what is lost.

Third my Name is Serpent.

Slithering trough your eye opening. Breathing unto the coal of earth and heaven. Giving fire unto water.

Wings unfurled skin has peeled away. Runing himself unto the heat of the star.

Merging with its light off ave.

The Dragon awaited long in you. The Snake shocked. Its eye Opened to Mock. To see reality. And to eat flesh of the fruits.

You see god, is also in you.

Oh Lucifer make me Free
Oh lovely I make yourself free.

Oh Lucifer make me strong
Oh Independent I make yourself strong.

Oh Lucifer make me Brilliant
Oh whise I so make yourself Brilliant.

So am i born in the Darkness as Light.


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Lets go baby :smirk_cat:


Ife been now for a while observing me more in detail. Specifically when i partake in some activitys what effects it has on me. I look upon these things in that way x if they are helping me on my path to grow.

I as of late stoped listening to marylin Manson not bc i dont like his music nor with its accusations (but whas definitely also a trigger) but bc i had that feel i worked long enough on me and in me that.

I know when i have outgrown things and have started to question more and more this(these) artist(artists) and that i do not want to make my process to bether my life into more positive living on my terms more difficult by letting lyrical shit into my mind and head.

Instead i blast
This powerlifter morning middays and evening and before sleep:

(except when i am training with weights i do enjoy some slipknot and what not sometimes. The quantity makes the poison right.)

And it gets me more runing and am definitely bether off. I also started to control my inner mind prabeling and reafirm orally and mentally only constructive and empowering stuff. And hell i tell you this this has and does even now unlock my full magical potential i see emidiate change in reality and in people i think about.

Truly our mind and behaviours are wonderfull and brilliant thinks so wonderfull it brings me in ave when i work more and more in that and in my further discoverys.
Just wow.


My views Of Angels

I know that Angels are more than just inherent in the abrahamic faith.

Angels are actually Ancient beings like the so called Demons.

Angels comes from greek Angelos and it means simply messenger or messenger of god or the universe how ones see fit for oneself interacting with these.

Well and everybody has these one or two even many entitys who just gona fuck you over for some reasons in the beginning unknown or you will never know, sometimes its bether that way.

I really got fucked over hard by leachiM simply put and got out of this Bullshit trough Lucifer(It is in my past i do not want to write that here again i explainet it briefly in my first grimoire). Thats why i have a destain for the abrahmic angels i do not trust these at all.And i do know that some of them where also adopted into these religions and transformed into how they are now known for just like the Demons.

I was allways guided by many Angels these i know are not inherent from that particcular faith i mentioned. I get allways on daily basis synchronisitys symbols and daily encouragement and help from these Angels. Like they really like me the ones that do that. They sure give not up on me and are allways on my site to help.

I do have nothing against such Angles but the ones that did me bad doesnt matter if angel or not in a way i really got nothing out of it, fuck you, piece of :poop:!


My Angels when encouraging, watching and interacting with me and when i finnaly taking they’re suggestions siriously and put it into practice.

In one video pack.

Siriously thank you my Angels
Your work whas and is never futile i just had a rough start by for me the wrong ones😘

I am pondering about ending an years long Friendship.

I am really sad about it and i will not get it into detail for now.

My guides are telling me to take it to the other side. And my otherside is the BALG.

Dear BALG i ask if one can give me a reading or advice about it. What i should do.

I highly appreciate it and can give a reading by choice back.

Are you sure your guides don’t mean the “other side” as in taking this friendship behind the house so little Billy won’t witness the act of shotgun mercy that you’re about to give this friendship? Sorry for popping in, man. I hope it will be okay, no matter how you’ll decide :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you a lot.

I just have the feeling that the bad stuff with him is overweighing i really love him on a friend basis and apreciated him but i did never see the same to me he does not apreciate me how it should be it just feels wrong.

I will end it. Probably i just had enough of it.

I love myself more than i him and thats allright i let this weight go.

I am sad and depressed about it but it feels right for that time.

