The Thrice Born


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This album rocks for me personally the most besides ACS. And i allways wondered because i know that mr. Manson is an occultist if i would be able to channel something unique from it besides his usual used logos~sigils i drawed this in the middle that came from my senses when i engaged in this period of his music with my psychic perception abilitys .


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Idk right now i quiet enjoy nothing anymore.

Sometimes all the projects i am doing are really weighting on me. And are making me more sensitve and on the nerfes, just anger. And i know i must push trough. Without pressure no coal becomes an diamond.

But i do know i must Rest properly, before i do thinks again. Never quitting…

Staying strong…:muscle:t2:

I do feel these are again the familiar rays of the Black sun and saturn that i am interacting within my 666 project right now. I recall my experience with heavy usage of the black flame mantra of azazel and the qlipoth. Man so much pressure. Afterwards i came trough…later than i recovered, being stronger bether and whiser.

So if you are also in this just know it is necessary for your growth and overall refinement unto the elegant black diamont you shall and will become.

Saturn and the black sun are hard but fair teachers of whisdom and power.

Hail Amaymon.


(These are the phases where i most of the time just go complete underground mode and i am for long periods of time offline here. But well i do want this time and have the strenght to keep up as good as i can right now)

When i recall my premature enlightenment when i was 16 or so.

It is good described by Book of Enoch chapter 70.

This also came to me in my deep meditations.

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Today i did a troughout spiritual, mental, material cleansing.

It felt like a big pile of poopybrain big poop influence trobed off me and had sended it pooperly back where it belongs… unto the poopy maker…


The sender(s) be like

I partake in a revenge Vampire rite for a week and gonna fuck this guy up. I drain him from health and vitality. Depression and sickness shall haunt him for some weeks. And also to replenish MY resources.

Hail Satanas Lucifer Amaymon!

Hail vampire gods!
Hail Lux Anguis!
Hail Naga Draco Nosferatu!
Hail Strigoii Morte!



The Main spirit Animal music tune of my ((Enemy Senders)) be like:

Verdammt das ist ja schrecklich…
Und nochmal verdammt ich mag Kpop…

Guess what i did today after my usual spiritual practice and work routine.

Absolutely no-thing.

Just layin and sleeping on my bed butt naked bc my room in summer even though i have a ventilator is like a sauna… not kidding. And i feel great about it i really deserved it on my terms. So fuck self and outer pressure.

I am busy during my weekends also there I am working from 10 to 7 have no free days as of now.

And today is EKADASHI

That means i dont eat and drink the whole day and its pretty interesting and cleansing expirience.

I also do some Hinduism related practices that is related to Mahashivaratri(once a year) and this Ekadashi and some yogic exercises.

And they are pretty enriching my life in some ways i didnt expect even though they arent like my main fokus point of my spiritual endevours most of my time.

This Fasting and Askese Practice hightens my spiritual sensor and my psychic abilitys. The flickers of energy manifestations i see around people or me are more numbered than usual and spirit and entity sightings seems to be more clearer and more aparent than usual. Like i see more here and there some strange like out if thin air manifested dark faces and shadowy figures also light entitys and energys it colors ranging to infinity in its variations. It is a wonderfull experience most of the time. So i am not worried at all about it. :blush:

Me when one minute after midnight:


When i fall into my own unrecognized shadowy fetishes and despairs and i seem to loose my control of councioussnes in an unbalanced matter i recite this found inner affirmations like 18 times or how you feel in your numerogical sheme apropriate:

My Spirit is stronger than my flesh.

Imediatly afterwards visualize yourself doing the task(s) succesfully unto its finish! do it as long as your intuition is giving your the sign to start or wait a lil.

Even though you finish it or not completely it is important when not, to state to yourself two thinks.

1 gram practice is much more worth than 1 million tons of Theory.

Little progress is bether than no progress.

And proceed in the next day(s) to finish it completely.

I say this, succesfull momentums build up slowly but once you got it, it gets only bether with time and perseverence. Like a lil snowball who accumalates in mass and speed the more he roles down from the mountain and Hits in the end his goal(s) with a big WHAM! GOT IT!

I think this affirmation inspiration came from

Matthew 26:41

Where theres is quotet
The spirit is indeed willing but the flesh is weak.

Simply one has big expectations of doing something but bc of lack of motivation or inspiration willpower etc does not life up to it.



