The Thrice Born


Literally what type of “friend” i had


Spilling nothing less than facccs


As of right now i have catched a long needed rest in the form of fatigue and sickness. Because of Doing Weekends work and nightshifts plus with my own spiritual practices and rituals.Now i dont sleep well at night because apparently im becoming more nocturnal than usually because of my circumstances and having a new second job(I stoped working seasonaly because its bullcrap in Austria being a waiter or in the kitchen you really need luck to get in restaurants where there is higher quality and professionallism in general)and instead i work at the gym,wich i really like because i work out as a passion of mine.

I do think it played a big role how this all manifested peforming daily around of 4 to 8 Rites and sessions for my selfadvancement and dark ascend most in the spiritual than the mental and afterwards the material place.

I sleep now trough the whole damn day or at least the half of it and let all the influences and powers flow trough me and settle .

If you are a busy guy catching breath is near to immposible in the manner of processing all the spiritual currents you interact with on the daily,it just culminates and culminates until the brim is reached and its more than full and wants to flow out and expand . But when it happens on my expirience the old Brim breaks and dies off for the sake that the new parameters of fullfillment are expanded and established and for that to properly happen it needs proper rest and peace to shed and transform.

So i do it now , and when i awake casually between my winterrest under my heavy sheats of blankets i will channel and work for some on my opinion interesting and Badass selffortifications.

:japanese_ogre: LUX :santa:t2: ANGUIS :japanese_ogre:

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How to describe this music interesting cringe,cool,Edgy,funny i cant exactly pinpoint because its literaly all in one i think .They are doing a good work as artists reflecting the current generation,and making you question thinks. It is a newer one and i hope for them trough all the genres they go trough that they find a own unique style where they feel naturaly more at home.:love_you_gesture::zap::heart_on_fire:

I wish ive done that to some special people and at the last hours ones who keep draging shit on…


Also true



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How to escape the Matrix?

Only way out is going all the way in

Current initiatory Note of Quote;

Life whas just a photo fading in madness, whitout endurance loosing direction in my