I will leave him a last note behind. He will understand maybe nit now but surely later.

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I know its awkward to have “the talk” with a friend but have you addressed the issue to him one way or another? Some people aren’t aware that they are the “takers” in a give and take constellation because they’ve never learned how to support somebody else or how to show or reflect appreciation.
That doesn’t justify asshole behaviour (I’ve weeded out some of these people myself because it felt really really one sided at some point) but maybe this friend isn’t just made for the kind of friend that you would need in your life. Maybe that person is a cool “hangaround”-person, nothing more and nothing less? And maybe it unburdens you from constantly giving.

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True. I just take friendships really siriously.

And i want my live to change into something more bether and some must let go of people who are not with my vision nor frequenzy and its juat feel often than enough off by him.

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Mood right now

This whas the video where it came from guided by my gods and spirits.

Well at this point i feel like i am lil Child who is guided by hand by Godform Lucifer right now.

I feel like ive been the last 5 years of my practice until now the sixt especially in my beginning a traumatized kid who really didnt recognized his open bleeding bruises. And wounds…

In my prayers i allways state by all these years that Satanas Lucifer Amaymon (my trinity version of god i worship and work with in my 666 project)

That he shall guide me unto truth whisdom and understanding and he shall protect me and show me how it is…

. And he does this today more only bc i have certainly grown and am real devoted to him and to myself. And in meditation mode unbrocken! Never stop! LETS GOOOOO :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2: :muscle:t2: Well it shouldnt be a motivation post lol.

But weeell
I had in my beginning years a premature enlightenment guided by Michael and was posessed by him and on some occaisons by my ancestor grandpa. It was only posible bc i certainly have removed the I from me.

And well my 16 year most part uneducated, but fiercely inspired dedicated ass didnt know much bether
With wich forces he recons with and where this is going.

INTO DESASTER. Into mental hospitalizations - retarded institutions isolation and depression and on some ocasions lighter drug abuse such as cigarets and medications and all this standard shit.

Well you can understand why i was so pissed about Michael and Jesus Christ these where i worshiped worked with to achive my sidhis.

Well we forget that for now.

My last 6 or so months where really changing for me positively.

I am in a mode to make peace with my traumatizing past and heal it completely and end it in that way. . And look for my future so that i can make bether decisions in the present for this brighter future.

It is like trowing all these skeletons out of my closet and give it a proper burial. And the the blessing been giveth by Satans Lucifer Amaymon to do that.


I: Why am i so pissed about Michael all the time?
Lucifer:I allways asked myself this question. For what?

I: Should i forgive Michael and move on? Should i try Kabbalah or betther yet practice it?

Lucifer:The decision is allways yours. You know ive allways led you into thinks where you can certainly grow it was a suggestion not only by me. But also your intuition.

I:Well i feel like it i should try it at least.

I: I know i cant explore the whole Kabbalah if i have beef with Michael, so it would be best to make ends meet to do that.To move on.

Lucifer :Go on my litle child

A VISION APEART FROM AN ANGRY EYE Right side its pupils Dark unto deep dark blue. In it a white shining logos of an Dragon.

MICHAEL: What do you want out of it you are a Dragon of Satan.

I:I know you are angry at me. I understand. Well i know i was too emotional and didnt know bether back than.

I: I want to forgive you and Jesus Christ. I want to explore the Kabbalah.

Michael disapeared and came back.

MICHAEL: Dont expect much. I let you pass unto this sphere and let it expirience what it should be expirienced into my sphere. More not.

I:Well i forgive you and i forgive myself.

MICHAEL :The offering you thought about isnt a necesety. But if you do it i certainly will recognize it that you take it siriously.

We at the same time
I:We can start over
MICHAEL:We can start over

And all this my deep sensation and intuition tells me is guided by Lucifer. He allways says to me and gives signs to me i should never be prejudicing thinks especially spirituality. I should allways make my own expiriences first before i belief others.
Before when i say it is fake shit or it does not work for me. Never belief thinks know and expirience this thinks first!

