The Thrice Born


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Finally i have my lemonlike incense offerings ready.

I will look forward to buy him an ornament where his spirit can house in on his now Hire altar.


If Pisces Moon would be an Album. On my opinion this would be it:

My new attempt at gamaiel to reach my previous alchemycaly filled black essence to empower myself sexually and vampiricly. Lillith has been around me for a while now. And due to my new reached skills just as the deeper and finer perception into the spiritual worlds i thougt at first i can handle this. And that i train my shadow astral body to be an vampiric predator as per Michael w. Fords book such as apep and akhtya in combination with previous forces and practices of vk.

Well i incantate the hells where it resides and the power names i added unto the description of gamaliel my own channeled sigils of each name.
My Qliphoth Journal 1

Well in my meditation and what i think geting succced into gamaliel i perceived that trough my spiritual vision. The sphere was timely illuminated by a dark moon and and a black sun the atmosphere of the sky where pastel orange unto orange and here and there brownish clouds. In there wher rough edged monument like stones. The earth was blood red like it was soaked with blood. So the color white, orange, blood red and black came along and a vast deesert and this sharp stone tunnel wich i am sure could have led me into the deeper lands of it…

And let me tell ya it was scary af the mood i got into really intimidating. I saw ghulish king face like in the film of lord of the rings where aragorn meets the undead king. But this one was neutral but cant be trusted. The other one had projected this scary mood it was a ammased antropromorphic pile of meat and red googli snake like eyes all around in it(a truly obscene one-but my feeling is telling me this whas only the beginning) . Nothing more and litle tendrils and of course the mood to project on me. So he can feast of the fear and my prana and i knew something was off. So i bukled up for this challenge pulled myself together and concentrated my shadow form unto the ahrimanic beast form and looked foraciously for who whas doing that.

I mutilated and succced that mofo unto an dead husk and not around.

But due to my surprising insight i decided to go back and reflect on this experience.


*I meant the book Akhuru. Akhtya is one of the magical Names of Michael w. Ford.

My reflection upon this:

The obsecene grotesque ammased meatpile of redeyes and lil tentacles could siymbolicly mean who emited this fear so that i would easyer let off my energys that he could feed from it could also be my amigdala active. The Amigdala brain organ is near located near the pineal gland.

And is responsible for fear and anxiety when it comes to stress situations and survival.

The undead skull like ghul creature or wraith who i cannot trust. Could also translate too bc death is also symbolical for rebirth and transformation. But bc it was untrustwhorthy maybe this type of think i do ritually is not the right way of transformation i need when i am doing this way.

The bloodred earth could mean that it needs my blood as offering to finally go trough the tunnels in the innner world of gamaliel. That it can flourish

Hmm blood than it is. I will see.

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I am finished with the last days of Naga Draco Amaymon.

So now comes the last remaining 111 days in my 666 project than i am finished… man i am really proud of myself and happy that ife come so far all these past 2 years in this project.

Now comes Naga Draco Satanas. And than it shall be complete when it comes to numerological intended days.

Oh boy. I have a full stak of entitys and spirits after that, that are just hungering to work with me…

Literaly j(h)umping on me.

Than it is really done my whole traditionel project…


About 56 days left and it developed itself rather unexpectedly with Satanas.

Where ive been…

In a whole sicle of saturnian, goatic sabbatic vampire frenzy complicatedly sait.well it is.

This period whas and is for me the most sexualy charged one. Many sexual offerings had been made and practice has been found trough it mainly to charge ones sexual energys with the black fire essence into your own bodily lay lines and manifest your material desires trough it.

When i am posting the spirits the Satanas Lucifer Amaymon suggests me post only for one of his aspects 4 Spirits.

One is allready in planing and it was Hir’e by Lucifer.

But i want to start with satanas how this formula actually is intended too and proceed with him down to Amaymon.

Much practices and revealing left to do…

Stay tuned.


I cant put in mhere words how i feel today now when i finally finished my 666 project. I am happy, sad, freed, liberated,ECSTATIC and for sure grown bigger and bether than before.

In simply terms I literally did daily for about 666 days a trinity worship and channeling of Satanas Lucifer Amaymon and all his meta gods beings spirits, demons.Transmutations of himself in three forms thus why its called aspectum tridentum…

But most of them if not all, are Devils who are in a group called Drals or in german Drale or higher term Drael…

There will come more… Finally i am freed of my big phase of channeling and s-training my will and power… Finnaly i can rest for short time, and put it into higher system…

Ave Drale
Ave Aspectum Tridentum
Ave Satanas Lucifer Amaymon

Mood for my whole last weeks and especially today:

Mood 2:


Even though it is surely known as an old pop classic. It is addictive and somehow aesthetic and nostalgic at the same time when its slowed down.

You should revisit this old gem sometimes if you want to pop some good ol memorys and times up…

I am so overly happy today!YESS!! YEESSS :smiley: :smiley:
Finally ive reached the next level in my sexual cultivation and male enhancement practices.

It works! It just works!!

After so many frustrating years, i finally can eat more of the sweet fruits of my labour!

Blood, sweat and tears, blood sweat and tears man…


Cheers! :champagne:


A successfull person makes a choice of action to get what he wants and sticks with it for the longest duration of time when necessaryhe changes it a bit.

A unsuccessfull person makes a choice but changes it drasticly everytime when he bumps on the road ahead when challenged.

Ps what succes is is defined personally.No one can tell you, what it means unless it coresponds with you.

What one really wants to achieve and be in life and pursuits it relentlessly how much one can. Daily.



Everything has been said before.
There’s nothing left to say anymore.
When it’s all the same you can ask for it by name.

~MM. “New shit” ~

A musical lyric my gut found somehow important to share.