The Thrice Born


Very true


Me going after centurys peacefully and fullfilled to sleep…
Some random cats at night:



Ive youfe watched and feel the same

Or in general fed up upon these parts of the world than

Ushering in the Aeonic Feast!


I am pondering on constructing A Rite where Jehova asociated angels allah adonai and jesus and other similar shits are to be destroyed inwardly as of outwardly since so many seem to ask…

As a rite of personal disonance and disengagement with such asociations affiliations and of such.

I know there allready are many outthere but why not put more gasoline to the ongoing arson and fires there is :smiling_imp: :love_you_gesture::zap::heart_on_fire:

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I want to squish and cuddle that motherfucker so badddd!

The Alphabet group is a lobby with political and economic interests and agendas it manipulates its followers accordingly how it is needed for they’re own benefit, the peoples sexuality and vulnerability is being used the most for these matters.

I swear to myself on my soul mind spirit and body



Literally what type of “friend” i had


Spilling nothing less than facccs