Hail Lucifer
Hail Satanas Lucifer Amaymon

Thank you Michael.

We see us again.



I swear listening to Em do wonders…

This being and its literacy came to me channeled trough literally when i was at my workplace whas luky to had something at my hand to write.

I include it here bc it wasnt in my usual ritual Space.



Nurasama naka es sah omona as sah neha kurnuata Inanuma Ina As ko omonas rahne jat ta sijates sah.



Before the incident i studyed tho book of S. Connoly the Complete demonolators guide or something like that(its gud btw). And at the same time i made the decision to delete my whole instagram content and startover. I made the decision to choose quality over quantity even when theat means posting unregularly.

And this question keeps poppin in my head of continuance before sleep.

Than some lil hour before i awoke flashes before me in dream Vision apeared, in a typical Quote format

Something like that





The humans life rarely good becaus themselfes are not doing good.



Afterwards i realized,… Babael?! Wait a minute is he a known demon cramps out nearby S. C book and it is a daemon of Gravewatcher and necromancy. I just thought to myself thank you Babael for your insight and quote and afterwards i realized what he meant by that, that all that instagram stuff is often only a shallow portrayal of happyness that these guys propably never really attained it who are posting lovey dovey or popular topics…

It will not end i happynes per se.

So i will not let me consume by this never intend it to even when my followers unfollow or if my likes go down period!

I am above this lowlevel shallowness and dopamin addiction training!

Hail Babael!
Hail Lucifer!



YES! I know it is a cheesy line one of the cheesiest cult classic Movie called Spider Man (Wich on my opinion are the best triology bc Spidey is not some richass dude who got everything instead he really sacrifices himself like a real quote on quote good ol hero does his time his life even personal life )

Quotes on its own are just nice philosophys for oneself unless one expirience its content in their own life to decide upon this remembered quote when the time is due for it.


Magic! Sorcerry!

Yes magic and sorcerry, everything IS MAGIC, SORCERRY, AND RITUAL only its grade of manifestation, power, and influence differs from one another be it mundain or in your ritual space be it physical or metaphysical. In your head, body or soul as trinity in action to peform its due daily rituals of living.

When i look back of my aspiration years and daily meditations and practices i whas pretty much a reactive weak wooden blanck in the waterfield of outer influences and circumstance but due to my willpower and preseverence of daily-yearly nonstop practices… The tables have finally and completely turned. It only gets bether from here.

My mind has significantly grown in its general stance of powers and control .

I life by my own standards morality and my type of ideal life.

I decide when to love, when to hate, when to be neutral.

And in my recent case i decided to hate a specific person completely not anymore lukewarm… It was passionate hating.

Instead to react to that emotion. I formed thought patterns in my mind and visualized my target created symbiotic conection to my target trough touch eye contact thinks it belonget to it. I didnt do a private ritual i just handled the situation by its place.

First the evil eye than vampirisation when the circumstances where allowing it. But most of the time i formed some type of mental ritual, recitation and visualisation and here and there inner calling to the daemonic/Angelic/Spirit forces. Well i percisted for two days and the curse or bad influence manifested itself unexpectedly.

It manifested trough my people around me who was with me in a loving or liking manner. And the target when it came near me it hurted itself.

There happened a light accident where one of my friends was lightly hurt that my target was (i was) responsible for and it cussed at her for its mistake making my target more depressed and unluky.

Like my friends join in for the hate not by telling them too but by influence. Ore people who find me symphatic comes into its sheme of ritual but i didnt want them to be hurt so i thought this power was too uncontained when peformed by place with other people residing there.

I need it to be more concentrated like a arrow not like a consuming fire who takes everyone in it.

So i realised this Quote that with great power comes great responsibility. And i knew i should
be more whise of my choices i use to punish my targets.

Our mind, conections, and spiritual potential and power has so much influences, reaction to thinks that you now underestemate. But be allways aware and caucios doing magic and ritual counciously even in your mind~astral temple is literally playing with Fire…


(lyrics are recommended)