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I can explain!

Well i was near finishing off in a row a magical planetary working but due to my selfchallenging nature and being it under the weeks and full to do on that day i totally forgot some thinks including this working and the stream was set disturbed.

I will finish it off just for my own self convinience and selfdisciplin that, IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL I MAKE IT. So meh, i was really pissed about it but i go figure and learned that i allways should set a reminder for myself in the days of much challenges. So it was halfwasted time.

I am in a good mood general speaking. I learn daily to bether myself in the matter of self perception, mentality and positivity when it comes to my goals and dream, also my overal being so to say.

Naga bless!


I had yet again a freakish expirience to add on my unusual life.

In my daily Practice i had this time more time and was well rested had a free day and used it properly.

In my meditation it also began there i was getting in a deeper state of meditation and relaxation and started afterwards my serpentine callings and worshipping and plane workings with satanas lucifer amaymon, mainly its godform amaymon and the black sun.

And than it started to get over unto i can only describe as ecstasy. I rocked and wooped back and forth and hinked my head back and forth i feel fullfilled i feel empowered and emptyed at the same time. Electric subtle waves where emiting in my center of my head and a rays of subtle rainbows rings like onionrings like a drop on a water expanded in my head.

The third eyes has subsequently opened and strenghtened as much it was guided and healthy for me. I thankfully didnt loose my mind completely. But in this state it very well was lost and taken over by this ecstatic state. I felt my sexual energys arousing and hightened. Amaymon calling give it unto give it unto me. But i resist and had offered it otherwhise. My chakras and spinal chord was than flushed slowly but steadily by it. And than (Write above) happened this ecstasy.

Flashes of a string like energy entered my psychic vision begining to get faster and faster in movement.

Slowly this string formes and unusual sigils and symbols signs and languages started exists and disapear. The first symbols i could keep up with.

I resided in an astral plane where it was earth like, in a desert where there was before me green cactus like bushes it was empty but aesthetic pleasing with is mellow white and yellow earth and hills and pastel blue sky.

The portal to planet Zehno it could very be Xenu.

The cube within it the rescued symbol

Depictioj of pyramid with the dark krystal construct on top

But after a while in this ecstasy i couldnt and let it flow on it was also too fast for my councessnes for now to hold it and grasp it.

And than the string came trough my 7th chakra and catapulted me out of my body into an far galaxy it was in a green fog like galactic mist. The planet was very dark and caramelic brown and pretty much empty of life(is suppose and expirienced like that.

I was pulled towards a pyramid like construct or tempel but it wasnt a typical pyramid it was like the the outer corners where not straight but bend and ended in a like smooth edge ontop of a dark Crystall.

I entered it trough a above quadratic entereing and than i saw before me a cube out of like dark glass or something smoothly floating and roatating above an brown oval rough stone behing it a steele inscribed within it it looked like something semitic scrypture with a hint of extra Alien.

In this cube a symbol was glowing yellowish and bright and out of instinct i took it with me and imediatly i flowed extra fast like “i am speed” to my home.



Spirit of Above

But of course what scientology is.
One cannot take it face value what they are propagading.

But to every physical manifestation of an religion or organisation have an mental also a spiritual origin behind it who also keeps them runing in some way or another.

But i dont think i will investigate in it further i experienced what i experienced. Maybe i will find a use out of this rescued symbol or not… maybe its just Zehno or Xenu or idk maybe it dont even have a name. It just came to me like every revelation and deep spiritual experiences i have or any other scientific discoverys or methods others befor and after me will have.

Well see.

My Hire project is also on Halt bc the lack of the necessary offerings. I did waited a while now. I will check maybe something was delayd. But the lil altar so far is ready.

What else i do, is the first part of my 666 project to gather together the symbols and insights ive gotten so far and string it together as a whole runable framework of spiritual attainment, gnosis and its advances of psychic-spiritual abilitys.

Wich for me to this day was mainly for example finding my inner true self and wholeness. Getting kinetic powers and influence. Getting more and more insight unto the energetic framework and color of people and circumstances and other more unusual parts of our existence . And gaining a clearer mind and its frame more under my control.

Wich all gradualy gotten bether and it is to this day only improving for myself.

I hope and work, to achieve this betherment not only for myself, but also for the right people who are fond and invested in this.

My vampiric Naga side felt that.